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June 30, 2014

Save time & sanity with!

Erin Thorp | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Local Offer Network (LON) had 3 main sectors of business: Catalyst (personalization platform), (aggregate daily deal website), and VoucherPro (white-label tech platform used by publishers and manufacturers to create their own prepaid offer products). In our accounting department, I used as an organizational, calculation, and pay-tool for our VoucherPro clients to assure local area merchants be paid for the daily deals that were sold on our various platforms. was a one-stop solution for LON that easily integrated with the platform of our white-label website, systematically tracked bills & payments, and (most importantly) significantly reduced manual labor.
  •'s tracking of sent checks and instant access to proof of cashed/uncashed checks was a Tremendous help for LON when dealing with merchants who had claimed to never have received payment. I could easily login to the system, take a screenshot of the cashed check (complete with signature on the back), and email the merchant the solid proof. This method is obviously MUCH preferred over having to call your bank, get put on hold, and eventually track down proof of a check being cashed that they then can can inconveniently snail-mail you several days later. This is the age of Technology, and does it right.
  •'s customer support team is second to none. They were always very patient, well-trained, and well-informed problem solvers.
  • I truly believe's biggest aspiration was for their product to work for US in every way possible. If we came to them with an idea to improve the product for our needs, they always listened, and nearly always provided a viable and timely solution. It's often difficult to have a real voice in the internet/e-commerce industry, so it was very refreshing for me to work with a company who cared so much about our success as a company, and bent over backwards to accommodate our growing needs.
  • It's been roughly 9 months since I've used, so I unfortunately can't remember any of the functionality issues I had experienced. I don't think any of's features were hard to use...and even if they were or a one-off situation came up, the customer support team was so helpful that they would be able to teach you in no time. The only complaint I can think of at the moment is that support was not available late in the evenings or on the weekends, which was frustrating when getting stuck on a problem while burning the midnight oil. But perhaps support hours have expanded since then, I am not sure.
  • One other thing I thought of that may or may not have resolved by now, is that when you close a client company, provides a CD-rom disc (for purchase) that allows you to access all of the information from that specific client after the account has been closed (vendor information, check status, etc). However, being that none of the laptops in our office had disc drives, this company file disc was completely useless to us. It would have been more convenient to have either 1) USB version of the company file, or more preferred option, 2) Have convert the online account to a read-only version so that you can still access the client information by logging in from anywhere there is internet access, but just don't have the ability to edit any of the information (which is not needed anyway).
  • Definitely helped us save several hundred dollars per week on manual labor; that was the main benefit. It helped me to quickly access merchant account information in order to resolve check and billing issues much more quickly than using excel or our own platform. Also, as an immeasurable benefit, truly saved my sanity---it was able to keep track of things for me (bills, checks, edit logs for all activity, etc), that would have otherwise been impossible for me to remember and track all on my own, and for that, I am very grateful!!
I have only worked with other accounting software such as QB Pro, QB Enterprise, QB Online, and PeachTree. I was not involved in the decision to work with (which happened prior to me being hired at the company), nor have I worked with or researched any other competitors, so I am not qualified to make any comparison.
I think was very useful and appropriate for the large-volume billing scenario we had a Local Offer Network (LON). As far as smaller-volume businesses, I'm not sure I could see the benefit of using in integration with QuickBooks or some other accounting software, in terms of saving time and labor---I do recall getting a lot of sync-errors with QBO, which were a bit time-consuming to fix, but it's highly possible that those issues have been addressed on the side by now.

A friend of mine was worried about hiring a new bookkeeper and too much information getting into the wrong hands, so I actually did recommend in order for him to gain more control over account access, and not having to worry about over-access due to's intuitive control settings---so I do think it can be very appropriate and valuable for that purpose. But I suppose it's ultimately a matter of case-by-case analysis to see if the benefit outweighs the cost/cost-savings for each business.


I no longer work for the company that used, but we would have certainly continued to use for our billing and payment needs. We were very happy with the product, very happy with the service and willingness for improvements, so why would we ever quit!