Act-On Ratings & User Feedback

Act-On provides a cloud-based, integrated Marketing Automation platform that enables small to medium sized businesses and departments of large enterprises to effectively acquire customers, build loyalty and expand their relationships with these customers. Act-On's technology features an intuitive user interface and includes an email engine with integration to leading web conferencing and CRM solutions; tools for website visitor tracking, lead scoring, lead nurturing and social media prospecting; design tools for web forms, landing pages and emails; inbound tools for SEO; Google AdWords tracking; and blog integration. Act-On is a privately held company and has raised $74 million in venture capital to date including $42 million announced on April 15th, 2014. Act-Ons Founder/ CEO was the co-founder and CTO of the marketing solutions provider Responsys.

* 2012 revenue $10m (; interview with TrustRadius indicated growth of 215%.
** Interview with TrustRadius
*** LinkedIn employees listed
Company status Private
2013 revenue estimate $31 million*
Growth 2012-13 215%**
Customers 2,200**
Employees 261***

Aggregate User Ratings on TrustRadius

Act-On scores well above the Marketing Automation average. Its scores are strong across the board and indicate generally high product and vendor satisfaction.

Source: (40) in-depth end-user reviews of Act-On on TrustRadius
Act-On Marketing Automation Average
Likelihood to recommend 9.1 8.4
Likelihood to renew 9.0 8.3
Product usability 8.8 8.3
Performance and reliability 9.1 8.8
Support rating 9.2 8.3
Training satisfaction 9.0 8.6
Implementation satisfaction 9.2 8.5

Summary of Review Feedback

Source: (40) in-depth end-user reviews of Act-On on TrustRadius
Strengths Areas for Improvement
Customer Support — Support team is considered highly responsive and very effective at troubleshooting problems. Template/ Form Customization — Difficult to make comprehensive changes to templates using the HTML editor.
Salesforce Integration — Integration is generally considered to be seamless and allows sales teams to prioritize based on lead scores. Reporting — Could be stronger – in particular, no way to share reports with others
Usability — Product is intuitive, particularly for email automation and landing page templates. Lead scoring — Easy to use, but not very sophisticated.

Excerpts from Interview with Atri Chatterjee, CMO

Photo of Atri Chatterjee, CMOOn market focus: “In product and business terms, we are firmly focused on mid-market firms or departments of larger enterprises. These can range from $10 to $500 million in revenue. If you want a company focused on the mid-market and enterprise departmental solutions, that's us.”

On industry trends: “We are seeing more emphasis on mobile and social. The issue is becoming how can I organize, track and use these different channels in a cohesive way. We are building out our social capabilities further as we see this as a key component of digital marketing. We already support mobile by focusing on allowing marketers to build campaigns, landing pages and email templates that work best on mobile devices.”

On Marketing Automation beyond lead management: “We are seeing that marketing automation can be used beyond the lead to revenue optimization path, but can also be used for retention and expansion. This is an area that most marketers have not done much thinking about, but it is important to do a better job, for example, of profiling the customer base.”