I do not believe there is anything better
April 16, 2020

I do not believe there is anything better

Steven Laff | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Optimizely Data Platform

We use Zaius for email marketing, and unlike every other platform I have used over the past 15 years (I know, a scary long time), Zaius is the first that basically does not impose limitations on our ideas for how we want to market.

For example, they can do the usual email suspects, such as cart abandonment and browse abandonment. But I hate getting browse abandonment emails for products I looked at once and never went back to. Or when I bought something else in the same category as what I looked at, I sure as heck do not need a reminder email about looking at that again. With Zaius, we simply do not send out browse abandonment emails unless someone has looked at the same item X number of times within Y number of hours or days, and did not add something from the same category to my cart.

That is just a simple example of how Zaius allows us to pretty much put into action virtually any idea we want easily. It allows us to do things way more intricate than that WITHOUT THEM HAVING TO DO ANYTHING. Once you learn the system, what you can do on your own is astounding.
  • Support. This is the Achilles heel for so many companies, not here. They are top flight and the best part is they have so little turnover. Everyone I worked with three years ago is still there. In different positions at the time, but still there and they still help us when needed. That is VERY reassuring.
  • Product Roadmap. They are always working on the platform, always moving forward and always listening to their customers. Maybe with me, they pretend to listen, but things get done! :)
  • Their people. A company is only as good as its people, and these folks are genuinely engaged and caring. I love that.
  • Transparent. Whenever there is any technical issue with the platform, I get an email telling me exactly what is happening, how it effects their service and that they are working on it. This is honesty at its best.
  • They finally have gotten on-site recommendations, hooray! I wish it happened sooner, and it is still early in its development, so I would say some things take longer than I would hope to do. But who does not feel that way about everyone? The key here is it gets done, and they keep improving things, which I love.
  • I would like there to be more opportunities to use it outside of eCommerce. I would love to use it for content-specific sites, but honestly, that is not what it was built for, so I will shut up about that now.
  • VERY positive effect on ROI. Email is the most cost-efficient marketing channel there is.
  • They have just added their own SMS powered solution. This makes it so much more economical than other solutions. And that also means they will keep improving on it like they do with everything else they do.
Oh my goodness, there were many, including:
  • Klaviyo
  • Salesforce Email Marketing Cloud
  • Bronto
  • Marapost (the worst experience we ever had. We used them for the longest year on earth).
  • Silverpop (IBM)
  • I forgot their name but they are based in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania.
  • Exact Target
  • Active Campaign
  • Get Response
  • Drip
  • SendInBlue
  • And more I cannot remember. We spent over six months looking at everything.

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Ecommerce, for sure. They have a record of every action that every site visitor has made since we started working with them. We then enriched their database with five years of customer transactions to build a VERY detailed look at our customers. And after they helped us import one month's worth of data, we did the other 4 years and 11 months on our own. That right there gives you some insights into how much they are into empowering their customers and not nickel and dime-ing them to death.

Optimizely Data Platform Support

Because no company we have worked with has ever cared more about supporting their customer. I have worked with a few others who have cared as much, but that is sooooooooo rare. I appreciate them a lot for their support.