End User Experience with Workday
Updated July 15, 2016

End User Experience with Workday

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Overall Satisfaction with Workday Human Capital Management

Workday is currently being used as a human resource management tool across the entire organization. It is used for the following areas; benefits, payroll, organization hierarchy, employee performance (review/goals), and employee talent (work history/education/certification). From an end user stand point it is a platform that bridges the company to the employee. It aids in direct communication and visibility of critical information for both the organization/employee that drives openness, development, and full engagement through the use of an advanced user oriented program interface. Although I do not currently use or require additional functionality within Workday it is also a tool that can perform all analytical calculations and charting required across multiple business roles (executive/finance/human resources).
  • User friendly interface - Simple and clean user interface. Includes a home screen with high level functionality to each available area (benefits, payroll, organization hierarchy, employee performance (review/goals), and employee talent (work history/education/certification). It is easy to navigate and find any/all information.
  • Notification/workflow - When the organization or employee is required to perform a task Workday has the required workflows for each action/individual and directly communicates with your company's email system to provide an automated notification. These then direct you to their prompts/tutorials (see below).
  • Included user prompt/tutorials - When an employee is required to enter information within the program (i.e. change of address/goals/etc..) an installed sub prompt directs the individual through all of the required steps. This is very similar and as user friendly as online tax programs (i.e. TurboTax).
  • Full buy in/support - The program by itself is great. However, it is only great if there is support and acceptance from both the organization and employee where it is used. I feel fortunate that I have experienced both of these within my current company, but the transition from our previous system to Workday lacked the proper training documents for immediate acceptance. I know the software is customized for each end use, but I believe better end use documentation and/or instructions between the software provider and the organization could smooth this process.
  • Workday/End User Communication - More visibility/communication for certain functionality between workday and the end users (employee). For example, a highlight of best practices or hidden functionality. My best example would be the web portal access outside of your organizations network. It is a great feature to access information anywhere, but goes unnoticed by many users because they do not know it exists. This can be provided from Workday to the Employee or form Workday to Organization to Employee.
Workday is well suited for medium/large organizations that have a decent amount of employees. A smaller organization could make great use of the functionally of the software, but I believe the justification of use could be less advantageous.

Using Workday Human Capital Management

Workday is a great program and software that can provide functionality that drives communication, data analysis, and decision making across all areas of your organization.