The best for accounting and administration in your organization
January 22, 2019

The best for accounting and administration in your organization

Cesar A Siso L | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Abila MIP)

This is an amazing software for accounting, you can do a lot of things to manage your budget, prices, and more. The interface is awesome and the support has great quality. In our institution, we use MIP to follow and keep the track of our budget and expenses, for example if we work with a community we can set their needs, create and projects, a follow the expenditure in each topic of that project. The software also helps us to have reports quickly about our activities and finances.
  • Good for accounting, we manage a lot of projects at the same time, and the app help us to keep on track of each one, also we can make reports about the accounting for the communities or government.
  • Excellent budget tools, you can manage the budget with high precision and detail, you can add activities, expenditures, costs, personal involvement in the project and set the budget for each one.
  • A perfect interface, it has a friendly and nice interface, you can create graphics and tables easily, and you can watch in your computer or devices all the information at the same thing, to have a better explanation of the project.
  • It is a little expensive for small companies, to personal use or startup, because of that many people prefer to use a free software or with GNU license instead of Abila.
  • It demands high professional profile, it is not for any kind of professional, the people who is going to work with the app requires certain level of knowledge in accounting and administration.
  • It can be difficult to use in some cases, especially the ones related to the opinion of the community where the changes happen too fast, so you need to creat all the tables and graphics again and again until the people be agree.
  • The possibility to spread our business in administration and accounting, we could manage a lot of projects simultaneously, because the app allows you to do that, and to create elements of analysis of each whenever you want.
  • A better management of money and budgets, a word for describing this app is precision, you can manage your money with high detail, listing every activity and linking them with the people who work or it is involved in the project, so you can be sure that every penny that you spend will appear well described in your budget.
  • A better relationship with clients and shareholders, this is for use the most important issue, we could create a whole new portfolio of clients and people who want to contribute and participate in our organization. showing them the quality of our projects through the budget, administration and accounting that we develop in MIP.
MIP for us is better than Prosoft because in the first you can manage many items like accounting, administration, budget and you can follow every aspect closer and with high detail, the second one only works for use as a system to manage information in the cloud with some features of clients and projects, but it does not have any tool related to the manage of money in an organization. So, for us MIP is better than Prosoft, because it is focused in the topics which are very important to our organization.
We try first with an app only for pay money to our clients and we do not have any opportunity to manage our business, we used it to pay and to create a confidence relation with our clients, and it works for some time, but using MIP we spread our responsibility, making it easier to see the way we use and spend the money, we could create better relations, and manage our budget and accounting in a better way that in the past.
If you need a tool to manage the budget, accounting and administration of your business, then MIP is for you. This software goes beyond, because you can handle a lot of things simultaneously, you can manage and track your budget, administration and accounting with a great interface and even in your devices. Unfortunately, it is an administration software and if you work in a project that is going to be changing continuously the app can be a little useless, because every change you do will demand a lot of time and that is not very useful.

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