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Score 8.1 out of 10
ClearCompany offers an applicant tracking system with core features, including batch or mass communication, job board posting, centralized internal communications, and background checking features. It also provides onboarding automation and performance management.N/A
Score 9.0 out of 10
N/A headquartered in Fremont offers Profit, an Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) software integrated with task and performance management directed toward 360-degree organization governance for accelerated growth while maintaining the best work culture.N/A
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Comparison of Onboarding features of Product A and Product B
15 Ratings
New hire portal10.013 Ratings00 Ratings
Manager tracking tools10.015 Ratings00 Ratings
Compliance tracking and reporting7.711 Ratings00 Ratings
Performance and Goals
Comparison of Performance and Goals features of Product A and Product B
8 Ratings
Corporate goal setting10.07 Ratings00 Ratings
Subordinate goal setting10.05 Ratings00 Ratings
Individual goal setting10.06 Ratings00 Ratings
Line-of sight-visibility8.67 Ratings00 Ratings
Performance tracking9.46 Ratings00 Ratings
Performance Management
Comparison of Performance Management features of Product A and Product B
10 Ratings
Performance plans9.45 Ratings00 Ratings
Plan weighting9.55 Ratings00 Ratings
Manager note taking10.07 Ratings00 Ratings
Performance improvement plans9.64 Ratings00 Ratings
Review status tracking9.66 Ratings00 Ratings
Rater nomination workflow9.64 Ratings00 Ratings
Review reminders9.17 Ratings00 Ratings
Workflow restrictions9.05 Ratings00 Ratings
Multiple review frequency9.64 Ratings00 Ratings
Reporting9.57 Ratings00 Ratings
Succession Planning
Comparison of Succession Planning features of Product A and Product B
11 Ratings
Create succession plans/pools9.02 Ratings00 Ratings
Candidate ranking9.211 Ratings00 Ratings
Candidate search10.09 Ratings00 Ratings
Candidate development10.06 Ratings00 Ratings
Recruiting / ATS
Comparison of Recruiting / ATS features of Product A and Product B
18 Ratings
Job Requisition Management9.318 Ratings00 Ratings
Company Website Posting8.818 Ratings00 Ratings
Publish to Social Media9.213 Ratings00 Ratings
Job Search Site Posting10.015 Ratings00 Ratings
Customized Application Form9.818 Ratings00 Ratings
Resume Management8.918 Ratings00 Ratings
Duplicate Candidate Prevention9.318 Ratings00 Ratings
Candidate Search8.018 Ratings00 Ratings
Applicant Tracking9.818 Ratings00 Ratings
Collaboration8.017 Ratings00 Ratings
Task Creation and Delegation9.313 Ratings00 Ratings
Email Templates9.818 Ratings00 Ratings
User Permissions9.517 Ratings00 Ratings
Notifications and Alerts8.218 Ratings00 Ratings
Reporting7.215 Ratings00 Ratings
Learning Management
Comparison of Learning Management features of Product A and Product B
8 Ratings
Course authoring6.65 Ratings00 Ratings
Course catalog or library6.65 Ratings00 Ratings
Player/Portal7.15 Ratings00 Ratings
Learning content6.75 Ratings00 Ratings
Mobile friendly5.98 Ratings00 Ratings
Progress tracking & certifications6.94 Ratings00 Ratings
Assignments5.94 Ratings00 Ratings
Compliance management5.94 Ratings00 Ratings
Learning administration8.24 Ratings00 Ratings
Learning reporting & analytics6.44 Ratings00 Ratings
Social learning5.44 Ratings00 Ratings
Single Sign On (SSO) Enabled Learning9.01 Ratings00 Ratings
User Ratings
Likelihood to Recommend
(21 ratings)
(3 ratings)
Support Rating
(22 ratings)
(0 ratings)
User Testimonials
Likelihood to Recommend
If your company needs to move into becoming completely electronic, as well as the option of having it being remote if needed, this is the way to go. ClearCompany will hold your hand and help you every step of the way to becoming just that! It can be a difficult task to change so much but having their team to meet with you weekly until you have everything up and running was the best experience I could have asked for.
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It is good for companies that want to have clear Objectives, where they describe how they will achieve them and will track the progress. If used properly it can significantly improve the company's productivity and the employees' understanding of where the company is going. This platform will find its customers in companies that are oriented towards efficiency and are willing to invest some time and effort to understand how their departments are working. Thus, reflect on how you can improve things.
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  • Real-time updates shared across the software with remote users. It allows us to effectively manage and track candidates workflows and status within the onboarding process. This helps us effectively communicate and keep hooks in the candidate without having them fall through the cracks.
  • ClearCompany is able to customize and report to fit our company. We are in a particular industry where our time to fill, hiring costs and other metrics vary from time to time. In order to get an accurate report, ClearCompany has gone above and beyond to customize our reports and give us the data we need with a click of a button.
  • ClearCompany is always in constant communication and willing to assist. The feedback from the support team is almost instantaneous. I have the direct number to my customer care agent and her manager as well. It's nice to know they are there to help at a moment's notice. The support team has a great chat feature that allows me to send a message while i'm on the phone. They are quick to respond and always friendly.
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  • Easy to use
  • Has many off the shelf templates and metrics
  • Easy to customize
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  • Reporting is a bit limited - most reports require significant cleanup and/or take a lot of work to make meaningful
  • Hiring Manager visibility is limited when it comes to notifications (scorecards completed, etc.) and feedback for candidates from other processes, meaning that the burden is put on TA to inform
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  • Have an easier way to extract data from the API to our database
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Support Rating
I had a great relationship with my first customer success manager. When I first started, she helped me navigate the system and was always available to answer any questions. They have provided great support throughout the last 2 years of me using the system. I attended a ClearCompany conference and they were incredible at providing support and showing how to best utilize the system,
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Alternatives Considered
No comparison. It's apples to oranges when comparing. Clear Company is well-rounded and willing to collaborate to make it right for each company. Most other platforms make you adapt to the product they think is best without individual company needs in mind.
Read full review was the easiest to use and the customer is great.
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Return on Investment
  • ClearCompany has some helpful options our company has utilized, but overall it has been very hard to get past some of the user interfaces that aren't functional or getting speedy responses when something isn't operational.
  • ClearCompany has custom reports that help us strategize our recruitment efforts, but we have had many instances where the reports do not pull data from the system which has lead to confusion or decisions being made with incomplete information.
  • ClearCompany has multiple avenues to contact them or get help, but they are not always effective because of the completion time frame varies.
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  • Not measured with hard numbers yet but definitely improved the employee's productivity.
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