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February 11, 2020
Edgar Romero | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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  • Zapier, in our organization, is being used as a tool to automate many different tasks in the sales and marketing department.
  • We use Facebook to register leads to our Mailchimp account, as well as triggering emails when a Facebook lead asks for information. We also use Zapier to create a database using google sheets from many different input platforms that could be linked by using Zapier as the router of the information
  • Connect many different platforms with each other
  • Routes information between platforms
  • Facilitated integration with Facebook Lead Ads.
  • Increase operations/tasks permitted in the free and 1st level of the paid subscription.
When you need to:
1.- Integrate different platforms to start the automation process on your business, Zapier is extremely useful.
2.- Import Facebook ads leads from Facebook to a CRM of place to make the follow-up.
3.- To automate and integrate simple processes that can be done using google apps.
5.- To help automate a workflow process in any department of your business.
I have used support a couple of times, and I get a quick response within minutes that I have created the service ticket. Support is pretty comprehensive and patient. All of my problems had been resolved
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February 18, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I use Zapier to coordinate Asana and GSheets for arranging product priorities. , we put several competing priorities as cards into Asana, and then they auto-push into a specific Google Sheet, which is then sorted for priority. It's been a beneficial tool to see in one single pane of glass which competing priorities we have.
  • Asana -> GSheets.
  • Easy to understand and set up.
  • Though it's easy to use, you do need to have a knack for critical thinking.
  • As the product gets older, more and more apps have easier connectivity to it, but at the beginning, it didn't have a lot of apps to connect easily. A lot has changed in the last few years!
  • Some applications work well, but some not. I couldn't find many Slack integrations, but I did see useful GSheets integrations.
  • It's also good for creative solutions; you may not think two or more apps can connect, but they really can. It takes someone with creativity, critical thinking, and a bit of time to tinker to do well with this product.
Easy to learn, easy to create for other people (customers or coworkers). Lots of documentation. Used across multiple apps, general standard in the industry makes our team very efficient, has free options which are worthwhile (some free versions give you nothing), and paid options (which offer you exactly what you need!).
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October 23, 2019
Jean André Gonzalez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Zapier is an important tool to merge processes inside Kushki. We use different tools for different departments inside the organization and Zapier is the bridge to join and connect these tools. now Zapier is a decisive factor while we are choosing a tool if the tool does not have an integration with Zapier probably will not be selected. Zapier has been implemented in the operation team to automate a process like client affiliations catching the information throw forms, auto-filling documents and sending emails. Usually, automate this kind of task takes many hours of development but with Zapier just minutes. Probably if you have a process that involves some tools and areas could be automate using Zapier.
  • The creation of workflows is really easy
  • Connect tools inside zapier just require a login
  • Whe you create a workflow get the input and output data, is very useful to map property the data
  • Support Customers - Send notification to other areas, integrate differents service desks
  • Operation Area - Pre-fill documents, send notifications, launch process in other tools
  • Development - Connect monitoring systems and send notifications
Zapier is suited when your process will be launched just few times, probably if you are a startup the cost to use Zapier in a high volume could be expensive. However, is cheaper than pay for development. The webhooks are very useful you can fire a workflow in Zapier from any system.
The Zapier documentation is complete, I don't need contact directly with them, all the answers that I needed I found on blogs or in the Zapier's docs. The notification is good, every time I was informed when my plan needs upgrades I did it, or I had to check something in my workflows. All the things were informed in the proper time.
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December 16, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Zapier is used within specific teams in our department to perform workflow automation. We wanted an easy way to perform automation without needing to code but also have a drag and drop interface to set-up easily. For example, we use it with Google Forms for our customers to fill and let Zapier perform the automated approval workflow, and integration to Jira to open a ticket for our team without manually performing it ourselves.
  • Ease of use.
  • Good integration options.
  • We couldn't get some zaps to work consistently.
There are many uses for Zapier that could be used in your environment, as there are numerous connectors available. In our environment we are connecting Google Forms, Google Drive and Jira to perform our workflow for customers.
The support staff is well versed and helpful. There are also various support methods including the knowledge base which is useful. For more detailed or in-depth support there is also live chat. Overall I am satisfied with the support received.
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August 19, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Zapier is being used by the technology department to assist the whole organization. We use Zapier to automate our social media postings to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, and also to automate our RSS feeds and comment feeds to individual Slack channels, and to sync data across our marketing and sales platforms.
  • Large library of apps: Zapier supports most major platforms and softwares.
  • Zapier has a user-friendly design, especially for beginners.
  • Helpful testing features: Zapier allows you to test all automations before going live.
  • For active Zaps, their error messaging is not great. It would be helpful to have more data on why a zap has failed.
  • When connecting accounts, I wish they would allow you to sign-in separately, instead of using the accounts you are currently signed in on in your browser.
  • Accounts will occasionally disconnect for an unknown reason.
Zapier is well suited for syncing data across your different systems. For example, if you need to sync contacts or leads between Salesforce and your email platform, Zapier is an excellent, user-friendly option. It is also well suited for automating social media postings. You can hook your website's RSS feed to Zapier and send all posts to any number of different social media accounts, all at once and automatically. You can even automate these posts to your Slack.
Most support for Zapier comes in the form of help articles and documentation. If you continue to run into issues while building your zaps, their email support is also very good and available with all paid plans. They reply quickly (always within 24 hours) and are knowledgable and friendly about their product.
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September 18, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Zapier to connect our various tools and softwares. From our own proprietary CRM, to our B2C email database to our B2B marketing automation platform, to event marketing software, our tech stack is fairly fragmented. Zapier is an amazing tool that connects them all and shared information. Mainly our marketing team uses Zapier.
  • The number of integrations
  • The ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Price
  • Nothing. It's an amazing product
Zapier is a great product if you have a fragmented tech stack like ours. Most marketing teams have multiple software tools that get customer information. Zapier is a great tool for connecting those without using developer resources. But if you only have one central tool (like Hubspot) you probably won't need a tool like Zapier.
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August 21, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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I currently use Zapier to connect apps that we currently don't have native connections with. One very useful one connects JIRA with my mailing system. If I put something in a folder, the Zapier connection will automatically create an issue for me.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Good set of compatible apps.
  • Fairly quick if you are using a paid version.
  • It does break on occasion. You can't debug issues and sometimes have to recreate your connection.
  • Not enterprise ready.
Zapier is great for smaller-scale personal connections between two pieces of software in the cloud. It lets you do simple orchestrations based on compatible apps and lets you automate a common task that you would otherwise have to manually do in multiple steps during your day-to-day.
Support can be dismal, as they don't control the integrations, but they try their best to get you a resolution. They do, however, help if it's something that they can control and are responsive if you submit a ticket. It's great to see that they are trying to improve what they can.
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May 26, 2019
Witt Sparks | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
I am a software developer with I built a Zapier App to allow our users to connect their Assessment Generator assessments to their CRM or other apps using Zapier.
  • Zapier technical support is outstanding. Their support staff is friendly, responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable
  • The Zapier platform is quite flexible; it can accommodate a variety of needs and use cases.
  • Developing a Zapier app requires coding knowledge and familiarity with software development tools. I think, though, that this is unavoidable due to the nature of developing an app.
It's great for taking the well-defined output from one application and routing it into another application in order to cause some action to occur there. In Assessment Generator, for example, when a user completes an assessment, their contact information (and scores if desired) are automatically passed to the assessment author's CRM system, where they are used to create new contacts or kick off an auto-responder sequence.
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June 29, 2019
Arnob Bordoloi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Zapier is used by multiple departments across the organization to automate tasks. Graphic Design and Art services teams use Zapier to create and track cards in Trello. It has been used by Customer success department to track NPS scores from type form. Pipedrive integrations have been used to import leads on a daily basis.
  • Excellent automation services between business, productivity, and CRM applications.
  • Zapier has a wide range of integrations available for every business need.
  • User-friendly: it's easy to create and administer zaps.
  • It has very dependable monitoring and notifications in case of failures.
  • Field mapping can get tricky in certain zaps.
  • It has limited triggers in some integrations.
Integrations with Slack and Trello are excellent case scenarios where Zapier really shines. It has seamless integration with recording Typeform responses in Google Sheets. Recording Zendesk tickets in Google Sheets also works great.
Integrations with SQL server can be tricky to set up.
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February 16, 2019
Juan Carlos Molina Castejón | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zapier is currently used by the Department of Innovation and Learning Technologies as a way to integrate the multiple platforms and web applications we use to provide services to our regular users, including students, academic staff, and faculty. It gives us a very practical way of joining user-generated events in order to make things work automatically and have our workflows be less prone to human error.
  • Very Easy to use, it includes pre-configured integrations called Zaps that let you start making use of Zapier right away.
  • Zapier's user interface and the way it works is designed in a way that presents a very low learning curve for beginners but is very powerful and includes very advanced options for more experienced developers.
  • A very innovative service concept that opens the door for everybody to be more efficient and productive by eliminating repetitive tasks and linking many different APPs.
  • Very well documented and has tons of online free content to learn more about its features, capabilities and other related topics.
  • The free version only lets you create integrations that have two-steps, making it hard to create more complex and useful Zaps.
  • Licensing options are very rigid; there aren't many options to adjust plan type to your specific needs so in our case many of the included features are overkill.
  • Moving data between Zaps is not possible, the only way to work around this is by replicating Zaps and adding conditional logic that allows certain Zaps to run depending on the event. Even so, adding an option to move data between Zaps would be a lot better.
I would definitely recommend trying Zapier out because there aren't very similar options on the market and the free version lets you experiment with most features. Once you've tried it, I recommend upgrading to a paid version if you want to use it professionally because it's the only way you will have access to support,multi-step Zaps, and integrations that run in pseudo-real-time. Zapier is a service that's intended for users with any background and it works with a wide array of popular applications, so any organization using the web as part of their workflow will benefit from adopting it.
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April 10, 2019
Jeff Osness | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Zapier both internally and we help our clients use Zapier with our product "PhoneBurner" What a great tool. In our digital age, we have so much data in so many different systems that don't talk to each other. Zapier makes it easy to pull data from one system into another system. It is like an intelligent bridge between systems. We use it in several ways but here are a few examples. 1.) We have a Zap set up to hit our Slack Channel every time a client books a demo or training call. 2.) Our members often use other CRMs and they want to get the call outcomes sent to their other CRM for reporting pushed over in real time. Our members can easily add a Zap to their call outcomes (dispositions) to hit their Zap every time their team members make a call. I recommend you get familiar with Zapier and start using it right away.
  • Automate notifications
  • Trigger actions between systems
  • Simple interface
  • Pop up best use case examples when creating Zaps
I recommend Zapier to many of my clients because it is perfect when you need to push or pull information from one system to another
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April 10, 2019
Mackenzie Rodgers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have a multitude of data pulling from different landing pages, and often times use Zapier to make sure that the data entries are all pulled into one spreadsheet and are easy to locate. It is used across all departments, although not every member of the team necessarily knows how to use it; they are reaping the benefits of it all the time, though.
  • Real-time update as entries come in, self-populating the spreadsheets connected to the landing pages, etc.
  • Works with Google Sheets to integrate into overarching company software.
  • Makes data review so much more simple when everything is in a clean, sortable spreadsheet.
  • I don't think that Zapier is user-friendly enough for everyone to be able to easily figure out how it works.
One scenario that I often use Zapier for is to collect lead information from various forms on our website or landing pages, and then be able to go back and access all of the entries at once and sort for the information I need. We also use Zapier to put information from an application directly into our CRM so that we can access our customer information without having to manually upload it. I cannot think of a specific scenario where it would be less appropriate.
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March 27, 2019
Brad Meinen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It was being used in 2 to 3 of our departments to connect our marketing automation system to our CRM. We had also previously used it to connect our scheduling system, GoToMeeting, and our CRM together. We have since changed our base software by adding more integrations so we haven't needed to rely on Zapier as much.
  • Did almost everything we needed it to do to move information and data points back and forth between our software.
  • Pretty reliable in triggering the automation we needed to run.
  • Good about communication on failed Zaps and subscription limits.
  • I know this is more on the companies that integrate with Zapier, but some of their integrations have limitations on what can trigger or what can be triggered through the software.
Some software is really good about building out their integration with Zapier. Be sure to check specifically the software you are looking to integrate through Zapier and make sure the triggers you want, and the actions you want to take, are supported through Zapier. Also make sure you will not hit your limits, and check the cost beforehand for how many calls you think your software will make.
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March 13, 2019
Shawngela Pierce | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Zapier for email marketing. Zapier helps me to move subscribers from one Mailchimp list to another. I set up different triggers for each Zap. Some subscribers are moved after they complete an automation workflow and others are immediately moved to another list after subscribing. I was doing this manually for a while. Now, I am so grateful to have found Zapier for this task. It has saved me tons of time and made the process more efficient.
  • Very easy to use and setup. I was not intimidated at all the first time I set up a Zap.
  • Has tons of different apps to use for syncing. This makes them a very powerful tool to use.
  • You get a lot of nice features for the free version.
  • No phone support offered.
  • The pricing structure is not flexible enough for my business needs. The next pricing plan is way more than I need. It would be nice to have more customizable plans.
  • For some of the applications I would like to use, there is limited functionality, which makes it almost pointless to use.
Zapier is a must if you are using Mailchimp. Mailchimp has a very limited ability to move subscribers around efficiently. If I didn't have Zapier, I would be moving to another email service. Zapier does not offer 2-way syncing of contacts or moving information from one zap to another zap.
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June 26, 2019
Hector Arritorena | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
In my department, we need to send information from our workflow to a Google Drive folder, and we do it through Zapier. It was easy to set up and solved a really complex problem if we were to use web services or other integration mechanisms.

The business case is that we have an approval workflow, including several attachments, and when it is approved, we want to store all of them in a shared folder. The same business case could apply to send information when the workflow goes to a spreadsheet in Google Drive (via Zapier).
  • Easy of use to set up the connection
  • Stability - it has been working for a while
  • Reports when anything unpredictable happens
  • 100% cloud, no hidden surprises
  • Language support. I find it difficult to manage both languages at the same time.
  • Not too simple to log errors for improvement.
  • good: interconnecting web applications
  • good: sharing files between web apps
  • good: chaining actions between web apps and passing data between them
  • room for improvement: performing calculations with the data of one app before send it to the next
  • room for improvement: implementing loops with the information received from one, for example to "simulate" a "do while"
Usage Examples:
  1. Set up a workflow to write/revise/approve Tweets in a cloud BPM tool (i.e I use Flokzu)
  2. Have all your revisions and approvals in the workflow tool
  3. At the end, connect your workflow with Tweeter via Zapier to automatically publish the approved tweet.
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March 22, 2019
James E. Heyward CPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company uses all cloud-based [tools] and Zapier is being used to connect our tools and gives us the opportunity to automate certain mission-critical functions to reduce data entry tasks.
  • Connects cloud-based software
  • Provides an opportunity to automate processes
  • Increases productivity by opening up possibilities that individual software can't achieve on its own.
  • Zapier can continue to make it easier to integrate applications with one another
  • [It would be great] If you could create automation that works on data already stored in the programs - like PieSync.
  • Continue to add more triggers and actions.
Zapier is well suited if you have a high volume of data that has to be moved between various applications and if you cannot find a single solution to address productivity needs.
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April 24, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I love using Zapier for a quick connection from one app to another app. It saves me from the headache of doing things manually. I love the freedom it provides.
  • Zapier is very intuitive. It instinctively grabs info from one app and asks me what I would like to do with it with the other app. It sometimes reads my mind!
  • I love how it just knows the unique features of each app and can suggest different ways of "communication."
  • I love the fact that it wants me to test the "zaps" to make sure that they are set up correctly.
  • Seriously nothing, but if I were to be very picky, I'm sure there are more lesser-known apps Zapier could connect to.
  • If I were to be even pickier, the range of zaps for some popular apps could be expanded.
Zapier is pretty much excellent for any professional who uses web apps for work. You can set up multi-step actions, searches, filters and even webhooks. It saves so much time and you don't have to do things manually anymore... or even remember to do those things for that matter! Zapier is the very definition of "set it and forget it."
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February 04, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're using Zapier primarily for marketing and sales automation, however, due to its ability to connect with a lot of our other apps in departments like client success, that may change in the future.
  • Very intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Massive library of apps and services to integrate together.
  • Straightforward descriptions about what each trigger and action does.
  • It's probably a moot point since Zapier is mainly geared towards business automation rather than consumer products, but I will say that has a wide breadth of DIY and Internet of Things integrations for things like automating various hardware and smart home devices.
Zapier is a great way to integrate together all the apps you already use based on rules and triggers that you can define.
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January 16, 2019
Jeff Bramhall | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
When I joined this new company, there were a number of different software platforms already in use. We use Squarespace, Constant Contact, Google Suite - really, something from everywhere but never planned on how to make these things work with one another.
Part of my job when I came on board was to get these things to fit together. Zapier has been a huge part of that.

I loved two things about Zapier:
  • How fast and easy it was to get started.
  • When I did have questions, despite being a free user, I was able to chat with a real person.
In addition, having a non-technical background, my confidence in my ability to use the platform was low. By giving it ALL away (the integration and the support), I was able to develop that confidence with no risk. I really appreciate that.
  • Zaps are incredibly straightforward to make and test.
  • Support in a 1:1 way, in addition to great documentation, even for free users.
  • With a fine point on it - they make something that seems difficult into something that isn't just easy, it's delightfully easy.
  • You know, I can't think of a function within Zapier that I want to be improved.
  • What I want Zapier to do is to grow their infrastructure, specifically with Squarespace commerce and Constant Contact.
Ideal Scenarios for Zapier
1- You have two unconnected systems (say a website and an email marketing tool or CRM) and you need to connect them.
2- It's something that you know how to do manually (I go to this site, copy this information, paste it here, and do x,y,z with it).
3- It's something you never want to do again.
In my case, it was to take newsletter signups from Squarespace and add them to Constant Contact. Squarespace pushes them into a Google Sheet, which I'd copy into Constant Contact and tag appropriately. Zapier now takes care of that second step and I am hands-off.
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January 06, 2019
Malcolm Colman-Shearer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Zapier in our organisation and with our clients to optimise and automate business processes. It allows us to increase the consistency of our workflows, saves us time, reduces the risk of errors and increases the efficiency of so many processes the involve web apps.
  • It's a very intuitive interface. We learned it fast and we don't need to know any code to automate so many processes.
  • The number of web apps Zapier plugs in to is mind boggling! The rate of growth of: A. the amount of apps and B. the amount of triggers and actions on each app is impressive and means that, if it doesn't do what you want right now, it probably will soon. I wouldn't bother taking on a new app for us or our clients if I knew it couldn't plug in to Zapier.
  • One of our favourite tasks for Zapier is to automate our spreadsheets. Google Sheets (and Airtable) are far more powerful when you can trigger actions right from within your spreadsheet workflow.
  • It's frustrating that steps within a Zap can't be duplicated. eg. If you setup a formatter step to capitalise first name, you can't just duplicate that for last name you have to go through the process again which is time I could be spending elsewhere.
  • It would be wonderful if Zapier could become a fully functional visual programming tool. For me the two key tools it'd need to do that are branching and looping. They are fundamental to actual coding but aren't available in Zapier. This means making some long hacked processes around it with clunky filters and multiple parallel Zaps which is far less efficient. (Edit: Paths on Zapier has solved one half of that problem!)
  • I'd like to be able to setup a client's account within our's and effectively "host" their Zaps as long as they're with us so that they don't need to see monthly bills. Then, have the ability to break their account out if they wanted to go it alone. (Edit: I've heard this problem is on the roadmap)
Zapier works brilliant in most small business situations. I suspect it'd have challenges in enterprises and larger companies where their security policies wouldn't allow it. It would also not work if a company was using heritage desktop based software rather than cloud based web apps.
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January 02, 2019
Matthew Gehrman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zapier is used to create integrations between Salesmate and Drip eliminating the need to double enter all the client data into our email lists. In addition we also have it setup to export certain lead info into a Google sheet for tracking & remarket lists. Though Leadpages & Drip have a native integration process you can also opt to setup with Zapier for multiple triggers.
  • Simple to learn & implement
  • Works with just about every app/platform you can think of
  • Attractive pricing model given the true value of this tool
  • Saves time, money, and increases efficiencies
  • Best part of Zapier is they're always working to improve features, integration availability, and speed of the processes, I can't think of anything that I would want to improve at this point.
Zapier is a must have for small businesses looking to grow without the substantial cost of hiring additional admin staff. Although the initial setup is tedious in the long run it will not only speed up the sales process and save a significant amount of time, you'll wonder how you operated without it in the back end.
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January 02, 2019
Josephine Stafford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zapier makes it easier to integrate the opt-in lead magnets that I utilize through Squarespace with my email marketing service, Active Campaign. Of course, Active Campaign has code that you can embed in the website directly, but I prefer the look and the feel, as well as the SEO benefits of using the Squarespace forms and pop-ups. Without Zapier, I think my opt-in rates would be lower.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to find zaps.
  • Easy to understand how to turn on zaps.
  • Easy to see if zaps are working.
  • Easy to change or alter zaps.
  • I wish that the basic Zapier plan was more affordable, I only use the free version but know I could benefit from upgrading.
  • I wish that the free plan zaps worked faster.
  • I think the response time for contacting for help could be faster.
Zapier works so well for anyone using Google services. You can integrate with practically anything on the internet. Zapier is great for people who are organized but don't have a large team to accomplish date recording tasks, Zapier can do it for you! I also appreciate the fact that if an app is on Zapier, it's probably worth using or trying out for your business, very reputable!
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August 10, 2018
Bart Caylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
We use Zapier to move data between many of our cloud-based accounts. It has been a real time saver to make it easier to manage a virtual team and get data into the various systems we use (Proposify for proposals, Teamwork for project management and collaboration, Google Drive, Google Suite for email and calendar, FreshBooks for invoicing, etc.). Zapier allows us to thread them all together to create automated tasks.
  • Automation - the backbone of Zapier and the magic coding of APIs required.
  • Easy interface - You don't have to be a programmer to use it.
  • Professional service - I have used the others (ITTT) but I found Zapier to be more professional both in the website and tools, but prompt in service.
  • Not all tools are on the platform...but that is not necessarily their issue.
  • Some of the triggers and hooks are limiting...I don't have full access to all of the ways to get the data out of systems as I hoped.
  • Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the different connected systems.
Best places to user Zapier:
  • Simple automation...moving data from one area to another (Tweets moved to an Evernote Notebook).
  • Automating trigger emails: team, we just landed a new job and here are the details after a client signs off.
  • Moving data from a web form to a database or CRM for more use.
  • Complex processing of data.
  • Real-time needs...the data is usually about 15 minutes behind real-time needs.
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July 24, 2018
Kyle Garrett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Primarily Zapier is used in our organization just by myself to integrate systems that are not natively integrated. We do things like notify of new leads from Facebook, LinkedIn, and other paid digital channels, as well as make sure they are seamlessly added to our CRM, Salesforce. We also notify when new deals are closed integrating Salesforce and Slack. Zapier lets us get quicker and more efficient with our daily processes and allows us to scale those processes.
  • Plenty of integrations to choose from. I have rarely ran into a system I've wanted to integrate that Zapier did not already have something built.
  • Simple to use. This type of work would be impossible with my developer skill levels (which are practically none). Zapier makes me look like a wizard to the rest of my company.
  • Very Affordable. No only do they have a free option if you are just integrating a few things, but their paid tiers are affordable and each one makes sense to a specific audience.
  • I genuinely like everything about Zapier, the only negative I can drum up would be that once in a while I run into an app that doesn't have the trigger I want or at worst, a few apps that are not available for integration at all
Zapier really is great for a few people, or ever one person, to be able to quickly integrate and create automated processes that increase efficiency. This is great for startups, small business, or even small teams within bigger companies. I've used it at all levels, as a consultant, working with startups, and working at a large company. Zapier really is a secret weapon for me to making connections not before thought possible. It's one of my main tools I take with me on any job and recommend to any and all of my clients.
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July 24, 2018
Kai Crow | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use Zapier across a number of departments. Mostly it's to link apps or systems that don't have pre-built integrations to each other. For some cases, we also use Zapier to build workflows that can't be achieved in other apps, using Zapier utilities like storage, formatter and equations to update data or trigger other processes and then send back to the same application.
In general, this helps us scale faster because we don't have to wait for lengthy dev builds using APIs to achieve a similar result.
  • Nicely thought out, simple interface - quick to learn and easy to understand.
  • Zapier utilities are brilliant - allow you to make much more complex workflows.
  • Lots of apps and services that Zapier works with.
  • Would be nice to be able to create multiple branches within one zap, rather than just using a straight yes/no continue logic filter.
  • Would be nice to be able to filter zaps at the trigger stage - so where we filter out all but one of the triggering events, we wouldn't have all the rest count against account limits.
We've used it for a range of applications from simple syncing of activities, leads or data between two systems to building more advanced processes, like round robin distributions. One frequent use is for triggering Slack notifications from different systems that don't already have integrations with Slack, or who's integrations don't do exactly what we want.
Less appropriate cases, are where the only available trigger events fire off frequently, eg a salesforce activity, where we might have tens of thousands per day - you can easily filter the zap at the second step, but it quickly chew through usage limits.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Pre-built connectors (63)
Connector modification (56)
Support for real-time and batch integration (54)
Data quality services (44)
Data security features (43)
Monitoring console (51)

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform designed to integrate data between web applications. Zapier automates the communication between apps by relying on “Triggers” within apps to catalyze pre-arranged actions, such as data formatting, and transfers of data between apps. The program featured pre-designed connections for more than 1,500 apps. It is scaled for small to mid-sized businesses and features a free version with limited connector complexity and quantities. According to the vendor, Zapier’s user interface was designed with the goal of users being able to establish connections, or “Zaps,” without developer help.

Zapier Pricing

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  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
  • Entry-level set up fee?No
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Starter$24.99Per Month
Professional$61.25Per Month
Team$373.75Per Month
Company$748.75Per Month

Zapier Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No