CallidusCloud Marketing Automation (formerly LeadFormix) Ratings & User Feedback

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation markets itself as Marketing Automation 2.0, by which they mean that in addition to the standard marketing automation toolbox, they also provide tools to help salespeople close leads. The platform can analyze the web content that site visitors consume, and can identify the company that web visitors are from based on IP address. Leadformix was acquired by CallidusCloud in 2012 for $9m in cash.

*CallidusCloud has over 600 employees including all product lines. LinkedIn lists 63 for Leadformix
*** CallidusCloud relayed to us that 40% of their customer base of 1,700 customers uses marketing automation
Company status Part of CallidusCloud (Public)
2012 revenue estimate $7 million**
Growth 2011-2012 N/A
Customers 2011 680***
Employees 600*

Aggregate User Ratings on TrustRadius

CallidusCloud scores below the category average with a particularly low “Likelihood to Recommend” score. It should be pointed out that most reviewers are primarily reviewing the email capabilities, and there is some dissatisfaction due to scheduling limitations which pushes scores down.

Source: (8) In-depth end-user reviews of CallidusCloud on TrustRadius
CallidusCloud Marketing Automation Average
Likelihood to recommend 6.5 8.4
Likelihood to renew 6.9 8.3
Product usability N/A 8.3
Performance and reliability N/A 8.8
Support rating N/A 8.3
Training satisfaction N/A 8.6
Implementation satisfaction N/A 8.5

Summary of Review Feedback

Source: (8) In-depth end-user reviews of CallidusCloud on TrustRadius
Strengths Areas for Improvement
Email Marketing — Straightforward email marketing platform that allows campaigns to be stored and shared. Scheduling — The system will only send to one list per hour which is not efficient (vendor disputes this).
Reporting — Reports are easy to understand, especially the Daily Visitor report. Templates — Email design WYSIWYG editor needs additional work.

Excerpts from Interview with Giles House, CMO at CallidusCloud

Photo of Giles House, CMO at CallidusCloudOn market focus: “Many marketing automation products are used primarily by the marketing team, and the sales team never gets to see them at all. Marketing automation is traditionally anti-Sales. But Sales needs marketing tools to do their job — it's not just a matter of following up on leads thrown over the fence by marketing…This is our fundamental premise. The product must be easy enough to use for a sales team to be able to use it independently.”

On differentiation: “The core functionality of the product is exposed via the API so that agencies and partners can have access to the platform and build out custom applications on the platform as they see fit. This is a good opportunity for agencies, and we are growing fast through this channel.”