Lifesize Video Conferencing Pricing

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Lifesize Video Conferencing Pricing Overview


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  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

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With every plan, you get the collaboration features you use everyday, at no additional cost: • Unlimited video conferences • Downloadable desktop and mobile apps • Secure encryption set by default • Unlimited meeting duration • Free, browser-based web app • Two-way and group chat with popular chat integrations • Centralized, name-based directory • Online reporting and account management • Email and calendar scheduling

Lifesize Video Conferencing Support Options

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Lifesize Video Conferencing Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Theodore Olive

to Zoom which helps in betting focusing on the activity. It is highly affordable. … have found Zoom as cumbersome and expensive. On the contrary, The quality, pricing, and features of Lifesize Video Conferencing are far better…

Related Quote from Curt Sminkey

Conferencing devices for lack of extra features. They come in at a lower price point than some other competitor devices but with that, comes with a lack

Related Quote from Verified User

recording, chat, screen sharing are available that too at a reasonable pricing. … Lifesize Video Conferencing is providing all major features at a reasonable cost as compared to other competitors. The audio and video qualities on offer

Related Quote from ashish gupta

It has reduced cost as physical meeting are not reqd at all People need not come to conference … Video Conferencing and feel that webex is better option. But in terms of cost Lifesize Video Conferencing is better. Audio and video quality is best for

Related Quote from Brain Blenner

Reliable conferencing platform in the market. It is incredibly cost effective. Enhanced efficiencies. Improving productivity.

Related Quote from Verified User

First the cost of licensing was significantly lower than other applications. We were able … the ability to bill the health plans for Virtual Visits. Again, the lower cost of licensin…

Related Quote from Dave King

Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Third-party

Related Quote from Verified User

and pricing. … The touchpad makes it extremely easy to join or start conference calls with a single pushbutton. The Lifesize solution is affordable and has

Related Quote from Radhika Chavan

Cost Effective User-friendly Experience Secured View Options Whiteboarding Admit … Promotions Webinar to explain the features Pricing

Related Quote from Gurchain Khaira

with Lifesize help we were able to renew without the extra re-certification cost and Tech. Support helped us to get the system back on line.

Related Quote from Verified User

and Polycom endpoints. Polycom does have more capabilities but at a higher cost. … is a fairly robust device. I know that Lifesize does offer more, but the cost vs. benefits does not warrant further expansion into the Lifesize product

Related Quote from Brian Marcus

Reduced cost of travel. Cost efficient compared to other web meeting software. … company). Being a part of a company that has multiple locations, it would be expensive to have each person fly in and pay for hotels and transportation. Being

Related Quote from Verified User

but it is a bit pricey. There are other cheaper tools out there that can do the same thing just at a lower cost.

Related Quote from Michael Ball-Marian

Price? Generally, it is bullet-proof. … traditional PC-based teleconference would work well enough at a fraction of the price.

Related Quote from Verified User

meetings between remote offices that would otherwise need to happen in person. Cost reduction for travel.

Related Quote from Jim Seevers

Lifesize is much less expensive, both in terms of the purchase price as well as in terms of the total maintenance costs.

Related Quote from Michael Gunderson

and corporate markets. It is well suited for large markets as well as affordable enough to be used by small users and companies to expand their business … Easy to use Low cost Easy to manage accounts Knowledgeable and reliable sales and customer…

Related Quote from Verified User

conferencing system is to get rid of it. It is a security risk, an unneeded cost, and a waste of space. I am looking for a system that will actually be used

Related Quote from Nola Risse

It's very expensive to buy the equipment and even more expensive to maintain. I'm not sure what we're getting out of the expensive yearly fee. Increases

Related Quote from César Outón

not good and fails all the time. The Equipment and peripherals is very expensive. The app keeps crashing all the time. The admin portal is not easy. The … don't think I will never recommend lifesize. Again, I think it is super expensive in comparison to other products and…

Related Quote from Logan Taylor

have worked hard to integrate their devices with Microsoft Solutions and the cost factor is significantly less for the same capability. … Logitech or Jabra devices, many of the same or better quality than Lifesize. The cost for these devices is also significantly less.

Related Quote from Verified User

chat functionality, better implementation, better customer support, better pricing, and is all around simpler to use and implement. There were a number of

Related Quote from Verified User

which have helped deliver training faster We have certainly reduced travel cost for trainers.

Related Quote from Christoffer Sorner

that may have use of only a handful of licenses were the Premium 10 is to expensive and a Fast Start doesn't include all interesting features. The possibility

Related Quote from Ilya Popovich

Price is pretty high compare to competitors 10 hours is a max for recording … fintech, education, health) Small company for sure will find something cheaper.