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Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Flow is highly effective to those individualized work environments for those who have the flexibility to customize their processes. While the O365 suite is often available as a whole, in some environments such as campus life or education areas I could see this being less effective. This product is definitely geared for the office/business enterprise environment.
Jesse Bickel, MS - PMP | TrustRadius Reviewer


Microsoft Power Automate

  • Approval workflows, it makes getting approvals in a succinct order very easy and Flow does this in spades
  • Starting a workflow based on a certain "trigger" . Having workflows start when you want them to is far and away one Microsoft Flow's strengths.
  • Allthe different outside services you can interface with. It really is a impressive list. From Dropbox to Wunderlist, really amazing
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer


Microsoft Power Automate

  • The initial set-up process of this is a little confusing and challenging.
  • The 3rd party add-on connectivity is a bit complex.
Aruna Bandara | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate 6.0
Based on 5 answers
So Microsoft Flow support for its general troubleshooting or correcting issues is excellent. But to my knowledge, Microsoft Flow itself does not have service providers, even though they offer templates on their online app. I have found myself many times trying to complete individual actions that have no known template or even forum example. Every business is unique, and Microsoft does an excellent job of providing versatile yet straightforward systems. Microsoft Flow is definitely on the more advanced side of things. Having support or being able to purchase superior service (on building personalized flows) would be great.
Matthew Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Microsoft Power Automate

We thought of Zapier on the other hand, but what made us to chose Flow is mainly its seamless connectivity with Microsoft products and all the existing relationship what we had with Microsoft.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Microsoft Power Automate

  • It has pushed some degree of user support to the users who are closest to their own processes, and has allowed the burden of support to shift from ONLY IT to business groups for us.
  • There is a better chance for us to get support with a Microsoft product internally than anything else (Nintex, Oracle, SAP, etc...) because of our license agreement.
  • Time will tell how well Flow allows us to re-create the environment we had with on-prem Nintex and SharePoint 2016. It appears that it could, but it is too early to tell how easy adoption of a slightly more technically complex tool will be for our operating company, sister operating companies, and parent company.
Chris Carpenter | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Microsoft Power Automate


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