Choose Echosign and your users will thank you
May 01, 2013

Choose Echosign and your users will thank you

Joshua Lipton | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Sign

  • Echosign's greatest strength is its out of the box usability for a wide variety of users. There is also a clear depth of functionality however they do not confuse the interface with too much information or customization options.
  • Echosign integrates well with major enterprise SAAS products such as and Being able to tie our executed agreements to the relevant records in those systems is a huge win.
  • Echosign's usability is reflected in the fact that our People Department was immediately able to assume responsibility for getting electronic signature on key employee documents with no training and virtually no ongoing support.
  • "Only I Sign" functionality where you are signing an agreement that was not sent to you from within EchoSign is difficult to find. Further, it is not entirely apparent how to do self-signature on those type of documents without a bit of trial and error (or help from a co-worker).
  • Managing of documents out for signature could be improved - the ability to modify certain aspects of an unsigned document that has been sent (without cancelling it and starting over) could use help.
  • Prior to Echosign at one of my previous companies, we were seeing a multi-day cycle for the signature of documents without an e-signature solution in place. After Echosign we saw agreements for large enterprise B2B projects executed in hours and with minimal friction.
  • In my current role, our company was able to immediately transition to e-signature for all internal employee agreements which has streamlined processes tremendously and ensures accurate archiving of all previously executed documents.
  • Using the integration of Echosign with, reps and support are easily able to close deals and pull original agreements without leaving their primary systems of record.
In the very limited circumstances where our users have requested technical support - it has been effective but not astounding in its overall experience. This is of course mitigated by the fact that we are rarely in need of these services.
We ultimately evaluated Echosign most closely against Docusign. Both players hit many of our core functional requirements such as Salesforce integration, Google Apps login, dynamic field integration, API access etc. Only one featured the usability and design that would keep our users coming back to the tool on a consistent basis.
Echosign delivers precisely what we needed from an e-signature platform and over the last 5+ years has never failed to meet the challenges we've thrown at it. It is less burdened with the technical debt and legacy design of its major competitors and the Adobe acquisition has not done anything to diminish it's capabilities. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

Using Adobe Sign

  • Internal signature of employee documents and paperwork
  • Vendor agreements and partner documents
  • Sales agreements and contracts
Echosign consistently delivers the functionality we expect from a top-tier esignature solution.

Adobe Sign Implementation

It's very important to identify areas that will expose as many users as possible to your e-signature platform. Even if your goal is to automate the more common areas such as sales... take the opportunity to utilize the functionality across your entire contract and agreement spectrum... you will maximize your ROI and often identify new areas of opportunity to leverage the platform.

Adobe Sign Training

  • Online training
  • Self-taught
The best types of training are well integrated into the product and Echosign does this well. As mentioned earlier in my review - there are some areas of functionality that can be difficult to understand ("only I sign") for the novice user.

Other areas such as macro usage, bulk signature and so on were easily learned and understood via the online tools.
There are always organizations that prefer a more formal method to training however one of our primary goals with Echosign was to integrate deeply and simply into people's day to day work. Accomplishing this has minimized training and so yes, I would recommend using the product right from the start... no training required.

Adobe Sign Support

No - A well designed enterprise product shows itself as effective when support requirements are as minimal as what we see with Echosign.