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34 Ratings
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I would recommend spending some time familiarizing themselves with the interface and experimenting. After they have a feel for what can be done, they should look around at what others have done, especially those more experienced with telling stories.
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  • Pull media from all online sources
  • Provide links for easy access to content
  • Display content in a pleasing and straightforward format
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  • Better searchablility of web content
  • Notification if links in stories are no longer active
  • Suggestions for similar Storify users to follow
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Likelihood to Renew

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It's just been a great way to capture conversations and such that occur over many hours, even days.
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From the day I first started using it, Storify has always made total sense. It's not the kind of product that forces you grit your teeth a lot or go into cumbersome customer support areas or fumble around forever only to be unhappy with the end result. I have been able to successfully use the product from the beginning
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Practice makes perfect. The more often any new tool is used, the more comfortable the implementer is with the tool. Also, there is a natural tendency with any new tool, to want to use it a great deal. Identifying proper uses as they relate to your overall marketing goals is key to any decision to use a tool.
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Alternatives Considered

I honestly can't compare it to other products as I have not used anything close to Storify. We use blogs like WordPress and Blogger, but that is very different from Storify.
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Return on Investment

  • I used Storify in an educational setting. I would ask students to discuss certain topics and then we could curate responses. Therefore, the positive impact is that I am able to collect and store these conversations. I can use them at later times to teach about the power of social media or the conversation topic at hand.
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