Web Application Firewalls

Best Web Application Firewalls include:

Akamai Kona Site Defender and AWS WAF.

Web Application Firewalls Overview

What are Web Application Firewalls (WAFs)?

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) help protect externally-facing web applications. WAFs are part of a layered cybersecurity strategy. It falls to the WAF to prevent zero-day attacks on web apps and APIs that potentially reside in serverless architecture.

In 2006 the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandated the protection of applications in production environments with web application firewalls or other devices that provide similar functionality.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Features & Capabilities

WAFs protect web applications against threats such as:

  • Cross-site scripting

  • SQL injection

  • Session hijacking

  • Denial of service

  • Buffer overflows

WAFs generally present the following features:

  • Libraries of attack data based on known attacks to web applications

  • Monitoring, filtering and blocking of data and access to web applications

  • Automated attack detection, both identity-based (e.g. dynamic whitelisting, fingerprinting, risk scoring) and behavioral (e.g. risk scoring)

  • Advanced security techniques (e.g. deception/misdirection, virtual patch deployment, honeypot)

  • Zero-day attack prevention (related to the above)

  • A management interface with alert system

  • Reporting and analytics on threat and application usage

Pricing Information

The cost of web application firewalls depends on deployment. There are three options:

  1. A managed service or cloud-hosted WAF delivered as part of a subscription. This can be relatively low overhead as part of a larger subscription (e.g. part of a CDN). But it also may contain unneeded features.

  2. A network-based appliance. This presents relatively high overhead but reduces latency because it is installed locally and close to the application.

  3. A host-based WAF residing in the application’s code. This is rarer and may present less desirable computing costs and greater maintenance.

Web Application Firewalls Products

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65 ratings
25 reviews
Top Rated
According to NGINX, a business unit of F5 Networks since the May 2019 acquisition, NGINX powers over 65% of the world's busiest websites and web applications. NGINX started out as an open source web server and reverse proxy, built to be faster and more efficient than Apache. Over the years, NGINX ha…
75 ratings
25 reviews
Top Rated
Cloudflare, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, provides DDoS and bot mitigation security for business domains, as well as a content delivery network (CDN) and web application firewall (WAF).
37 ratings
9 reviews
F5 BIG-IP software from Seattle-based F5 Networks is a load balancing and application protection solution suite available on cloud or via virtual editions, on a subscription or perpetual licensing basis. The BIG-IP suite of products supports a wide range of security and application performance needs…
15 ratings
5 reviews
Amazon Web Services offers AWS WAF (web application firewall) to protect web applications from malicious behavior that might impede the applications functioning and performance, with customizable rules to prevent known harmful behaviors and an API for creating and deploying web security rules.
Oracle Dyn Web Application Security Platform
5 ratings
4 reviews
Oracle Dyn Web Application Security Platform extends beyond just typical Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities to offer Access Control, Bot Management, application DDoS protection and API security.
Barracuda Web Application Firewall
11 ratings
2 reviews
Barracuda Web Application Firewall, from Barracuda Networks in Campbell, California, protects web applications from bots, DDoS attacks, and other advanced threats to enterprise apps.
SonicWall Web Application Firewall
1 ratings
1 reviews
SonicWall offers their WAF Series, of web application firewalls.
Imperva Web Application Firewall (WAF)
2 ratings
1 reviews
The Imperva Web Application Firewall (WAF) is based on technology acquired with Incapsula and the former WebSphere WAF.
Comodo cWatch
1 ratings
1 reviews
Comodo Cybersecurity headquartered in Clifton offers cWatch, a website malware and vulnerability scanner that provides content filtering as well at the free service level, and at paid premium subscription levels supplies WAF, DDoS protection, as well as load balancing and website performance protect…
Azure Application Gateway
3 ratings
1 reviews
Microsoft's Azure Application Gateway is a platform-managed, scalable, and highly available application delivery controller as a service with integrated web application firewall.
Managed Web Application Firewall, part of Alert Logic Enterprise
4 ratings
1 reviews
Alert Logic's Managed Web Application Firewall, formerly available as Alert Logic Web Security Manager, is presented as a highly tunable, enterprise-grade, web application firewall (WAF) that comes with its own security experts to eliminate management overhead and complexity. The service is now avai…
StackPath (formerly Highwinds) CDN
The StackPath (formerly Highwinds) Content Delivery Network provides a scalable DNS with load balancing, traffic management, DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to support and protect enterprise websites and applications.
Cloudbric is a cloud-based web security provider, offering a Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, and SSL. Its WAF component protects web applications from the most critical web app security risks as identified by OWASP, including DDoS attack, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting. Cl…
R&S Web Application Firewall
German company Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S Web Application Firewall to protect enterprise apps against data leakage, disablement, identity theft and intrusion.
Radware AppWall
Radware offers AppWall, a PCI compliant web application firewall (WAF) securing corporate networks and the cloud against web app attacks.
PT Application Firewall
Positive Technologies headquartered in Framingham offers the PT Application Firewall (AF), a web application firewall (WAF) which uses advanced machine learning and correlative techniques to detecting and prevent zero-day attacks on enterprise apps.
WAPPLES utilizes an intelligent detection engine to protect enterprise from advanced web-based attacks, including SQL injections, DDoS, and APTs. The vendor says that WAPPLES’ ease of deployment and low operational workload have been cited as main reasons for high customer satisfaction. WAPPLES is a…
Qualys Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Qualys offers their Web Application Firewall (WAF), available on its own or as part of the Qualys Cloud Platform network and application vulnerability management suite.
CenturyLink Web Application Firewall (WAF)
CenturyLink® Web Application Firewall (WAF) delivers substantial web application protection from attacks and helps prevent costly data breaches and downtime. WAF delivers dynamic ongoing website protection, allowing application transactions only from authorized users and protecting critical data fro…
Bekchy is a cloud-based web application firewall, developed by Faydata Information Technologies Inc. Bekchy works in front of all web application servers. According to the vendor, Bekchy is used by finance, health, education, tourism and media sectors. It provides basic and advanced protection for …
Sangfor NGAF
Sangfor NGAF is a combined NGFW and Web Application Firewall. It provides a full core suite of firewall services scaled for enterprises.
Instart Web Security
Instart Web Security is designed to secure your web apps from the dangers of the public web. All entry points into your application servers, whether it be your website, your APIs, or your web apps can be protected and secured with Instart Web Security. Instart provides protection across the entire t…
Azure Front Door
Microsoft's Azure Front Door is a combined web application firewall and DDoS mitigation solution for web applications.
Limelight Cloud Security
Limelight Cloud Security is a content access and permission management solution with web application firewall and DDoS protection, providing a digital rights management (DRM) solution for video content.