Adwords gives you an advantage to find those who are looking for your products!
March 14, 2016

Adwords gives you an advantage to find those who are looking for your products!

Kit Mullins | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with AdWords

Our company uses AdWords in two ways. First, we use Adwords to promote our own organization to targeted audiences. Also we set up and manage Adwords accounts for our clients. We find that Adwords addresses the need of a business to find those people who are actively looking for information related to the products and services the company offers.
  • Adwords supplements search engine optimization by the ability to bid for placement on the first page of search engine results.
  • Adwords keyword reports will help a business refine the content of their landing pages on their website so as to better answer the searchers' queries.
  • Adwords uncovers those potential customers who are searching for information about a specific product or service, and those who are viewing related content.
  • Adwords is a robust tool, and it can be confusing to learn to use all the features. One feature that can be difficult to use is the goal tracking. Setting up goals that can be tracked is one area where people struggle.
  • Adwords has had a positive impact on our company's lead conversion because we are reaching people as they are searching for services like those we offer. There have been at least two occasions recently that we have started ad campaigns and we received a new lead within 30 minutes of the ads going live!
  • Another positive impact on our marketing results from viewing the reports of Adwords in connection with the reports from Google Analytics. The data of these two sources allows us to refine our ads, our keywords, and our landing pages so that they all perform better over time.
  • Facebook ads
Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising that can be used for search results and contextually. So is Facebook advertising. Google Adwords is a much more time-consuming process to set up the ads and keywords than Facebook ads. Adwords price per click is usually 4- to 5 times more than Facebook's price per click. The reason a business would want to invest the time in setting up an Adwords account and be willing to pay more per click is because the ads will display to those who are actively searching. Adwords lets your ad display so you can fill a need or answer a question for a searcher. This searcher is participating in the buying process. Facebook displays to those who have shown an interest in things similar to your product or service. The Facebook users are on Facebook first and foremost because they want to keep up with their family and friends. So the Facebook users are a little less compelled to click. However, we have found that the best results for the business come from using both Adwords and Facebook ads in tandem.
My experience shows that in some cases, a low marketing budget may be better spent in another area than on Adwords. This decision depends on the item to be advertised, the target audience, and the competition. For example, if the company has a specialized item with a narrow target audience and limited competition, then a low budget on Adwords might perform well. But if the company has a broader product with a broad audience and a lot of competition, their ad dollars may find a better ROI on another platform.