Single Sign on Success
May 27, 2016

Single Sign on Success

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Overall Satisfaction with Centrify Server Suite

Centrify is used across my entire organization. My company uses several online applications, even multiple user logins for the same application. Centrify is the only reason I can stay sane with the number of logins and users that I need to jump between. Centrify allows us to keep passwords for our clients safe while still giving everyone in the organization access to the necessary applications with a single click.
  • Single sign on with Centrify saves me at least an hour of searching for and typing passwords everyday
  • Centrify provides our clients with a level of security interally across consultants and teams
  • Centrify is flexible enough to give access to the people that need it while restricting those that don't
  • Distinguish between users of a single application that have multiple sign-ons.
  • Customize individual tile layout.
  • Toggle to different views of sets of tiles, personal tiles vs. client tiles vs. internal tiles etc.
  • A vast positive impact. For every minute Centrify saves me is another minute that I can spend solving client problems and ultimately billing toward the client.
  • Increased amount of time working.
  • Increased number of billable hours.
Centrify is great for people who need to change between multiple SAAS applications quickly, or even multiple instances of a single SAAS application. It is less suited for people who spend a lot of time in a single SAAS application, or have only a few SAAS applications that they need access to. It is also great for user provisioning and access to SAAS applications without exposing actual passwords.

Using Centrify Server Suite

34 - They represent every role from president to associate consultant. Every person in our organization uses Centrify throughout every business day, multiple times a day.
1 - We have a single operations admin who manages Centrify, the roles and tiles associated with it. It only takes this one person, and takes very little time in his day to manage the permissions that make Centrify a central part of our company doing business.
  • Single Sign On
  • Agility from sign on to sign on
  • Password word protection for all of our SaaS apps
  • Sign into multiple instances of a single SaaS application from one account
  • I'd like to see Centrify allow users to customize views for themselves to increase individual efficiency
Centrify is central to creating efficiency and safety for our clients and internally. To remove it would cause a massive disturbance in the lives of our employees and our clients.