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ChurnZero is a Customer Success platform designed to help subscription businesses succeed through improved customer experiences. ChurnZero helps Customer Success team spot potential churn risks early and see renewal and expansion opportunities faster. Its automation and personalization,…

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ChurnZero is a Customer Success platform designed to help subscription businesses succeed through improved customer experiences. ChurnZero helps Customer Success team spot potential churn risks early and see renewal and expansion opportunities faster. Its automation and personalization,…


As per the information provided by the vendor, Rocketlane is a platform specifically designed to cater to onboarding, implementation, and professional services teams. The primary objective of this platform is to enhance collaboration with customers, optimize project delivery efficiency,…


Raven360 accelerates customer onboarding and training with a methodology and learning delivery platform that aims to create product experts at scale.


Alkami aims to enable financial institutions to outsmart, not outspend, the Megabanks by providing a successful cloud-based digital banking platform. The Alkami Platform humanizes digital banking so banks and credit unions can confidently grow, adapt quickly, and build a thriving…


UserGuiding helps companies to improve product adoption by designing interactive user onboarding flows. Non-technical people can create step by step product walkthroughs, without any coding. UserGuiding also provides analytics to track the performance of the tours, segmentation to…

Agreement Express

Agreement Express provides a solution to accelerate merchant boarding and drive scalable risk underwriting. The Merchant ScanXpress solution is designed for Wholesale ISOs, payment facilitators and ISVs to customize their scoring model based on their unique business needs across…

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Checkboard states their mission is to remove risk from transactions. They do this using tech and data to make the initial interaction between clients and professionals secure and frictionless. Checkboard supports AML Checks, Land Registry Check s, Credit History Checks, and Landlord,…

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INEO (formerly Lending Solution) offers anti-fraud and digital onboarding services built in to its financial services CRM. INEO solutions support both in presence and remote customer onboarding, with an omnichannel approach and management of customers and integrating the various…


OnlineApplication is a Mortgages as a Service platform that provides an end-to-end mortgage journey designed to help brokers and lenders serve their clients in a compliant, fast and efficient manner. They offer a self-driving 'one touch' mortgage designed to deliver even greater…

Fulcrum Upfront

Fulcrum Upfront is used to streamline and standardize manual business processes for clearing new business with a flexible workflow engine. Intelligent workflows simplify necessary compliance with AML and KYC standards. The software helps accelerate new business decisions by producing…

Tecalis Identity Verification

Tecalis Identity Verification is a digital onboarding solution created for any risk level and use case.

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Learn More About Customer Onboarding Software

What is Customer Onboarding Software?

Customer Onboarding Software also referred to as Client Onboarding Software is used by businesses to help manage and automate post-sale activities and support customer use of a product or service. The software provides visibility into the onboarding process for both businesses and their clients. It helps create a welcoming environment and enables the customer to take full advantage of a product’s capabilities, features, and benefits. This maximizes its value, elevates the customer's experience, and increases satisfaction with the purchase.

The software is designed to support a variety of industries including financial institutions, FinTech, SaaS, healthcare, and education. Customer onboarding software that focuses on financial services and FinTech (also referred to as Digital Customer Onboarding Software) streamlines and automates a complex set of tasks that need to be completed when signing up for and utilizing financial services. It includes Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence, ID verification, document collection, and making certain that these processes adhere to the relevant legal, regulatory, and credit-related practices.

Customer Onboarding Software is used by customer success managers, customer service operations, and onboarding specialists. It is related to Digital Adoption Platforms which often refer to their products as customer onboarding solutions that provide guidance to customers, employees, and users for technical products and services.

Customer Onboarding Software Features

Customer Onboarding Software includes many of the following features

  • Manage client onboarding tasks
  • Project planning and management tools
  • Onboarding templates and checklists
  • Onboarding customer journey mapping
  • Goal setting, mapping goals to features
  • Workflow automation
  • Custom onboarding flows by customer segmentation
  • Coordination and visibility for the onboarding process
  • Customer Portal
  • Business and customer collaboration, workspace, and communication tools
  • Welcoming and support emails
  • Updates, notifications, and reminders
  • Implementation support
  • White label, branding, and personalization
  • Tracking of onboarding, status monitoring, milestones, issue identification, trends, and reporting
  • Tutorials, walkthroughs, tool tips, and documentation
  • Onboarding content and document management
  • Financial services KYC and ID verification
  • Security and data protection
  • Integrations with CRM and Sales Platforms
  • Mobile support
  • Cloud-based

Customer Onboarding Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Customer Onboarding Software solutions.

Use Case: Many customer onboarding solutions will support a range of industries. There are vendor products that specialize in supporting the unique elements of financial services onboarding. Solutions that focus on SaaS onboarding or app onboarding are usually included in Digital Adoption Platforms.

Scope: Customer onboarding features can be found in customer experience, customer success, and digital adoption platforms. Standalone products usually have more robust and advanced features.

Consulting Services: Some vendors offer customer onboarding consulting services.

Pricing Information

Prices are driven by the features included and the number of users supported. Prices can range from $40 a month for basic products to $900 a month for enterprise users. Price quotes are often required. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Customer Onboarding Software do?

Customer Onboarding Software provides the tools for businesses to efficiently introduce a product or service’s features to a new customer, guide its implementation, and enable customers to maximize the value and benefits of their purchase. It is used by customer success and onboarding specialists in industries such as financial services, healthcare, and education.

What are the benefits of using Customer Onboarding Software?

Customer Onboarding Software builds customer relationships by empowering customers to reach their goals and achieve success. It helps demonstrate product value and benefits. It expedites onboarding, provides a better customer experience, increases client satisfaction, reduces churn, and improves retention. The software helps increase renewals and promotes conversions from free to paid plans, increasing revenue. It drives digital transformation, reduces fraudulent use of products and services, and contributes to more efficient and effective customer success teams.

How much does Customer Onboarding Software cost?

Prices range from $40 a month for basic solutions to over $900 a month for enterprise users. Free trials are available and obtaining a custom price quote is recommended.

What are the best Customer Onboarding Software products?

These are some of the popular Customer Onboarding Software products.