Adobe Neolane Ratings & User Feedback

The Neolane platform comprises not just lead management and campaign management, but also social marketing and marketing resource management (MRM) capabilities. These MRM features, designed to manage resource allocation and budgets, are important for enterprise customers. Neolane was founded in France in 2001 and raised over $35m before being acquired by Adobe for $600m in June 2013. They have a large presence in Europe and over 400 clients worldwide. Although they have some marquee clients in the US, their presence is still limited.

* Estimate based upon 2012 revenue and assumption of 30% growth. Generated $58m in 2012 and grew 40% per
Company status Owned by Adobe (Public)
2013 revenue estimate $75m*
Growth 2011-2012 40%*
Customers 400**
Employees 300**

Aggregate User Ratings on TrustRadius

A small number of reviews does not allow for meaningful analysis of overall scores compared to the average, but usability is an issue, while support appears to be a strength.

Source: (5) In-depth end-user reviews of Adobe Neolane on TrustRadius
Adobe Neolane Marketing Automation Average
Likelihood to recommend 7.2 8.4
Likelihood to renew 8.6 8.3
Product usability 6.0 8.3
Performance and reliability 7.0 8.8
Support rating 8.5 8.3
Training satisfaction 8.0 8.6
Implementation satisfaction 8.0 8.5

Summary of Review Feedback

Source: (5) In-depth end-user reviews of Adobe Neolane on TrustRadius
Strengths Areas for Improvement
Campaign Automation — Campaign automation and segmentation are very strong. UI Design — The user interface is not intuitive and there is a steep learning curve.
Integration — Integration with Adobe's SiteCatalyst is important. Also integrates with CRMs. Error Message Handling — Error messages are very vague and difficult to interpret.