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Likelihood to Recommend

Splash Event Marketing Platform

Compared to platforms like Eventbrite, I have a hard time recommending Splash to anyone and think if we weren't forced into using it because of our involvement with Hubspot User Groups, we would not be using it.I think if the usability and other bugs could be improved along with support, then Splash could be great for small to mid-sized businesses that occasionally run events that they need 1) hosted all in one place and 2) consistent, custom branding. Or if you're running small events where you simply need a custom designed sign-up page, a reminder email and a check-in app, Splash could work for you. While they're not transparent about their business pricing, I'd have to see that before deciding whether it is truly worth it for this purpose.
Amber Callan | TrustRadius Reviewer


Splash Event Marketing Platform

  • Branded Templates: With the Pro account, Splash takes your brand guidelines, fonts, logos, colors and creates customized event templates for your most frequent types of events making it easy to create new events that align with the experience of your brand.
  • Customer Service: Any time I have a problem, my Account Manager (Matt!) always has a solution. Whether it be a glitch in the page, an integration problem, or suggesting new ways to use the system. I'm never left stranded, which when you work in eight time zones, matters.
  • Ease of Backend Use: I've used other start-up event management softwares which are painful to use on the back end, buggy, and not intuitive for a non-coder. Splash is extremely easy to use and customize, which makes working with the system enjoyable.
  • Low Ticketing Fees: One of the main reasons we decided to upgrade to the Pro account is because we were hosting more ticketed events. As a non-profit, ticketing fees make a difference to our donations. Not only did Splash provide the other benefits mentioned above, they were the most competitive on credit card fees and integrated into our donation software system.
Carla Culos | TrustRadius Reviewer


Splash Event Marketing Platform

  • When designing a landing page for an event, the functionality of the layout page is quite finicky. I would love to see the ability to add features to certain text boxes become more fluid.
  • The formatting across the layout page is not always consistent, specifically text sizing.
  • I had an issue with an account, and the support team took an extremely long time (2+ months) to produce a remedy for the issue I was experiencing.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating

Splash Event Marketing Platform

Splash Event Marketing Platform 7.2
Based on 4 answers
We love working with our account manager and priority support to answer questions efficiently and speedily. Our account manager works with us on larger and bigger picture initiatives for our instance, where the priority support is always there when you're stuck with a feature or setup, it's been great to share this resource with our global network of hosts internal and external to the company.
Caitlin Teed | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Splash Event Marketing Platform

[We selected Splash based on] Looks and functionality. It's the best of both worlds. Every other tool we found was good at one but not the other. I hope Splash stays on the path it's on as it really makes all the right improvements to be such a powerhouse tool.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Splash Event Marketing Platform

  • It helps me manage a number of events that I would not otherwise be able to make invitations for, manage rsvps, and do check ins. We used a more expensive product previously but it had fewer features so this is definitely an upgrade.
  • Using Splash saves me time from needing to follow up with guests. I also love the "send later" feature for email.
  • The support staff make this product super valuable as I am able to accomplish more with their help.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer


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Splash Event Marketing Platform


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