Research Team

Our Culture

The mission of the TrustRadius Research Team is to ensure that our review platform is the most useful, trustworthy, high quality information source for technology buyers. We seek to help technology buyers make more informed decisions with less stress.

We do this by:

  • Understanding and accurately covering hundreds of software categories - from listing new products to producing buyers’ guides
  • Ensuring the authenticity and quality of the reviews and ratings we collect and publish
  • Researching the technology buying process, recommending new site features to support the buyers’ journey, and advising tech vendors on how to earn the trust of their buyers

We know that buyers on our site are using reviews—trusted feedback from their peers—to make important decisions. From producing reports like category-level buyers’ guides and the B2B Disconnect, to verifying ratings and reviews (hundreds of thousands of them), we use our skills to support that process.

Meet the Research Team of TrustRadius

Megan Headley - VP of Research

Megan attended Washington University in St. Louis where she received her BA in Chemistry and Spanish and went on to receive her MA in Journalism and Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. In her early years at TrustRadius, she wrote buyer’s guides for web analytics, A/B testing, enterprise social media management suites, and CRM software. She also wrote the first B2B Disconnect study in 2017 as well as our recent 163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up. Megan believes trust is the most important factor for a review platform, particularly for high stakes decisions such as business technology. As such, she has written many articles in the industry such as bias in star ratings, the anatomy of fake reviews, the positive impact of negative reviews, and why buyers hate marketing messaging.

Her mission as the leader of the team is to ensure that the team has a clear impact on the business at TrustRadius and delivers as much value as possible to site visitors. Not all tech companies have a Research function but at TrustRadius Research is a foundation of our business.

Emily Sue Tomac - Sr. Research Manager

Emily Sue received her BA in English and Linguistics from Grinnell College. Before joining TrustRadius research team, she held academic roles teaching writing, curating digital humanities work from emerging scholars into an interactive online repository, as well as contributing to publications on syntax in endangered languages.

Emily Sue has been working with TrustRadius for several years now, and her role has changed to evolve with our research function. When she first joined the company, she was a category analyst, creating many buyers’ guides as well as other “mini guides” and “feature reports” for various software categories and product reports such as those for MindTouch, Marketo, Lifesize, and Workfront. But she quickly realized there were interesting patterns and behavior common across categories, in how people buying software or other business technology approach that, and how they relate to the companies that provide the solutions. She shifted her focus to broader industry and user research, so that she could more closely advise the marketing team and product team at TrustRadius, helping them to educate the market and ultimately build better tools. Emily Sue has written the annual B2B Buying Disconnect Study for three years - the first year in a supporting role and the second and third years as the lead for the research, analysis, and production of the report. She has also led research initiatives around the buyer’s journey, and the who, what, when, where, why, and how of using reviews as a buyer.

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson - Research Analyst

Elizabeth attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she received a BA in Political Science and a BA in Economics and she attended The London School of Economics where she received her MSc in International Development. Throughout her academic career, she produced studies investigating the impact of IMF programs on developing countries and magnitude of FDI-induced economic spillovers in developing country economies. At TrustRadius she has researched dozens of categories, managed the research process for Top Rated awards, and produced two buyers’ guides for HR Management and Marketing Automation software.

When Elizabeth takes on a research project or study she begins by seeking the answers to questions like “What do I need to know in order to solve this problem or answer these questions?” and “Of this, what information do I already know or have access to?” One of the things that motivates her is her interest in using qualitative and quantitative data to help solve problems, fill in knowledge gaps, and increase her own knowledge and expertise on various topics - including all the types of business technology she researches every day at TrustRadius.

Beatrice McQueen - UGC Manager

Beatrice attended Goucher College where she obtained her BA in English - Creative Writing. She previously held a role as a museum educator wherein she led overnight programs aboard historic ships and got to fire a 20-pound Parrott Rifle into the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Beatrice has been instrumental in motivating the TrustRadius community of software uses to share their expertise and contribute reviews. She also thinks in detail about the process of writing a review, to ensure it’s an enjoyable experience for the reviewer, and helps them contribute the in-depth, detailed reviews our site visitors are looking for.

She has also improved the verification process to ensure reviews are coming from verified users. Her mission is to make the process of writing a TrustRadius review as delightful and memorable as possible. Beatrice is interested in what motivates people, both in a business context and in their personal lives. She enjoys podcasts exploring people’s minds and motivations - her two standbys are The Moth and This American Life.

John Ferguson - Research Associate

John received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Centre College. When he begins any new research project he starts with understanding buyers’ and users’ experiences and bases the rest of the process on those perspectives and insights. His latest research project involved writing the Applicant Tracking Systems Buyer’s Guide. John’s research interests include buyer psychology and pattern and trend identification.

Sam Huisache - Research Associate

Sam received a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from New York University and a Master in Public Administration from The George Washington University. Before joining TrustRadius Sam worked at other research firms doing qualitative and quantitative analysis, content production and editing, and program management and evaluation. Currently Sam is managing our Buyer Blog and building an expertise in productivity and collaboration software. Their research interests include adaptive technology, productivity software, and social innovation.

Brian Mackenzie - Research Analyst

Brian attended University of South Carolina where he obtained his BA in Library and Information Science. He is currently attending grad school at Rutgers University. In his previous jobs he was a web developer for Search Solution Group and Middlesex County Government office. Because Brian is involved in researching and creating new categories on the TrustRadius site - his favorites include software focused on data - when Brian researches a new software category he looks at other technology sites to get a high-level understanding of the software category before delving into the specific features that are endemic to that category. Then he looks at the features and capabilities that set the highly competitive products apart from each other. Outside of his work as a Research Analyst he is very interested in development tools and software used by web developers.