Business-to-Business Middleware23Middleware is software that serves to mediate between two separate and often already existing programs. Typically, middleware programs provide messaging services so that different applications can communicate.Anypoint Platform1 Camel2 ESB3 BizTalk Server4 BusinessConnect5 Ensemble6 Integration Platform7 Application ILM8 Master Data Management9 xpi Integration Platform10 Trading Network11 Pervasive Data Integrator12 Clarify14 Messaging15 Synchrony16 B2B Data Exchange17 Middleware Management19 Foresight20 Business Operations Platform21 Synchrony Composer22 Data Messaging23 Bridge24 ProcessManager25

Business-to-Business Middleware

Business to Business Middleware Overview

What is Business to Business Middleware Software?

Middleware is a very broad term that can be defined as a translation layer between different applications and encompasses a number of different technologies, such as message-oriented middleware and database middleware. B2B middleware though, has a narrower definition, and is concerned first and foremost with routing data from a firm’s business applications to the applications of business partners such as customer, suppliers or banks.

Data must be extracted from the source system, which might be an ERP system or securities trading platform or an HR system whether it is an installed system or, as is increasingly the case, a cloud-based system. Data can be extracted using an API or specialized middleware supplied by the enterprise application.

Once the data has been extracted, it must be correctly formatted so that it can be shared by a completely different system. Typical standard formats are EDI or XML. However, each of these formats has specific variants specific to particular vertical industries. When the data has been formatted, it must then be transmitted to the business partner and, once again, there are a number of different network protocols such as HTTP-baaed AS1 and AS2, or FTP to support B2B integration.



Business-to-Business Middleware Products

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The Anypoint Platform developed by MuleSoft and acquired by Salesforce in early 2018 is designed to connect apps, data, and devices anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud. This platform was built to offer tools that architects and developers can adopt quickly to design, build and manage the entir...

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WebOTX is an application server and infrastructure tool, and B2B middleware offering, from NEC.

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Cleo Clarify, formerly Extol Business Integrator, is a business-to-business middleware offering owned and supported by Cleo since its 2016 acquisition of Extol.

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Data Messaging is a middleware offering from Easylink; that company was acquired by OpenText in 2012 and its technology has since been integrated into OpenText's platforms.

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E2E Bridge, from Swiss company E2E Technologies, is an application infrastructure and middleware offering.