AVG AntiVirus Business Edition Review
December 10, 2018

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition Review

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Overall Satisfaction with AVG AntiVirus Business Edition

When I decided to start using AVG AntiVirus Business Edition almost 3 years ago, it was probably the best software decision I ever made in terms of selecting the antivirus software to protect my work pc and servers in our company. AVG AntiVirus Business Edition is being used across all departments, including on all our work PCs and hosted servers. The main problem it solves is the real-time protection and the peace of mind that our data is safe and secure at all times 24/7. For me, personally, I am able to implement, support, and develop our business intelligence software with a peace of mind knowing the code and scripts are secured using authentication and firewalls. The company I work for has no restrictions in terms of which websites we can/can not access, so having AVG antivirus business Edition installed on my pc is very important. I plan to use AVG antivirus business Edition for my personal PC In the near future. Moreover, with AVG antivirus business Edition we can tune up our server's speed by removing unnecessary files and registry logs and also create space; not only that my work PC is much faster after weekly tune-ups which prevent us from replacing PCs every now and then. The company I work has benefited a lot with using AVG antivirus business Edition because we can use all the features and tools it comes with.


  • Real -Time Protection: AVG antivirus business Edition updates in the background without interrupting my work, and keeps the antivirus files and services up to date. If there was a major update AVG antivirus business Edition would allow me to choose a time to restart my PC.
  • AVG Tuneup: With AVG antivirus business Edition it comes with the Tune up tool that cleans my junk files, registry logs, duplicate files, Browser history and downloads folder cleanups, and any files left over by the windows updates; As a result, makes my PC much faster and responsive to use.
  • Data Integrity: AVG antivirus business Edition has a behind the scenes scanner that scans for un-usual folders, and files that would prevent people from snooping in my personal information; Moreover, data protection and file shredder is what I use in my daily work PC any files I look at, I would delete using the file shredder to leave no trace of that file and also I would encrypt my important financial work files using AVG antivirus business Edition.
  • Web Threat Protection: with AVG antivirus business Edition the peace of mind is the ransomware protection that is a must, because we have quite a few servers that are important for us so our clients can access our business intelligence software to view their hospitality management financial reports.
  • Quick install gives me the ability to jump right on to my work and not needing to wait for AVG antivirus business Edition to finish installing; AVG antivirus business Edition is very fast in terms to quickly installing files and start protection right away.


  • I honestly do not have any negatives complains for AVG antivirus business Edition.
  • Clients have a peace of mind that their financial data is stored in a secure server using AVG antivirus business Edition that monitors and protects in real time.
  • Growth within the company; we have added 15 more clients in the past 6 months, and will be adding 5 more beginning of 2019. They all will be using out BI software running in the servers protected by AVG antivirus business Edition
  • Internally, our IT team is hard at work making sure the employees' PC and out servers are up to date using the AVG antivirus business Edition.
With the products mentioned such as AVAST and NORTON business antivirus protections software, AVG antivirus business Edition outscores both of them in terms of PC energy usage and the need of looking after them. With AVG antivirus business Edition. Apart from the free trial, which is great an all, it's the features and tools. A quick install and I am in the application to start using, there is no set-ups, pop-ups and or any other bloatware to install with AVG antivirus business Edition. Moreover, the other competitors tend to slow down machines with their high CPU and RAM usage. As a result, when clicking on other applications they are much slower to respond, but with AVG antivirus business Edition it uses less than 100MB of ram when running in the background, and for CPU I at least have not seen go beyond 10%. I know this because I have the task manager open when I want to see which applications are using the most RAM and CPU, and AVG antivirus business Edition is always at the bottom on the list.
A couple of well-suited scenarios would be: Let's say if you have a small business especially in the tech industry, its a must to have. It's good, reliable, secure antivirus protection against data, PC hijack, and identity theft. You cannot go wrong with using AVG AntiVirus Business Edition. Another would be for personal PC if you have pictures, important financial information like our tax returns and such you would want to keep them safe, encrypted, and protect by using a suitable antivirus, and AVG AntiVirus Business Edition would be the one to go with. Nevertheless, there are hardly any scenarios that I can think of where AVG antivirus business Edition is not suitable. To say the least, in fact, it is good all around.


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