Pardot Ratings & User Feedback

Pardot's Marketing Automation system offers marketing campaign management tools designed for small and medium size businesses. The company was acquired by ExactTarget in October, 2012 for $95.5m after which it continued to operate as a separate business unit/product line. ExactTarget was subsequently acquired by in July, 2013. ExactTarget is being integrated as part of the Marketing Cloud. Pardot is being incorporated into the Sales Cloud.

** Pardot indicates that this is the last publically available number. As part of a public company they no longer break out numbers separately, but the current employee number is somewhat higher.
*** LinkedIn employees listed
Company status Entity within public company
2012 revenue estimate $11m*
Growth 2011-2012 44%
Customers 1,500**
Employees 191***

Aggregate User Ratings on TrustRadius

Pardot scores close to the category average in most areas, with the exception of performance/reliability and implementation satisfaction where they don't score as well. They beat the average slightly in two categories - usability and support, but lag slightly below the average for “likelihood to recommend” and “likelihood to renew”.

Source: (33) In-depth end-user reviews of Pardot on TrustRadius
Pardot Marketing Automation Average
Likelihood to recommend 8.2 8.4
Likelihood to renew 8.2 8.3
Product usability 8.4 8.3
Performance and reliability 8.2 8.8
Support rating 8.6 8.3
Training satisfaction 8.4 8.6
Implementation satisfaction 7.8 8.5

Summary of Review Feedback

Source: (33) in-depth end-user reviews of Pardot on TrustRadius
Strengths Areas for Improvement
Ease of Use — Pardot is frequently praised for usability. The product is easier to use than both Eloqua and Marketo. Email / Landing Page Editor — Editor is buggy and hard to use. However, Pardot has recently made significant improvements in this area.
Customer Support — Very strong endorsements of the quality of customer support. Reporting — GoodData OEM is valuable only to highly technical users.
Strong integrations with 3rd party products — In addition to CRMs, integrates with many other tools including social networks. Needs folder organizational structure — Lack of folders to store marketing assets has been an issue for some but is currently being addressed (we've heard that functionality has just been released to address this issue).
Salesforce integration has both plusses and minuses — Integration is obviously expected to improve now that Pardot is part of the Salesforce family, but it gets mixed reviews today.

Excerpts from Interview with Adam Blitzer, Co-founder, VP & GM Pardot

Photo of Adam Blitzer, Co-founder, VP and GM PardotOn market focus: “We were doing well in the SMB space and wanted to enter the enterprise market. Acquisition by ExactTarget in 2012 gave us a large company infrastructure with sales engineers, and a large geographic footprint that could help us sell into large accounts.”

On acquisition by Salesforce: “The acquisition of ExactTarget by Salesforce in 2013 is a fantastic opportunity for Pardot. For B2B marketing automation vendors, the prospect and client base is primarily Salesforce customers. We estimate that the market is currently only 5% penetrated with marketing automation solutions and we are ideally placed to capture those prospects. It is entirely logical for Pardot to be a part of the Sales Cloud and that lead scoring/lead nurturing capabilities will reside on that platform with no back and forth syncing required.”

On integration: “Salesforce integration issues will obviously go away completely as we port the product to the Salesforce platform.”