Must be Patient with Bullhorn
March 02, 2015

Must be Patient with Bullhorn

Taylor Dorius | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System was used by the entire organization at a company I previously worked at. The organization was a recruiting organization and Bullhorn was used to track all of our information on the candidates we recruited, their interviews and progress, and any job orders that came in that the companion was actively recruiting for. Basically, Bullhorn helped us run the whole show from one database the entire company could interact with.
  • Bullhorn allowed us to capture lots of detailed information about the candidates we recruited, as well as track the open job orders they were matched with and notes on their interview progress.
  • Bullhorn allowed us to easily post and edit open job orders the company was working that were then listed on our own web site as well as other job search web sites we had accounts with.
  • Bullhorn was easily accessible for our whole company to use on daily basis, all over the country.
  • Bullhorn provided quick data on our clients and job orders to be used for company reports.
  • While the multiple functionalities were great, Bullhorn as a product was a bit cumbersome to use if you didn't interact with it on a daily basis. It could be easy to get lost in.
  • Bullhorn wasn't incredibly intuitive, especially for those who are not familiar with VMS tools. It was hard for some employees to learn and manage. It is definitely a product that one must take time to learn and use.
  • Bullhorn made our day run more smoothly because it was easy to compile and track the most important everyday information.
  • Bullhorn made our customer service more efficient because candidate and job posting information was transferred and shared much more easily.
We used Sendouts before we switched to Bullhorn (this was also before Bullhorn acquired Sendouts). Sendouts wasn't as efficient and professional as Bullhorn. We wanted more functionality and on a format that could be easily accessible by anyone in the company, regardless of where they were in the country. We needed a product with more depth, and Bullhorn was that.
Definitely a worth while product if you make sure you take the time to learn it thoroughly. The ideal user will be looking for something that allows for a lot of functionality!

Key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want a product with many layers of functionality?
  • Do I want a product that allows for a lot of detail on my subject matter?
  • Will all of the users be willing to take the time to learn and interact with Bullhorn?

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