A short review on AWS
June 02, 2016

A short review on AWS

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Overall Satisfaction with Amazon Cloud Drive

I was using the Amazon cloud services as a part of my course work at RIT, in the class of database management and access. The use of Amazon cloud storage is mandatory for every student who takes this class as the database created is on the elastic compute cloud server and not on the client. This database is accessed and necessary actions are performed throughout the course. The course administrates the use of Amazon cloud as we need to store our database on a server and not on the client machine and then be able to access it from anywhere.
  • Wide range of cloud services - in the context of being able to increase the size depending on our needs dynamically.
  • Pay as you use. They charge only when your instance is up and running, other than that there is a very minimal fee for just keeping an instance in closed state.
  • Really quick response by the support team. Any problems encountered are sure to be solved quickly.
  • Launching, stopping, rebooting an instance takes a lot of time. I am not sure if this is a common scenario in the cloud services field but i think that there is a need to reduce the time taken for these things.
  • It takes time to understand the interface that Amazon provides. Since there are lots of options to choose from, Amazon should probably ask for an input in terms of need and then suggest a few options. This will make it easier for the user while selecting what type of cloud service they want to opt for. There is also no explicit mentioning of when and what the user is charged while choosing an option, I think that this is a necessary thing to be added for the benefit of the customers.
  • Mobile control over instances. As it is, it takes a long time to launch, stop or reboot an instance, but once the mechanism is quickened up, I think they need to move onto providing a mobile application which is as secure as a banking application to perform these actions.
  • Since it was for a class, there was only learning and no such thing as a good or bad outcome on the overall business.
  • I would say that we used as good a cloud service as possible to accomplish our goals.
  • Maybe the best impact I can state is that we never really had any major issues.
Since this was used for a class, it was mandatory to use amazon. I have not used any other cloud storage spaces for the same purpose that i have used amazon cloud for, so the comparison might not be valid. The other two services i have used from google and apple are free of cost, and it was for a general purpose rather than any professional use.
I am not sure if it is suited in specific situations since I have not used any other cloud services. I think that the EC2 service is a good option since the space required by the user is not constant, it expands and contracts depending upon the usage. This also reduces the amount the user needs to pay for idle space.

Amazon Drive (discontinued) Feature Ratings

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