YouCanBook.Me is a pretty unique service that simplifies your professional appointments
Juan Carlos Molina Castejón | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 12, 2018

YouCanBook.Me is a pretty unique service that simplifies your professional appointments

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We use YouCanBook.Me (YCBM) as part of our online scheduling and reservation system for academic spaces inside our main campus. This is part of our core unit that delivers technology services and facilitates activities such as videoconferencing, online cousres, webinar hosting, etc. It helps us automate the process of our users requesting a specific time/date for an activity, by allowing us to confirm it via automatic emails that we get when someone fills an event form in a calendar slot inside our portal.
  • Great at synchronizing with your enterprise calendar (Gsuite, outlook, icloud) that updates changes to events (creation, rescheduling and cancelling) both in a quick and reliable way.
  • It simplifies the reservation process by sending you and your clients automatic email messages to confirm, reschedule or cancelling a requested appointment, activity or event.
  • Youcanbookme integrates to your website in a seamless way. It allows you to fully customize it's layout and graphic style to fully match that of your company's website.
  • It has many options for creating workflows that meet your company's specific needs, it works great with third party APIs (via webhooks) and is supported in Zapier to easily work in conjunction with a bunch of other services.
  • The new billing method is not convenient at all, because it you pay on the amount of calendars linked to your account. This limits how you can take advantage of many features, and you have to be very careful on how many calendars you will be paying for every year.
  • Youcanbookme forms are easy to setup, but it would be really great if would be really helpful if one could incorporate a little logic into them. For example, if yes is answered then display this question but if no, then go to the end of the form.
  • Handling email addresses for youcanbookme reservations is a hassle because there is no option for the user to upload them from a spreadsheet or CSV file, instead they have to manually input them and this gives a lot of room for human error.
  • We have eliminated confusion generated by poorly written emails or waste of time when preparing for an event where the request had an error in the date.
  • Information regarding events and scheduling is more organized and accessible by our team and clients. This has had a positive impact in our relationships since everything is more transparent and there's no room for doubt.
  • Our team can now focus in more important tasks than answering or corroborating information carried through emails for setting and preparing for a meeting or event. is a pretty unique service, but some others have come up since we started using it in 2015. There´s some competition like simply book or roomzilla, but he haven´t considered them because they aren't as cost-effective or simply haven't found a need to do it yet. Folk at youcanbookme have given us great user support and have many benefits for the educational sector, which make it hard for competition because we are pretty happy with their service :) is great for small businesses or for self-employed professionals who need an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for handling large numbers of clients. It's great for eliminating inconvenient miscommunication and tedious back-to-back emails in order to set a proper date and/or meeting details. However, if you need a more sophisticated system that fits into your company's IT procedures and carries sensitive data, an in house solution would fit best.