Remote Support for a Networked Domain Environment... Done Right!
July 17, 2015

Remote Support for a Networked Domain Environment... Done Right!

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  • Dameware Central Server

Overall Satisfaction with DameWare Remote Support

In our practice we utilize DameWare Remote Support to access all the end user computers throughout our 16 locations. The active directory integration provided by the central server makes finding a computer a snap. I am confident that all our computers will accessible at any time. Without DameWare we would not be able to have an IT department as small as ours to support all of our locations. Basic computer issues can quickly be diagnosed and resolved. It is a fast and reliable solution for remote support.
  • When connected to a remote computer, the control and experience is seamless. There is no lag when moving the mouse or typing. It is as if that computer is right next to you. You quickly forget that you are remotely connected to a computer across the city.
  • Ability to "Switch Users". DameWare gives you access to the login screen. Many remote support solutions don't allow you to connect to a system unless it is already at the user desktop. DameWare does not have this limitation. Connecting to a locked computer and being able to switch users was a very important feature for us.
  • Client Installation. The client/agent that is installed on each remote computer is very easy to remotely distribute and install. You can create your own custom settings to utilize the program in a safe and secure fashion to protect your end users and well as your IT staff.
  • After the client is deployed and installed on each computer, the central server performs a check of each computer before you are able to remotely connect. It needs to install some additional components the first time you connect. I am not sure why these components are installed when the package is initially deployed. I also don't know why a mass check for this on all computer can't be performed. This would be handy. After we began using DameWare, every computer that we connected to would have to have additional components installed before we could connect. Sometimes this could take over a minute, which feels like forever when you are trying to access someone's computer.
  • The Internet Proxy could be improved. If I could generate a random link and email it out to any person that would be great. As far as I understand it, the computer has to already be listed in our host list or you can't start the process. An ability to send out a link to any computer that would allow me to then connect to them would be great.
  • From purely a price perspective the DameWare solution was significantly less expensive than the previous remote support application we were using.
  • IT is able to more confidently connect to all the computers in our network. We also use the advanced computer management properties to keep our computer inventory up to date.
  • Our end users appreciate the way that DameWare allows IT to quickly access their computer and resolve the issue without much interaction from their end.
We previously utilized LogMeIn. They increased the pricing of their solution which made us reconsider it. I inherited LogMeIn. I am not a big fan of hosted solutions for some vital IT processes. There was convenience in LogMeIn, but there were also risks about the solution that I was never completely comfortable with. I had utilized DameWare at a previous company, so I knew what I was getting with it. It was an easy decision for me to make. DameWare is an exceptional product.
It works best in a networked domain environment. If you have many computers that are accessing your network ad hoc, it will be difficult to manage and connect to those computers. DameWare relies on the internal network, which makes it much more secure, but it doesn't operate well in my experience with computers that aren't connected to your network or domain.

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS) Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
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Secure remote access with Smart Card authentication
Not Rated
Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Not Rated
Remote management of servers & workstations
Remote Active Directory® management
Centralized management dashboard
Multi-platform remote control
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Using DameWare Remote Support

3 - The IT staff utilizes DameWare to remotely support the 200+ computers in our company. The integration with Active Directory is key because it eliminates an additional management point. The list of computers is always current. I am confident that any computer having an issue can be remotely supported by any member of our staff.
3 - DameWare support is pretty simple. The knowledge base available online has a huge amount of detailed information and the customer support is very reliable and helpful when you can't figure out the issue.
  • The integration within active directory is important for us. This eliminates another spot where we might have to manage a list of computers.
  • The ability to switch users is an important feature.
  • Ability to view multiple monitors easily. Our end users have multiple monitors and being able to easy view either remotely is important.
  • The remote management tools allow us to see details about each computer that we have to connect to. DameWare has the ability to access that information without remoting in.
  • Expand the use of the Internet Proxy
It is a very important tool for us. We could possibly use something else, but we enjoy the ease of use with DameWare and the cost is reasonable.