Axcient - a love/hate relationship
July 10, 2014

Axcient - a love/hate relationship

Diorge Tavares | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Software Version

3.x through 6.x

Modules Used

  • UMC
  • RMC
  • DAS
  • QOS
  • BMR

Overall Satisfaction with Axcient

I work for a MSP (Managed Service Provider) and we have thousands of clients we support. We are offering the Axcient product as a solution to backup a client's server locally and to the cloud and provide the ability to spin up a virtual machine locally for continuity in case a server is down, restore files, restore entire servers from a crash (bare metal) and also spinning up virtual machines in the cloud for disaster recovery and continuity if users need to work outside of the office.

Our company began using Axcient in 2012. I was brought in from the beginning as bugs were worked out and we created our standard on how to implement the solution. A year later myself and the manager of our Backup dept were flown to Axcient Headquarters to meet the Axcient staff that we worked with every day.

My impression of Axcient is that their solution is heading in the right direction. In the beginning (firmware 3-4) even the basic offsite process took forever and we had to constantly send out DAS devices (Direct Attached Storage) to copy the data from their onsite Linux appliance that all servers backed up data to. Since version 5.0 we have seen significant improvements on offsite speed and version 6.x has been great on onsite/backup copy speed. More improvements are to come that will make this product even better.

They still lack true native VM backup ability like Veeam and therefore every VM acts as it's own server being backed up at the VSS level. Axcient does it's best to keep up with firmware editions but at times they are released prematurely only to find major issues with them. We tend to stay a few versions back. Our company now has a dedicated backup team and Axcient has been our flagship to offer clients.
  • Local virtual machine can be launched from the image backups stored locally
  • Ability to manage multiple clients/appliances from their RMC (Remote Management Console) is a must for MSPs and Axcient provides this
  • Cloud continuity to load up Virtual Machines offsite in the cloud
  • Onsite backup speed, it's improving but it is in the works to get better
  • Automated firmware updates that work around backups that run
  • Ability to manage alerts by template if you are setting up local appliance alerts
  • Unable to comment on financials as I only support the technical side
Was not in the decision making role; only technical
Cannot comment on decision making role as I'm only in technical side
Does the client have multiple on-premise servers that they cannot afford to be down for more than 1 hour? A virtual machine can be brought online from an image in a few minutes depending on machine size. You can also have the virtual machines run on standby for faster deployment.