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Joshua Shaw | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 30, 2020

ChurnZero is a Hero

Score 9 out of 10
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We are using ChurnZero to help streamline the way we communicate with our customers and to help us collect and analyze our engagement data. It is used primarily by our Customer Success team but our Sales team also checks on the status of things through their account. It has helped us become much more targeted in the messaging that we send either via email or directly on our website. We are also using ChurnZero as a task management tool to help the whole team keep track of the work we are doing. It allows us to easily target specific users and see how everyone is engaged on our platform. It has also been helpful to help us implement the NPS survey.
  • The ability to target specific groups of users and to send them custom messages has greatly improved our relationships.
  • We are able to automate some of our workflows to free up time for our team to work on other projects.
  • The ability to create custom Churn Scores has helped us keep track of how likely or not our customers are to renew their contract.
  • We are able to easily pull out trends from our platform and to address our highest need customers.
  • Data Organization: Our platform allows users to have multiple enrollments and while CZ accommodates this, it is often hard to make sure you are engaging with the right person from the right group because of these multiple records for each user.
  • The data dashboard is comprehensive but it is not always intuitive to know where to go.
If you are looking for a system to help message your customers and to track their engagement on your platform, this is a perfect tool. If you are looking to get into the weeds analyzing usage data, you will find it falls a bit flat. It gives us the tools to do in-depth analysis but that analysis is not easily available on ChurnZero itself.
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Dylan Sellers | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 30, 2020

ChurnZero was a "Game Changer"

Score 10 out of 10
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ChurnZero gives our Customer Success team insights on user engagement with our product as well as organization and better transferability of information. Automated alerts help us focus on needs instead of guessing where they might be or birdwatching reports.

Product uses this data to measure customer adoption of new features. They also use it to invite users to participate in UX research while they are live, using our product.

Sales uses this to generate leads by alerting them of interest in offerings advertised in the product.
  • Communication automation.
  • In-app analytics.
  • Centralizing customer data and making it easy to take action on it.
  • The UI could use some touch up.
  • Implementation could be simplified.
  • Needs scrollability with account segments instead of tab based organization.
It's hard to imagine ever going back to not having it. If you are struggling to measure customer engagement and have high CSM turnover, this tool will help you learn very quickly how healthy an account is and respond to need efficiently across many accounts at once. You can also use it for in-app announcements, tracking customer help desk requests or outstanding bugs, etc.
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Wayne Bolen | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 04, 2020

Real world feedback from a ChurnZero user.

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Our Customer Success team uses ChurnZero on a daily basis to manage customer accounts and churn rates. This is used by all team members and integrates very nicely with our software products. This allows us to track usage, initiate e-mail campaigns, send out NPS reports, track customer tasks and activities, and manage customer communication.
  • Mass e-mail campaigns - saves an incredible amount of time when communicating with customers.
  • Monitor product usage - integrates easily with our own software.
  • Provides easy to use customer communication via in app messaging.
  • No areas of improvement have been noted yet. We are still new to the product.
I love using ChurnZero. It makes keeping track of the health of customer accounts a breeze!
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Ofir Partok | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 11, 2020

Great tool for customer health insights

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
ChurnZero helps us achieve complete visibility into the health of our accounts across a number of factors. Using its segmentation feature, we can run insightful reports on our customers and better evaluate their risk levels. It also integrates directly into our product, so we can get usage data in real-time.
  • Running plays and journeys based on the account size and package.
  • In-app tools such as ChurnScore and NPS survey that really help asses clients' health.
  • Customization of dashboards and reports could be better.
  • The account contacts view is missing some data, such as roles and status. It would be nice to have it all on one page without having to go into each contact separately.
ChurnZero gave us a 360-degree view of our clients. It allows us to manage our clients more effectively and provides us a good understanding of our clients' risk of churning. Segmenting our clients helps us create specific onboarding journeys, procedures and actionable steps that fit perfectly to our clients' different types and sizes. Overall, CZ helps us see the bigger picture.
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Ashley Sierant | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 07, 2020

Great value and lots of flexibility

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Used to manage customer data and action based of off customer events (and lack thereof).
  • Data segmentation.
  • Customer success team.
  • Product integrations.
  • Reporting.
  • Administrator tools.
Easy to set up and use. The customer success team is very knowledgeable and able to bring ideas to fruition.
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Zhan Wang | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 16, 2020

A Great Solution With Stellar Support!

Score 9 out of 10
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We use ChurnZero to track and connect with all our clients. We use the analytics to track how users are interacting with the system and also to directly communicate with individuals or groups of users at a time.
  • Integrations.
  • Connectivity.
  • Support.
  • Would like to see more options in the customization of the success panel.
ChurnZero can integrate with Salesforce as well as your user database very well. Doing so allows you to track said users and make it easier to communicate with them.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 08, 2020

Amazing help in your Customer Success efforts!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
ChurnZero has been of tremendous help to our customer success department, allowing us to increase efficiency, visibility, and productivity. Even though the software is mostly used by the CSMs, our marketing team is absolutely loving some of the features, as well as operations.
In our case, implementing ChurnZero helped us understand better our users' behavior, automatize processes, and be more efficient with our tasks. Being able to analyze usage patterns with the help of ChurnZero, we also observed an increase in upsells and cross-sells, as well as referrals.
  • User Events Tracking
  • Automation through plays
  • Customer Health Overview
  • Better Task Management
  • More possibilities for team collaboration
I believe that their product fits both companies who are just starting with their Customer Success processes, as well as those who are already mature. The product allows a lot of customization and you can tailor it based on your needs and structure. In order to use it to its full capacity, I might perhaps not recommend it for 1-2 members team, as it does require full attention and dedication from an administrator.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 02, 2020

Amazing metrics annd awesome support!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We are currently using ChurnZero in our Customer Success Department, however, the data and analytics will be extremely helpful in driving the direction of our product roadmap and inform future product decisions. ChurnZero is being utilized to help our Customer Success team increase efficiency, become more proactive, and gather helpful data and analytics.
  • Gathers useful in-app metrics.
  • Automation and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive timeline view of all tasks and messages instead of separated.
  • User ability to copy global plays.
ChurnZero is going to help bring our team to another level. The support and service from the implementation manager and our Customer Success Manager have been absolutely outstanding! They have gone above and beyond to ensure a successful implementation and have provided numerous trainings for our team to ensure a successful adoption of the program.
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Amar Sarao | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 31, 2019

Data Segmentation Made Easy

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
ChurnZero is used by our client success team within the corporate sales department. We use ChurnZero as a CRM tool and a data management tool. As client success managers, we need to be able to search through hundreds of accounts to find trends and upsell opportunities. ChurnZero makes it easy for me to comb through my accounts and has helped me gain a better understanding of my book of business. By utilizing segments and plays, I have been able to save time and be more strategic with my outreach.
  • Data Segmentation - ChurnZero lets you easily create custom reports called segments to give you a better understanding of your book of business and gain knowledge about specifics trends that may be happening. While this feature is available in Salesforce, the user interface is much cleaner and easier to use on ChurnZero. This helps you save time and be more creative with your outreach.
  • ChurnZero Plays - This feature does a great job helping you automate your outreach. A play lets you target a segment and send preplanned emails to prospects or clients, which makes life really easy if there's a broad message that needs to be sent out.
  • Flexibility - The ChurnZero platform is very flexible and was customized to fit our needs. During implementation, we were able to pull unique account attributes from Salesforce to be housed in ChurnZero and we have the option to make adjustments if our needs ever change.
  • Churn Score Feature - ChurnZero assigns a churn score to each account in your book of business to signify its risk of churn. I usually take this score with a grain of salt because it is not always 100% accurate and churn risk is usually too nuanced to be able to be described with a single number.
Research - You need to pull client data but you are targeting clients with specific attributes. The segments feature makes it very easy for you to create a custom segment to target clients with those attributes and export it into a CSV file.

Outreach - Let's say you created a custom email marketing campaign for a unique group of clients but you need a way to deliver these emails in the fastest way possible. You can create a custom segment that includes these clients and then create a "play" that targets that segment. The "play" lets you plan out when each email will be sent to your segment of clients.

Outbound Sales - ChurnZero uses existing client data to help you with your outreach so this is mainly a client success tool and will not be very helpful if you are in an outbound sales role.
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Kristin Sours | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 07, 2019

ChurnZero was everything we needed to increase retention rates and reduce churn!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Currently, Churn Zero was implemented for the client success department only. We realized we needed to strongly focus on the retention of our client base, which led to looking at customer support platforms. We felt Churn Zero was the only tool that allowed us to tailor it to our exact needs and I feel very strongly it will lead to much better retention rates. It also allows us to be proactive in a reactive job and target/segment our client base based on their unique needs/wants.
  • Via our online portal that our client base uses, we can send direct messages, pop-ups and even NPS surveys directly to their online account. This is extremely important because this is where our clients are logging in so we can tell them important things like "we have a new release, watch this video" or "do not lose access to your data, your renewal is right around the corner so email me". I feel like we're communicating with our clients in a way we could never do before.
  • It allows you to create segments. For example, I could create a segment of clients that are up for their renewal who have low usage. When a client enters that segment it can then alert me. Or even better, it can automatically send out an email and log activity to our CRM to follow up in a week. This 1 example will help us reach out to clients when they stop using the tool and/or find out why they did.
  • It integrates with all our systems: Salesforce, Zendesk, Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, webinars, etc.
  • Support is amazing!
  • It's a very advanced system so the onboarding is pretty extensive. It is not an "out of the box" tool so you need to expect that going into it. However, we are not a one size fits all company, so I like that it was tailored to us and built based on our unique tool/client base.
  • It definitely has a learning curve. Using it the tool will be the hardest part for your team so motivating them to use it is key. I recommend using their help center, it has so many awesome 'how-to' articles that are really helpful.
  • The Churn Score is tough to set up and at first, I was really overwhelmed at this point. However, our rep explained it as it takes a while to figure out what makes your client churn.
I think if you are looking for a tool that will specifically help with retention, this is the right tool for you. Also, it won't capture all your client history upfront so it will take time to get to a point where you are seeing everything, but this is really good for capturing and looking at the client's usage data. If you are looking for more onboarding tools and something that doesn't require any technical assistance or an "out of the box" set up, this might not be the best fit. I also think you need to capture usage data on clients in order for this to work; there was a time we wouldn't have been ready for this. I highly recommend you do your research and compare all avenues before starting anything but if reducing churn and increasing retention is what you are looking for, this is the tool for you!
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Dan Nicholson | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 08, 2020

Finally - A Software We Can Use to the Fullest!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ChurnZero gives us a comprehensive holistic view of our client base health with the ability to dig deeper into individual accounts. The full suite of integrations provides tremendous value for our organization and allows for streamlined communication inter-departmentally. Members of our organization can easily review the status of an account without needing a ChurnZero license by leveraging the Salesforce integration which has been very helpful for our sales team.

Our Customer Success department leverages ChurnZero the most, with other departments checking in from time to time to review status and progress updates.
  • Client Health Score
  • Churn Risk Alerts
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Workflow Management
The biggest problem we were facing was two-fold: We did not have an accurate and complete picture of our clients' health at any given time and we did not know what would impact their likelihood of renewing a contract. We are now able to track the status and health of our clients which before, was done using spreadsheets and a gut feeling. The ability to tie metrics/variables to health score using this platform has helped us identify at-risk clients faster and with more accuracy which directs our day-to-day. This alone has increased our capacity to serve as before the introduction of ChurnZero, we were spending our time frivolously.

Since the introduction of ChurnZero, we now have metrics and other various stats that we can use to communicate our departmental value to the rest of our organization.
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Jonathon Plowman-Samson | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 07, 2020

Outstanding product for an under-served industry

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We instituted ChurnZero at our company to help our Customer Success Team. We were looking for a solution that would provide additional insights by tracking customer usage, as well as automate some of the contact points and progression through our custom-built customer journey. These were the primary reasons that we started using ChurnZero, and we've already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from OUR clients, saying they love that we're tracking the new insights and sharing it with the key decision makers.
  • Task Management
  • Automation
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Improved versatility with Surveys
ChurnZero is amazing at managing tasks and keeping you and your team on track for meeting deadlines and commitments to clients. It is also able to provide a lot of insight into how clients are using our platform, letting us know how active they are being and allowing us to reach out to problem accounts before they are too far gone.
We are excited to start to leverage the automation pieces as clients progress through our custom journey, as it will take out a lot of manual components and give clients a consisten experience.
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Samuel Hewstone | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 30, 2019

ChurnZero in real-estate software development

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently at TGA, we're using ChurnZero to start giving our customers the best possible experience with our product, helping them with onboarding messages, keeping track of their use of tool and making sure they use it properly.

We're also using it to track customer satisfaction through NPS scores and identify which companies could drop, and which ones to prioritize regarding certain actions.
  • Segementing your clients and helping you get quality metrics for them
  • Automation of customer success protocols
  • Customer support is great, but it'd be better if the responses could be a bit faster
ChurnZero is best suited for companies that can track progress through the usage of a product, this way you can take advantage of segments and link ChurnZero to the buttons of your platform. Knowing which ones get used the most, and situations where some don't get used at all. This way you can iterate and prioritize what the client needs or lacks.
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Jenni Byers | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 13, 2019

CSMs - This will rock your world

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ChurnZero (CZ) in our customer success team to help us monitor and manage our customer's health. The data and reporting it provides is used at board level to help us understand that health, growth and churn trends and hone ideal customer profiles, among other things. It means churn never comes as a surprise and we can be proactive as a team to spot and combat signs early.
  • Plays and journeys maximize the time of the CSM team and ensure consistency for clients.
  • Ability to tie in proprietary software, ticketing, accounting and CRM systems means a single info point for all accounts.
  • In-app announcements and templated messaging functions enable smart one-to-many communication.
  • Alerts ensure that any problems are brought to CSM's attention for swift action.
  • Their Customer Success Managers and processes are superb.
  • It does take time to implement properly.
Implementing CZ helped us to fully map out and understand our customer journey, for all ICPs, from on-boarding through to renewal and beyond. We can now see that journey at every stage for every customer and ensure no-one falls behind or through. Our CSMs can handle a larger book of business as a result, safe in the knowledge that they have full visibility of every client, any potential churn risks and growth opportunities.
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Mae Ports | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 20, 2019

Highly recommend for any CS Team out there

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our Customer Success team is utilizing ChurnZero to gain insight into our customer's activities and needs.
  • The team at ChurnZero has been super helpful and takes the time to understand our organization's needs to get the most out of the software.
  • They offer a large number of direct integrations to choose from which makes it easy to integrate into current operations.
  • Their interface is user-friendly.
  • There is an extensive amount of training necessary to fully utilize the platform.
I would recommend it to anyone looking for an all-encompassing solution to learn about their customers, analyze trends, and outreach.
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Catherine Zauner | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 16, 2019

Great tool for optimizing client success teams

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This is being used by our client success department. The in-app messaging and ability to set up actions for certain events in the customer life cycle are game-changers for our productivity. These 2 features alone have made such a big difference in our operations and we've gotten great feedback from our clients about the in-app communication.
  • In-app messaging. We have never had a tool for this and it makes a huge difference in how quickly and efficiently we can communicate new features to our client base.
  • Triggered actions. Set up if/then statements to automate communication to groups of clients who meet certain criteria. Helps us not have to segment manually and hope we get it right.
  • Churn Score. Helps us identify at-risk clients and spend our time efficiently to keep them happy.
  • Some of the permissions are admin only, so it takes time to get things set up properly. We understand the reasoning for this but sometimes it slows us down.
  • Calendars only sync if clients are involved with the meeting. It is not very helpful to have to use a different calendar system for internal meetings and it means that we don't have accurate availability showing on the churn calendars. This feedback has already been shared with the team so hopefully, this will be resolved in the future.
Very well suited for large teams with a lot of different responsibilities where some groups may need one feature and others may need something different. This allows our team the flexibility to beta test and learn how our clients respond best. This platform may not be well suited to small teams who may not have the bandwidth to get full use out of the tool.
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Victor Oliboni | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 18, 2019

ChurnZero is the best, I guarantee!!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
No doubt ChurnZero made our job a lot smoother and faster. Since we added it to our Customer Success Team, we came closer to our customers and got a better understanding of what each one of them needs from our product. Before ChurnZero, we weren't able to fully engage with our customers, but that completely changed after the first few weeks using their software. From more engagement with our customers to personal reach-outs, I can say that we are a lot better at what we do because of ChurnZero.
  • Engage with customers
  • Personalized communication
  • Faster engagement process
  • Business/Customer management
  • Personalization of the page
ChurnZero is well suited to help your company to minimize churn. The fast and personalized options to engage with your customers will make the Customer Success job a lot easier.
I don't believe there are areas where ChurnZero is less appropriate. Their support team is extremely fast and well prepared to help us with our questions.
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Alex Henke | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 13, 2019

Useful Tool For Automation

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The customer success team is using ChurnZero in order to execute our NPS surveys and deliver a consistent customer onboarding experience.
  • Customization - CZ can be adapted to your success approach, not the other way around.
  • Reporting - The LiveExport feature, in particular, helps create cross-functional visibility.
  • Customer Success - Our CZ CSM provides an outstanding level of support.
  • Guidance on set-up - The customizability of ChurnZero is a double-edged sword and can slow the implementation process.
  • Knowledgebase - Could use some more detail.
ChurnZero is great for teams that want to scale and automate, especially teams with experienced CSM who will have enough experience to start building customized journeys and plays. For less-experienced teams or teams without the bandwidth to dedicate some significant effort to customization, ChurnZero may not be as good a fit.
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Morgan Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 10, 2019

ChurnZero makes CSM life easier!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ChurnZero is being primarily by the customer experience (CX) department to have a standard metric for account health, enable proactive outreach to clients to fight churn and create a pleasant experience for our customers, and is also automating processes so that account management is not overwhelming when the number of accounts is quite large and continues to scale.
  • Playbooks - Automatically creates strategies for client outreach and account management based on various factors such as account health, renewal dates, etc. Very helpful when one person is managing hundreds of accounts!
  • Customization of metrics - allows companies to define the metrics by which they consider accounts to be healthy and can update these very easily
  • Integration with Salesforce is a huge plus! no more toggling back and forth between platforms
  • Detailed and easy to find support articles or training videos would be nice for newbies who are left to learn how to use the system on their own
  • Metrics can be hit or miss depending on how well ChurnZero is set up. This is more of a user error though.
  • Would like the option to CC people in emails
Perfect for startups, SaaS companies, and subscription services.
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Megan Grosskopf | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 07, 2019

First Year with ChurnZero

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ChurnZero is used in our Client Success department to monitor and maintain retention rates. This platform provides additional insights as to what our clients are doing, what accounts are at risk of churning, training opportunities, and allows us to engage with our clients in multiple ways. Through ChurnZero we are able to host in-app announcements to engage our clients, including video walkthrough tutorials, and can even send and log emails through ChurnZero. This has also been key in identifying those customers who may be likely to churn so we can be sure we are working with them to ensure they have all they need. Internally, the retention rate is something we pay very close attention to, so it has been extremely helpful being able to see those rates and data points. ChurnZero has also been helpful in automating certain processes to free up account managers' time so they are able to focus on working directly with their customers instead of having to focus on admin work.
  • Being able to automate certain processes to free up Account Managers' time.
  • Being able to quickly identify clients that are at risk and be proactive in engaging/re-engaging them.
  • Allowing multiple ways to engage with customers aside from email, including in-app announcements.
  • The set up can be extremely time consuming, but they offer great training and support at all stages.
ChurnZero is a great platform for Account Managers, especially in the tech industry. We utilize many features to track and engage our clients, including sending in-app announcements or tutorial pop-ups when our clients log into the system. We are also able to ensure we are engaging our clients appropriately based on their Churn Score which alerts us which clients are becoming more likely to Churn.
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Rhiannon Thompson | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 30, 2019

Thankful to have this tool in my arsenal. Game changer.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ChurnZero is being used by our Customer Success team. It primarily helps us develop stronger relationships with our customers and much stronger retention. It helps identify challenges in the customer lifecycle, level of engagement, opportunities for up-sell, and risk factors for churn.
  • The interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Everything is exactly where you'd expect it to be and readily accessible. Great for high volume account management.
  • Support has been amazing. When we have a question, it's answered right away. When we have a request, their team works with us to make it happen or find an alternative. Super impressed here.
  • Integration with other software such as Salesforce has been smooth and comprehensive. It seems to be highly customizable as well.
  • This is a powerful tool. You can glean a lot of data and track just about everything with ChurnZero.
  • Automation works well and saves so much time. Great balance between a tailored approach for customers and efficiency for employees.
  • Functionality of contacts could be improved. It would be nice to see contact roles, status, and info (email, phone, etc.) all on one page without having to click into each contact separately.
  • I would like to be able to customize the dashboard and command center on an individual level but that's pretty trivial. I might want to see different or more/less detailed information that my coworkers. This also may already be a feature that my company has not deployed.
  • Bulk editing would be helpful in Messages for Review. Sometimes an email to several contacts on an account needs a minor adjustment, without affecting merge fields, and being able to bulk edit, approve, and send would greatly improve efficiency.
This is difficult to answer because I'm fairly new to ChurnZero but it seems very well suited if your product and customer relationships are multifaceted. There is so much flexibility and so many powerful tools and analytics that it may not be suited to simple products and customer relationships.
Read Rhiannon Thompson's full review
Tahima Begum | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 30, 2019

ChurnZero Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ChurnZero is going to be primarily used by the customer success team to measure customer performance, track health scores, identify areas of upselling. As the head of the department, ChurnZero will allow me to keep track of my team and overall churn analysis. My product and marketing team might use it as well to identify where there is potential growth or areas of improvement.
  • Custom integration with our product information.
  • Reporting is easy to set up at the individual CSM level.
  • Integration with Salesforce is great.
  • I wish ChurnZero would rebrand the churn-score to health score. It's intimidating to present "churn-scores" since it's negative.
  • Manager level reporting needs to be done through reports.
It's great for where we are in terms of company size. The integration went smoothly, and for areas when we were stuck, the ChurnZero CSM and implementation manager were on top of it. It's great to manage customer usage, add notes, and connect with Salesforce. This is a great tool for companies that have a CS team of 3+ - 40. I am looking forward to diving into learning how other managers use the tool for reporting purposes.
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Maura Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 13, 2019

ChurnZero is Awesome!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ChurnZero is being used within Pathmatics to assess customer health, customize alerts across customers, assess platform usage and be able to run plays across various segments of our business. Currently, I find that the data is hugely helpful in working across my entire book of business, as opposed to looking account by account (which is also possible, in great detail). I especially like the Dashboard view, which gives me a very quick and succinct way to see the overall client book, distribution of dollars across 'risk levels' as well as accounts coming up for renewal.
  • Pull in data for all accounts and quickly assess the health of my client accounts.
  • See dollar distribution and health - especially for higher contract value clients.
  • Receive alerts for accounts where usage has increased or decreased recently (for example).
  • Retrieve information on an account-by-account basis and review which pages in my platform are being used most often (and trended over time).
  • I would love for the search bar at the top of the screen to be a different color to be more identifiable.
  • I would like for the area on my dashboard called "Total Contract Amount by Churn Risk for All Accounts" to be clickable / hyperlinked.
  • No other complaints.
Areas, where ChurnZero is very well suited, would be:
  • Quickly finding accounts that may be at high risk of churning.
  • Identifying, at a glance, which accounts may have dropped in usage (and if this is out of the ordinary for that specific account).
  • Identifying when usage has increased on an account - this may lead to more conversations, upsell opportunities or new executive contacts.
  • Being able to run email campaigns through the system targeted at specific people or accounts.
At this time I don't really have any scenarios I've felt that ChurnZero is not well suited.
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Jordan Chen | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 10, 2019

ChurnZero is a One-Stop-Shop

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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ChurnZero is being used by my team, the client services team and only our team. The main reasons for us to sign up for CZ was that we had several different software and areas that we had data in that were pertinent for us to have in making sure our clients renew with us. It was difficult for us to truly get a grasp of if a client has truly adopted our software and who were the users and are there infographics and exports, etc... so it's great to have a consolidated solution. We are able to create more compelling stories and get a better grasp of a client's health.
  • I like that there are easy data exports. Often times I'm tasked with pulling usage reports, but more importantly, what are they looking at when they log in.
  • I like the alert system. My mind is often in several places so it's good to be reminded of a client that I may not have thought of in a while.
  • The segments are also great because not only am I able to create my own segments, but I'm able to be easily assigned things which helps with my organization.
  • It would be helpful to be able to customize a specific time frame that we'd like to look at. Right now it's only specific segments, last month, this month, etc...
It is well suited for teams in client services/customer success who have multiple data sources and would like one tool that tracks everything you need. I would say it's less appropriate for a company who needs more of a traditional CRM just because there are so many things that CZ can do so it might not be utilized as much as it could be.
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Elsie Coffey | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 09, 2019

You'll never look back :)

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ChurnZero is used by all different areas of our business but it's strongest impact is in the Customer Success Team. It allows us to track and measure our customer's onboarding journey so that we can reach out and provide personalized and strategic support whenever we notice that someone's stuck. It allows our marketing team to create extremely specific mailing lists based on our customer's usage—we can see what will be helpful and share it with them immediately. The best part of all is how empowered ChurnZero has made us when it comes to helping our customers.
  • Allows you to sort your customers/accounts with incredibly detailed and versatile filters.
  • Allows you to run NPS campaigns and track and report on this information.
  • Can measure the overall usage of your customers so that you can make informed decisions of what your team needs to work on next.
  • The setup process of ChurnZero is quite intense and does require a lot of love and time, but it's worth it!
  • If you find yourself unable to automatically track your customer's progress onboarding with your system
  • If you need to be able to create mailing lists out of strong reporting tools
  • If you are wanting to streamline a lot of different CRMs that you have into a one-stop tool
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NPS surveys (66)
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Customer profiles (74)
Automated workflow (79)
Internal collaboration (62)
Customer health scoring (79)
Customer segmentation (77)
Customer health trends (74)
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ChurnZero's real-time SaaS platform aims to help subscription businesses prevent customer churn. The platform integrates tightly with an organization's CRM system and their application or service. In doing so, ChurnZero (1) allows the business to understand how their customers use their product, (2) assesses customer health and likelihood to renew, and (3) gives the business the means to automate and personalize the customer experience through timely and relevant touchpoints, including in-app content. The vendor says ChurnZero customers see ROI in terms of more productive and better informed customer success managers who can provide their customers with better just-in-time service from the automated playbooks.
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Has featureHelp desk / support tickets
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Has featureNPS surveys
Has featureSponsor tracking
Has featureCustomer profiles
Has featureAutomated workflow
Has featureInternal collaboration
Has featureCustomer health scoring
Has featureCustomer segmentation
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Has featureCustomer health trends
Has featureEngagement analytics
Does not have featureRevenue forecasting
Has featureDashboards
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Does not have featureChurn rate
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Has featureRole-based user permissions
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