Good challenger of Google Analyics from a media perspective!
Updated May 19, 2021

Good challenger of Google Analyics from a media perspective!

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Overall Satisfaction with AT Internet

AT Internet is a software used mainly by the marketing and e-commerce department in order to track our sales and also micro-conversions of our website. It address the tracking of all levels of acquisition and from my side, especially the media campaigns performance with detailed KPI’s such as arrival rate, bounce rate, number of visits, time spend in our website... it helps us to create clusters for our next media bursts.
  • AT Internet allows to create personalised dashboards.
  • There is an expert team which can help us through a hotline, they are available, it is not only an analytics tool (such as Google, you can use their tool but you are alone when you have issues!).
  • High security of the software that guarantees data protection.
  • Be more user-centric for the dashboard. It is quite hard to use the tool without training. The interface is not user friendly.
  • Create template of dashboards that we could use directly.
  • Using Search activity and especially SEA, a simple plug between Google Analytics and AT Internet to create clusters of audiences to better manage the PPC campaigns. Maybe it is possible but I tried to set up with AT Internet and never had feedback.
  • For now, there are some variances between the figures that we had from AT Internet and the Pixel from our media agency, so it is difficult to know the real impact of our ROI.
  • AT allows the visibility of the figures for our traffic website.
The team is available and the most of times answer to our questions, but sometimes on specific questions to go in deeper details, we never had feedback and solution from them.
For the training, the team should reorient their presentation regarding the profiles of the trainees and adopt a pedagogical approach especially for people who are not in digital team. And also take into account the needs of the trainees. I had a training of 1 day, before the session I clearly asked for a specific focus for media and we had 7.50 hours on the tool and the fundamentals of AT Internet and only 10 minutes on media question which was very frustrating!
To be very honest, it was a decision made before I joined the company. I think that if I had the choice, I would prefer to use Google Analytics from a media perspective. However, it is also a question of budget as Google Analytics Premium is more expensive.
AT Internet is well suited from a global perspective that includes all levels of acquisition but also internal figures. Especially for the media campaigns, Google Analytics had better perspectives to improve the management of our media campaigns that we could use to create clusters such as customer match, similar audiences. The « infinite » possibilities from Google is to track the signals of our audiences and to be at the right time with the right message in the Google platforms, and we could not do it with AT Internet.

Experience with Analytics Suite Delta

User friendly
AT Internet is always available.

Using AT Internet

15 - E-commerce, E-Retail, Media, Marketing mostly.
15 - Same as previous question
  • Datas for e-commerce sales
  • Detail of sources
  • Digital media datas informations for media campaigns
  • Full funnel information
  • The possibility to track everything
  • The possibility to have custom metrics
  • the huge variance between AT Internet datas and Google Data Studio
  • Attribution method in order to include all touchpoints vs last clic model for sales
I gave this rating because I think that AT Internet is a good tool, user-friendly easy for onboarding and simple dashboards, however the majority of people use Google Analytics, especially media agency, it is easier for them to use Google Analytics.

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Did implementation of Piano Analytics go as expected?

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Evaluating AT Internet and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Usability
The price is the most important because there is a huge variance vs Google Analytics premium price !
We will check the functionnality and needs with our partners that use AT Internet.

AT Internet Implementation

The support team helps us to implement AT Internet.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled

AT Internet Training

  • in-person training
The in-person training unfortunately does not match to our expectations, was too much focus on digital basis and not on AT Internet functionnalties and how to use it. We paid for one day and only 15 minutes at the end was focused on our real needs in terms of media analytics.
No online training
It was easy to search how to use however sometimes need to call the support to better understand the functionnalities

Configuring AT Internet

The best thing fot AT rather Google Analytics is that we could configurate how we needed vs GA which is quite fixed.
It was implemented by IT and ecommerce team

AT Internet Support

Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
Poor followup
Problems left unsolved
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
We have a support from AT Internet because e-commerce is very important for our brand and need constantly to evolve to better track our activity and improve our funnel approach.
There is once, we were implementing an internal dashboards which was fed up through datas from AT Internet, and the support team hlps me to create the dashboard in order to automatize my international dahsboards.

Using AT Internet

Like to use
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • create personnalized dashboards
  • easy to find metrics
  • glossary
  • creation of internal metrics
  • link with trakcing tools

AT Internet Reliability

Regarding AT Internet possibilities, it could be adapted to small or large organizations, easy to set up. We can add sites in makets that we launch e-commerce.
All excel reports are downloaded very quickly, even if the query is more than 20 000 lines.

Integrating AT Internet

Not involved in integration
  • Salesforce
Not involved in integration
  • No visibility to date
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
  • AppExchange or similar marketplace
Not involved in integration

Relationship with AT Internet

The sale teams gives a full support to better understand the AT Internet tool.
More from an IT perspective vs sale guidance. Some difficulty to have the right answer. Sale teams is always available but if we need to go in deeper details with more expertise, our contact took sometimes a lot of time to answer.
Not involved in negotiation
Not involved in the negotiation

Upgrading AT Internet