Axcient use in the SMB client space
Updated September 24, 2014

Axcient use in the SMB client space

Kettric Midura | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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  • OnPrem Appliances
  • Cloud Storage

Overall Satisfaction with Axcient

Axcient is a great mid-level backup solution with a great mix of OnPrem appliance and Cloud based backup, coupled with live visualization of a failed host on the appliance. Easily deployed and configured for a wide range of client environments. Axcient has proven to be invaluable in several recent systems failures. With the OnPrem appliance we were able to rapidly spin up virtual instances of the failed systems allowing our clients to return to operations quickly and seamlessly while we affected repairs to the production hardware.
  • Fully integrated product support that is always ready to assist with even the most basic issues
  • Detailed product status and health dashboard for service providers
  • Robust development cycle always open to making product improvements
  • Some key issues with the product update process delayed remediation of issues. These included spotty or slow deployment of firmware updates, delays in execution of requests by the support team, and a few instances of having to chase support down to get them to complete work requested. Most issues were addressed a while ago, but these were challenges we faced during ramp up.
  • Firmware updates were difficult to schedule at times. We would learn of a fix being available to address an issue but the support team was not always very attentive on deploying the firmware when asked. Later on, they became pretty efficient on getting them out in a timely fashion.
  • Inconsistent response from support, both in timeliness and in answers to questions. Some of their support staff were very green, and some were less than polite at times. We would submit the same issue and error code for multiple devices, and the answered returned as to the root cause would vary greatly.
  • Logging and self remediation was limited, much of the meat and potatoes error coding was not exposed to the admin site or the vendor portal. We would have to engage support for any complex issues, delaying resolution and putting backups on hold while we wait.
  • Very slow ROI when we first adopted the technology a year ago, but have since improved ROI greatly with consistent product improvements and revisions to the product's firmware and web portal.
  • Very easy to administer and monitor backup success or failure.
  • Even the most novice client admin can understand the product portal.
Dollar for dollar, Axcient is very competitive for the SMB client. Coupled with the ease of use and the job status dashboard, the overall product is very easy to demonstrate value to clients. While Axcient doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the enterprise products, it has everything the SMB client needs to be protected.
Even with regular competitive vendor reviews, Axcient continues to be the best option for our regular clients.
Axcient is well suited for the mid-range SMB client, but is not ideal for large complex environments with varying backup requirements. I found that whatever you think you need for backup capacity it is safer to double it.