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34 Ratings
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Before using Storify, you need to ask yourself why. If you're looking for a hot new social media platform that is going to drive new audiences to your content, then Storify is not the solution. But, if you are looking for a way to organize your social media content, archive it, and present it on platforms across the Web, then Storify does that better than anyone. In the academic world, I think most of my colleagues should be on Storify; the key is that they get into it for the right reasons.
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  • Pull media from all online sources
  • Provide links for easy access to content
  • Display content in a pleasing and straightforward format
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  • There are times when the site is down and this can be problematic.
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Likelihood to Renew

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My original use of Storify was for a specific purpose, transmedia storytelling, but now that I've seen the functionality of the site and realize how easy it is to tell a story from seemingly disparate social elements, I will most likely use it for storytelling within my current job. As a person in a position of needing to create a good stream of inspiration for my team, share timely news and trends, present information in a more interesting way, and share innovative products with my agency, I can see many different uses for Storify. I'll have to get creative with those uses, though, because I don't see another strong specific need for the use of Storify. An interesting tool that I'd love to see other people using differently
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From the day I first started using it, Storify has always made total sense. It's not the kind of product that forces you grit your teeth a lot or go into cumbersome customer support areas or fumble around forever only to be unhappy with the end result. I have been able to successfully use the product from the beginning
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Practice makes perfect. The more often any new tool is used, the more comfortable the implementer is with the tool. Also, there is a natural tendency with any new tool, to want to use it a great deal. Identifying proper uses as they relate to your overall marketing goals is key to any decision to use a tool.
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Alternatives Considered

Storify is prettier and more comprehensive.
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Return on Investment

  • The use of Storify has resulted in a greater level of student engagement.
  • Storify allows student produced content to be shared with an audience beyond the classroom resulting in 100s of story views.
  • Students rave about the platform and request to use it for everything from HW assignments to research projects.
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