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What is HID SAFE?

HID Global offers the HID SAFE suite of physical identity and location and visitor management system, designed to prevent unauthorized access to secure areas, a web-based solution which includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, security and background checks, access authorization, check-in/check-out,…

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Product Details

What is HID SAFE?

HID SAFE Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We needed a Software-Based solution to track users' building access. This allows me to do that and a whole lot more such are securing our building as well as time management for my end users. This product is currently used to control all of our buildings <br><br>
  • User access Control
  • Set times for Doors
  • Track building access
  • Some features are not easy to set up.
  • Clear and concise directions would be helpful
We have had issues where we had to leave doors open at all times due to lack of Key card access. this solution has enabled us to secure areas of the building without worrying if someone forgot to lock the door. this also helped us meet certain requirements for HIPAA
  • Time Allocation for doors
  • Ability to lock people out when terminated
  • See who goes where
  • Theft has gone down in area's that needed to be secured
  • HIPAA guidelines met keeps costs down
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
HID cards are used in Genpact to ascertain that one only goes where they have access to. Due to Data Protection Act, Non Disclosure Act and Service Level Agreements with different clients, only employees working for that very client should be able to visit that area. HID cards were the best way to control that.
  • Physical cards, awesome. You touch them, to the access switch and enter only if you have access to it.
  • Since the the entry and exit are recorded. Not only it serves as governance but also attendance and login hours.
  • Since every card had a serial number and is associated with a particular employee id, in case if you loose it, it was really easy to block all the access of that particular card only with employee id.
  • I noticed that if the access point was a turnstile, then it didn't use to work properly. Doors were always fine.
  • Tailgating becomes very easy with doors, but not turnstile.
If you have turnstile before entry point. use it. Just make sure that you have regular fire drills and see that the deactivation of turnstile works fine. Otherwise it can create a havoc at the time of emergency.

Biggest problem lies when there is outside huddle and people are coming back. Since everyone has to touch the card to access in, it takes a lot of time of the queue to enter.
  • I am not sure. Wasn't a part of that team.
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