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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeLooker is a modern, agile BI platform founded in 2012, offering strong self-service capabilities to business users. It is designed to run against scalable SQL-based databases like Amazon Redshift with little help required from IT, and the LookML modeling language allows the data team to define data relationships so that business users can explore the data without needing to understand SQL.

Looker is a Top Rated product in the small business and mid-sized company segments.

Company Status: Private
Customers: 450+
Employees: ~200
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Founded: 2012
Most compared to: Domo; Chartio; Power BI for Office 365
Best fit for: Looker is a fast-growing new entrant and is a good choice for companies looking for a data exploration tool capable of ad-hoc data exploration of SQL-readable data storage systems. Originally more focused on tabular data, the company is rapidly developing front-end visualization features designed for business users. Looker is also frequently sold for its API, embedding, and OEM functionality.

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Direct querying of database
  • Ability to query database directly obviates the need for IT to model and prepare the data through complex ETL processes. No knowledge of the underlying data structure is required to explore the data.
  • Although visualizations are adequate, they lack the sophistication of more visualization-oriented products both from the perspective of visualization types and ability to customize colors, etc.
Data modeling
  • Look LM is an interesting and flexible approach to data modeling. It is very intuitive and easy to use, even for those with limited SQL knowledge.
Dashboard customization
  • The ability to create dashboards is strong, but customizing dashboard layouts with the drag-and-drop tool is difficult, especially if the dashboards are large.
  • Analytics team can build reporting views for different business groups, so that each team can be self-sufficient and analyze data without assistance from the IT team.
  • Some reviewers point out that the product is really a “power-user” tool and that it can be difficult to use for those with limited technical proficiency, particularly if the data is very complex.
  • Extremely responsive and knowledgeable support team. Live chat is a practical and highly effective way to reach the team.
  • It is very easy to share information across the team with the short URL share feature.

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Looker Response to Reviewer Feedback

The feedback cited by reviewers (which is very helpful, so thank you!) is happily in-line with what we'd expect: it consists of front-end problems with aesthetics and ease-of-use for business users.

When Looker was built, we focused on constructing the perfect architecture for repeatable and consistent data extraction. It began as a developer tool, designed to help analysts improve their ability to service the data needs of an entire organization by leveraging recent advances in database technology.

After working with our first customers, understanding their use-cases and the value they derived from Looker, we started to recognize several other fundamental data analytics issues Looker solved, most notably the ability for any business user to conduct their own analysis to inform real-time, day-to-day decision making. Since then, we've expanded our vision and become dedicated to also servicing the needs of the business user. In our last several product releases, which we issues monthly, you'll notice an abundance of features introduced to make the product more attractive for business users, including a number of new and aesthetically improved visualizations, the ability to create custom visualization, a snappy dashboard UI for quick assembly and modification, and a much cleaner interface with more descriptive and intuitive fields to help business users pick-up and understand the tool within minutes.

In summary, we're wrapping up the addition of front-end functionality that make visualizations and usability much simpler for any first-time user, on top of a unique architecture that perfectly leverages all the recent innovations in database technologies, in a way that no other BI platform tool can. If you're curious, please check out www.looker.com to learn more!