DemandTools - the Salesforce tool to demand
Updated November 18, 2014

DemandTools - the Salesforce tool to demand

Carrie Philipp, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • MassEffect
  • MassImpact
  • Single Table Deduplicator
  • Lead2ContactDedupe
  • Lead2AccountDedupe
  • Find / Report ID's

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

DemandTools is currently being used in our organization, primarily by the IT department for the benefit of the whole organization, in an effort to reverse previous business processes from how Partners are managed, to how our Marketing and Lead Gen teams are managing the suspect and Lead process. We intend in the next month to use the Cleansing tools to do Lead to Lead, Lead to Contact and Account to Account deduping and then on a quarterly basis perform those same functions to ensure clarity into our Lead funnel, current and inactive customer base, and keep the grass green for users.
  • The Mass Effect feature is invaluable for reassigning records, cleaning data elements and adding or appending data elements.
  • Find/Report ID, here's a real life scenario I used in the last week. Find every Opportunity that has a Contact Role and every Contact at an Account with an Opportunity based on an All Contacts report I ran from Salesforce.
  • Cleansing - there is to date no easy way to identify and merge records in mass within Salesforce. Data cleansing should be an activity that every organization does once a quarter.
  • To my knowledge there is no access to the Account/Partner or Opportunity/Partner objects within DemandTools, whether this is a DemandTools limitation those are simply objects that Salesforce will not allow third party tool to access I'm not aware but it's a gap.
  • Updating the Salesforce Pricebook and Opportunity Line Items has historically been difficult, again this might be a Salesforce driven issue but identifying the correct ID's and mapping them in DemandTools is challenging.
  • There are only positive impacts with the purchase of DemandTools. If you search the phrase "cost of data" a dozen or so articles immediately come up discussing the costs associated to managing data.
  • User adoption to Salesforce is a struggle for many of the organizations that I'm familiar with and one of your quickest wins in driving adoption is making sure that the data that users are touching is clean and reliable. Multiple Accounts, multiple Contacts, not knowing where to enter data, these are the most immediate complaints you will hear from sales organizations on why the reps don't want to use Salesforce. If there is trust in the data and the data is reliable then that data can be used to drive the business.
There isn't another way, to my knowledge outside of Excel and VLOOKUPS, to accomplish the data enrichment and clean up activities that we have scheduled to complete through the end of this year and no way going forward to continue those activities as our data set continues to transform without the use of DemandTools
DemandTools is not a true ETL tool for the enterprise and it will not serve as your business intelligence tool, however if you have an organization with a large dataset this is a product that your Salesforce team needs to have in their tool kit to effectively manage the data in your Salesforce instance.

Using DemandTools

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