Convert Experiences - Superior Software for A/B Testing
September 02, 2016

Convert Experiences - Superior Software for A/B Testing

Francis Teo | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Convert Experiences

We use Convert Experiences to help eCommerce clients get more conversions and revenue on their eCommerce stores. We are an eCommerce optimization agency so nearly all members of my team use this software to help clients. Convert Experiences helps us easily create A/B tests for clients to validate any hypothesis we might have that may improve the ROI and performance of their stores.
  • Support is top-notch. It is easy to get hold of the founder/SEO Dennis and if you run into any significant trouble, it's easy to get hold of the senior developers.
  • Advanced editing. Unlike a lot of their competitors, Convert allows you to edit the variation code directly. This means that you can basically test any website (including AJAX and highly dynamic sites). This is not the case with some other competitors.
  • Easy breakdown and visualization of daily conversion patterns. Surprisingly, this is not available with a lot of A/B testing platforms. We want to see the conversion rate daily so that we can see if there are any validity threats in the test. Most platforms only provide an aggregate of data up to that day.
  • "Blink" handling. Convert takes great pains to reduce or eliminate the "blink" that comes with any javascript rewrite based A/B testing software. AFAIK they are the only ones who do this. Any blinking might cause instrumentation bias in the tests that we certainly don't want.
  • The user levels and access permissions is working fine, but I would like to be able to give users both global permissions across all projects, as well as lower/higher permissions on certain projects.
  • Support for other forms of statistical analysis like using the t-test and analyzing A/B tests on a day-wise basis instead of aggregate.
  • The ability to create "super goals" that are combinations of 2 goals (e.g. clicks on button A and clicks button B).
  • Convert is one of our critical tools allows us to offer our conversion rate optimization services to clients, so in that sense it is indispensable. CRO brings in a large portion of our revenue.
Visual Website Optimizer's feature set is not as well suited to advanced experiments (it doesn't seem to allow direct editing of variation code). Optimizely is expensive and their agency plan requires a 12 month minimum contract. Support is not as great. Optimizely also does not support breaking down the test results into daily statistics which makes it hard to analyze.

We have not used both products for some time, so things may have changed.
It is specifically suited for advanced A/B testing, and anytime you need to do testing on dynamic and AJAX sites. I can't think of any scenario where I would recommend a competitor over this product. We've used several over the years and we've found that Convert Experiences is far superior. Perhaps if you are new to A/B testing (it can get quite expensive), or if you have fundamental usability problems on your site so you're not ready for A/B testing. But if you are ready for A/B testing and you have it well-budgeted out, Convert Experiences is, in my opinion, the far superior solution.