Concur is a great way to release yourself from expense reports
Updated November 17, 2020

Concur is a great way to release yourself from expense reports

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Overall Satisfaction with Concur Travel and Expense

Concur is used to manage all travel related expenses, and home office expenses. It is used across all departments, and it was implemented to speed the process of managing travel and home office expenses.
  • Concur when using both the desktop and mobile versions allows quick uploading of receipts.
  • Matching receipts to credit card expense charges
  • Allowing expense reports to be customized by trip or by specific dates.
  • The ability to have credit card charges automatically apply to the expenses without having to manually match
  • Scanning receipts at time of purchase and automatically uploading
  • The policy management of the Concur support teams too many times would decline an expense without reading the comments. In almost all cases the reason for the expense being listed as it was in the report was detailed in the comments. So I would have to resubmit the exact same comments and then it would go through.
  • Better initial configuration with the business to avoid issues while using the application.
  • Better training for the support personnel
  • For outsourced management, better alignment of Concur review team to corporate policies and exceptions.
  • The positive would be time spent in assembling an expense report when I leveraged the mobile device receipt collection system.
  • The negative is having to align the receipts with the expenses. If the business names and the date are not EXACTLY the same, it won't pick up the matching.
  • Much easier for reviewing expense reports of employees.
SAP Concur is vastly superior to Chrome River EXPENSE. SAP Concur allows for easier expense to charge matching, mobile use, and end user ease of access and use. However, Abacus is again that much better than SAP Concur, including better department level management tools. The company ended up selecting SAP Concur for both costs and integration reasons. On the costs side the method of charging was more conducive to support the companies cash flow requirements, and on the integration end there were more standard integration points built in with CONCUR.
SAP Concur is integrated with both Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Fusion. There were very well written and standardized APIs that allowed for a quick integration into the platforms in order to facilitate a full expense management process lifecycle.
Concur has been hugely beneficial for managing travel expenses for both the traveller and the internal processing team. Except for frequent travellers. The system is designed for an exception approval on an event by event basis only. The system needs to be able to accommodate approved frequent travelers booking upgraded class transportation for example. Without this it requires manual calls to the travel agency, which simply adds costs.
It is very well suited for individual expenses. However, it is not well suited for handling expenses where you are covering costs for multiple employees or larger groups. At least not the way my company implemented it.

SAP Concur Attributes

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Overall SAP Concur is very user friendly for the traveller, admins, approvers and procesing. Concur has taken the time to really understand the unique requirements of each role and developed a user interface that accommodates their specific needs.
  • Booking travel via Mobile device
  • Aligning all travel to a specific itinerary and report
  • Instant scanning of receipts and uploading for expense tracking
  • Automated alignment of receipts with credit card charges
  • Automated expense report building that requires auditing rather than creation
  • Approval process support and user interface
  • Approved travel that is an exception to corporate policy.
  • Frequent traveller support is cumbersome
  • Frequent traveller exception approval is non-existent
  • Better isolation of what appears to be duplicate expenses but are in reality separate, and machine learning to be able to avoid calling them duplicate in the future.
We have been able to reduce our internal staff supporting travel by 70% with the purchase of SAP Concur and their processing services. Our travelers and admins are reporting an 80% reduction in the amount of time to book travel and create and submit expense reports.
SAP Concur scales very easily, and also allows for customizations within departments or groups.
SAP Concur has very well defined APIs that can easily facilitate communication integration between applications. And when SAP updates and API, there is sufficient advance notice to allow us to make the needed adaptations to the API update.