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ChurnZero is a Customer Success platform designed to help subscription businesses succeed through improved customer experiences. ChurnZero helps Customer Success team spot potential churn risks early and see renewal and expansion opportunities faster. Its automation and personalization,…

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ChurnZero is a Customer Success platform designed to help subscription businesses succeed through improved customer experiences. ChurnZero helps Customer Success team spot potential churn risks early and see renewal and expansion opportunities faster. Its automation and personalization,…

2 is a product engagement platform with features for in-app analytics, surveys and feedback, and guidance.


WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that promises to transform the user experience in "today’s overwhelming digital world." Using artificial intelligence, analytics, engagement, guidance and automation, WalkMe offers a transparent overlay that assists users to complete tasks…

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Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that enables businesses to create real-time interactive guides on their application. Whatfix can be integrated with ease across all user touch-points inside any platform across the web and desktop. Whatfix helps businesses with:Simplifying User…

Gainsight PX

For SaaS products, Gainsight's product experience software enables companies to track every step of their user's journey and fully understand how they're interacting with a product over time.


Spekit is an in-app digital enablement and learning platform designed to help employees learn their tools and navigate process changes by accessing answers and enablement resources in real-time, everywhere they work. Built by sales ops professionals for growing & remote teams,…


Appcues is online software for creating in-product experiences such as user onboarding, feature announcements, etc. without writing any code. (The vendor believes it's the non-technical people who oftentimes have the best information about a software user's needs and desires.) The…


UserIQ is a walkthrough tool that aims to empower SaaS companies to deliver what each user needs to be successful in every moment, starting with adoption. According to the vendor, key benefits include: effectively scale onboardingincrease feature usageaccelerate time-to-valueultimately…


ClickLearn automates the process of creating training material and documentation of popular business systems such as Microsoft D365, SAP, and Oracle. With ClickLearn, users click through processes and ClickLearn records actions. When these are recorded, ClickLearn automatically delivers…


The technology developed by Userlane is designed to guide users through software like a GPS turn-by-turn navigation system. The vendor says this allows every user to operate even complex software on a professional level without any learning curve.Userlane includes interactive step-…

Lemon Learning

Lemon Learning is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) designed to enable users worldwide master their everyday tools. Digital tools are made simpler and more streamlined through its interactive in-app walkthroughs available at the time of need. Lemon Learning is presented as like GPS…


When users need to explain how a product works to customers, share knowledge with a team, describe workflows for projects, or onboard new employees, Stonly, headquartered in Paris, offers interactive guides.

13 Guided Path headquartered in Sunnyvale offers Guided Path, the company's customer self-help and guided assistance platform for mobile and desktop apps.

PwC Adoption Central

Adoption Central, from PwC, is a continuous adoption suite that gives users one consistent, engaging way to learn across all of the enterprise systems in an organization, so users don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time something new is introduced into an ecosystem.


The Horizn platform helps financial institutions equip employees and customers directly with the knowledge needed to increase digital confidence and dramatically increase digital adoption across bank channels.The vendor states that while using Horizn, banks increase mobile adoption…

Bytes Route

Bytes Route is a codeless tool that enables non-tech people to provide in-app guides and tooltips for a smooth onboarding experience.It is designed to be straightforward so that it doesn’t require a developer or a consultant to use. It aims to enable the user to publish a first product…


TourMyApp allows users to create in-application tutorials to guide the users of their web application. It includes guided tours for onboarding new users, the ability to highlight certain features in the app, show a demo, or substitute for documentation. It also provides usage metrics…


Userpilot helps product teams deliver personalized in-app experiences to increase growth metrics at every stage of the user journey. Users can track product growth goals, nudge users to increase engagement, and analyze feedback at scale.


UserGuiding helps companies to improve product adoption by designing interactive user onboarding flows. Non-technical people can create step by step product walkthroughs, without any coding. UserGuiding also provides analytics to track the performance of the tours, segmentation to…


BrainStorm's on-demand platform QuickHelp is adapted to each company and individual user and is engineered to turn education into learning experiences.

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As a digital adoption platform, HintEd offers a training and support layer that sits above web or Windows applications, allowing businesses to engage their employees by providing real-time, on-screen guidance on how to use enterprise software. HintEd's platform is used by companies…

Zeal Digital Adoption Platform

Zeal delivers real-time, tailored content that automatically changes as users move through software or business processes. Zeal’s digital adoption platform supports any enterprise, custom, desktop or web application. For example, for an application such as Salesforce, Zeal delivers…

Knowmore K-Now
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Knowmore is a creator of software to take ownership of digital transformation in business. Knowmore products facilitate and accelerate user adoption and add context-sensitive user guidance to business applications. K-Now provides users with concise, relevant information, at exactly…

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MedPower is a provider of cloud-hosted eLearning solutions for the healthcare industry. The company helps hospitals and healthcare companies by providing comprehensive, role-based training to physicians, nurses and staff. From onboarding to post go-live support, MedPower delivers…

25 CBAM CBAM is a high-resolution weather forecasting model that can be customized in any region globally to desired resolution, coverage, and parameters. By fusing millions of virtual sensor observations, CBAM can finely tuned to the nuanced climates of specific…

Learn More About Digital Adoption Platforms

What are Digital Adoption Platforms?

Digital adoption platforms are software or applications that provide guidance tools and provide contextual information about software, websites, applications, or other products to users. These products can provide many options to help facilitate familiarity with applications, including step-by-step navigation overlays, in-app messaging, and on-demand guidance. Digital adoption platforms can also collect, sort, and share user behavior data, learning materials, sales figures, and other resources among users.

Digital adoption platforms are useful tools in digital transformation efforts because they make it easy for users of all technical skill levels to learn the basics of using new products. Technology can be complex and intimidating, especially for inexperienced users or to employees who are adjusting to remote work. Digital adoption platforms streamline the training process by providing instructions or guidance directly over the product being used.

These platforms are especially helpful for companies with customer-facing products, as they make software and websites easy to use and thus increase retention. Digital adoption platforms also automate onboarding, training, and metric tracking, increasing user productivity by allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Digital adoption platforms can be helpful alongside Product Intelligence Software. Because of their more robust end-user analysis tools, Product Intelligence Software can provide greater insight on customer or employee behavior. This can be used to inform stronger use of digital adoption platforms to improve user experience with more personalized content.

Digital Adoption Platforms Features

The most common digital adoption platform features are:

  • In-app content creation
  • In-app training and continuous development support
  • Automated messaging and alert features
  • Customizable in-app tooltips and walkthroughs
  • Customizable user UI
  • Customizable context programming
  • Automated and self-service support
  • Customizable knowledge centers
  • User segmentation
  • User training analytics and progress metrics
  • User behavior analytics
  • User feedback tools
  • Third party integrations
  • Adoption support team
  • On-premise, cloud, and web-based deployment

Digital Adoption Platforms Comparison

When choosing the right digital adoption platforms, consider the following:

User skill level. While the main purpose of digital Adoption Platforms is to simplify the use of various software or apps for any user, it is still important to consider how much you need to tailor your digital adoption process to the needs of your end-users. Digital adoption platforms offer segmentation tools to allow you to create personalized content packages for specific classes of users. is geared toward enterprise-level users with complex systems, so it will facilitate guidance content for multiple skill levels. On the other hand, is designed to assist customers with their website or app navigation experience.

Third-party support. While digital adoption platforms offer their own overlay to function independently of other digital assets, their third-party support can help you determine which product would be best for you. Businesses who incorporate Salesforce into their workflow will find native integration with WalkMe. On the other hand, Appcues has no support for mobile apps and devices, so its use might be limited for some businesses.

Analytic tools. The kind of data you want to collect from your Digital Adoption Platform will most certainly play a role in which platform you choose. For example, some vendors allow extensive user feedback options, including tools to capture qualitative data. On the other hand, WalkMe does not offer employee analytics, and as such may not be useful for businesses who intend to use digital adoption platforms as a data gathering tool.

Localization support. Depending on the needs of your employees, you’ll want to ensure that your platform can support multiple languages. This will ease onboarding processes and enhance user experience. Some vendors offer localization features for their tools, making them a versatile option for globalized end-user bases.

Pricing Information

Digital Adoption Platforms can range between $82 and $300 per month at the lowest subscription tier. Pricing can vary according to number of users or overlays. Most vendors offer a free trial or demo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between digital adoption platforms and employee onboarding software?

Employee onboarding software is primarily used by HR managers to train new employees. Digital adoption platforms allow users to create walkthroughs and interactive guides for software products.

What are the benefits of using a digital adoption platform?

Digital adoption platforms help improve product engagement. They also personalize the onboarding process for new users.

How much does a digital adoption platform cost?

The cost of a digital adoption platform largely depends on the number of application users. Vendors typically charge a monthly or annual subscription fee.

What is the best digital adoption platform?

The digital adoption platform with the most reviews on Trustradius is WalkMe. Whatfix is another digital adoption platform with positive reviews from mid-size companies and Enterprises.