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Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)

  • As mentioned earlier, transactional heavy web assets such as eStores are particularly strong candidates.
  • IBM CXA along with other, similar tools, is not set-and-forget. The solution must be well managed in order to deliver value. Purchase of the solution is one thing; driving analytic results is another. If a company's staff are not strong analytical thinkers, CXA will not help. IBM CXA is not just a technology platform - it is a basis to design strong customer touchpoints and interactions. You need to be customer journey design literate to get the best from this.
Chris Hall | TrustRadius Reviewer


Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)

  • Tealeaf provides a unique view into a website beyond what typical web analytics can provide.
  • It captures all of a website's traffic, no need to tag pages or decide ahead of time what data you want to capture.
  • Data is captured and processed in real-time which reveal unknown issues as they are happening.
  • Replay session to see what a customer or user actually did and not just they remember doing when a problem occured.
Nick Preese | TrustRadius Reviewer


Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)

  • IBM CXA leverages script tagging to inspect specific behaviour patterns. A tagging engine against your web assets is a must-have to simplify script insertion and avoid having to leverage internal IT resources to modify web code.
  • Tag management is perhaps the most challenging aspect of IBM CXA. In our view, this could be abstracted further and therefore simplified.
  • We would like to see connectors with UBX to common platforms such as CRM, marketing automation. The more this is readily available, the quicker the time to value for clients.
Chris Hall | TrustRadius Reviewer

Likelihood to Renew

Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)

Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics) 5.2
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The comprehensive set of tools IBM Tealeaf provides is so unique to what it can do. It continually provides value beyond what it costs. It is like free money. There hasn't been a tool that has replace what it can do. Without it, people and teams managing their application or website would be much more difficult
Nick Preese | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)

Analytics! We want to utilize software that gave us basic information back. Obviously, with technology becoming smarter, more updated and more efficient, we converted to software that would handle that...IBM. we've realized that analytics are so beneficial to the reelection process, how we communicate with constituents and the way we relay information to the community.
Tanu Chahal | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)

  • The ROI question needs to be focused on clients and not our use internally. We leverage this as a platform for designing customer journeys for our clients.
  • The ROI case is far easier to make for eCommerce operators. Customer journey failings can be easily quantified and seemingly simple issues can generate large ROI outcomes. For web assets without a trading bias, ROI can be established using notional value attribution. For example, a lead for motor insurance that is lost can be costed based on average policy value over a typical lifetime; struggle on a customer self-service portal can be quantified on the cost of handling through a call centre; etc.
Chris Hall | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)


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