APM Plus - Ready to archive, email and more!
June 14, 2017

APM Plus - Ready to archive, email and more!

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Overall Satisfaction with APM+

APM Plus is used by the entire company from sending out purchase orders to sending customer invoices and sales order acknowledgments and even advanced ship notices when something ships out for a customer. Internally APM Plus is used as a document archive to get the exact document that was sent to the customer. This can be used to follow up with customer statements to help customers see what they owe with great consistency. The emails can be sent individually or in groups or sent to different companies. APM Plus can even fax when email is not possible.

  • APM Plus has a searchable archive that makes it easy to find a previously sent document.
  • APM plus can automatically decide if the email address isn't present on a document, send it by fax. If no fax number exists the document is sent back to sender for evaluation.
  • Sending to APM Plus is as simple as sending a document to a Printer! APM Plus does the rest!
  • To set up the fields that APM Plus monitors, you need to map each field area on each document.
  • APM Plus could use a way to link the documents back into the finance or business software so you can find the document under the PO, Sales Order, Invoice, etc.
  • APM Plus setup is only for the professionals. There are many areas that need tweaking on setup, having a better default setup would lessen the learning curve to set it up for use.
  • APM Plus has freed up users from having to manually attach documents to each place they are sending it. APM Plus will do it automatically.
  • APM Plus provides a searchable archive to re-visit sent documents with customers and vendors. Having to reprint a document you risk the potential that something has changed since it was last printed.
  • APM Plus does need IT staff for adjustments and to review sending problems. Not for an average user.
APM Plus does a better job of archiving documents than DocSend and makes it easier to find the documents when you need them. DocSend seemed to be more of a marketing tool than a business tool. APM Plus is all business and consistently does what you need on a daily basis. We selected APM Plus because of the great support on setup and after implementation. They are always ready to help.
If I need to change a logo design on the invoice, the new logo is slightly larger or smaller so the type below the logo is in a different area than before. In this case, you would need to load the new version of the document into APM Plus and redo the mapping of the field areas to properly grab the information needed to process the document. Without doing this, the document could fail or go to the wrong archive based on the fields.

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