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What is DemandTools?

DemandTools for AppExchange is a data quality toolset for CRM centric customers. The product comprises 11 individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import and manipulate Salesforce and/or data.

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What is DemandTools?

DemandTools for AppExchange is a data quality toolset for CRM centric customers. The product comprises 11 individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import and manipulate Salesforce and/or data.

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What is Cloudingo?

Cloudingo - a cloud-based SaaS, connects to and allows system administrators to scan their entire database for similar or duplicate records. Cloudingo was launched in late 2011. It is well known for its ease-of-use and rich user experience.

What is delivers a cloud based solution to import and export information from Salesforce.

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DemandTools from CRMFusion

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Product Details

What is DemandTools?

DemandTools is a data quality platform that aims to ensure data remains a valuable asset.

DemandTools helps users manage CRM data in minutes, not months, so that they have accurate, report-ready data that can be trusted, enabling users to market, sell, and support more effectively.

By fixing common data problems, automating data quality routines, and working within specific processes and customizations, DemandTools is designed to give stakeholders reliable data and insights, encourages CRM end-user adoption, and provide cleaner data with less effort.

DemandTools has 13 modules to make it a versatile and adaptive data quality solution for CRM.

Data Quality Assessment
Understand how strong or weak data is and know where to focus remediation efforts.
Module: Assess
Duplicate Management
Detect, eliminate, and prevent duplicate records from misleading sales and marketing teams and causing friction in the customer journey.
Modules: Dedupe, Convert, DupeBlocker, PeopleImport, Match
Data Migration Management
Maintain data integrity while moving data into and out of Salesforce.
Modules: Import, Export, Delete, PeopleImport, Match
Standardization, mass modification, and business insights
Apply record changes en masse and standardize data to get trustworthy insights in every report.
Modules: Modify, Tune, Reassign
Email Verification
Verify email addresses in CRM to keep communication flowing with customers.
Module: Verify

DemandTools Features

  • Supported: Data Quality Assessment
  • Supported: Duplicate Management
  • Supported: Data Migration Management
  • Supported: Data Standardization and Mass Modification
  • Supported: Record Ownership Management
  • Supported: Mass Lead Conversion
  • Supported: Email Verification

DemandTools Screenshots

Screenshot of DemandTools Home ScreenScreenshot of Modify FormulaScreenshot of Data Quality Automation

DemandTools Video

For more than 20 years, DemandTools has earned a reputation of being the most trusted and dependable set of tools for Salesforce data managers. In fact, it's ranked by G2 Crowd as the #1 data tool based on market presence and satisfaction–and 94% of our reviews are 4 or 5 sta...
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DemandTools Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo

DemandTools Downloadables

Frequently Asked Questions

DemandTools for AppExchange is a data quality toolset for CRM centric customers. The product comprises 11 individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import and manipulate Salesforce and/or data.

Cloudingo and Experian Address Validation are common alternatives for DemandTools.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.

The most common users of DemandTools are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization had a wide range of issues in regards to data management. With the integration of so many third party applications, it is easy to create duplicate records if there are no proper way of tracking, monitoring, and sanitizing that data coming in. DemandTools has made it easy for us, with DupleBlocker, to create rules to identify duplicates based on email, first name, and last name. The actions we have taken at the moment is to simply report it so we can manually take action to merge or leave alone. This is one of many features we love.
  • Find/Report ID tool to cross check external data with internal data.
  • Make changes with MassImpact without importing or exporting data.
  • Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete to MassEffect uploaded data.
  • The user interface can be cleaned up a bit.
  • It tends to slow my system down a bit when using the tool.
  • Exporting options can be limited, then maybe in settings add as needed different options.
One experience I had with DemandTools is specifically with Find/Report IDs in which I was able to search my database for any existing donors. I was able to identify which existed by matching the email AND last name to pull the record IDs. These were then used to mark those accounts as existing vs new donors. I do not have any less appropriate scenarios but when exporting the Excel file from DemandTools, there was an option to export for every line item match, which can be confusing without prior reading of knowledgebase article or a YouTube video.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DemandTools to dedupe records in our Salesforce Org. DemandTools allows us to use various scenarios to find duplicate records that may have used more than 1 email address. Reducing the number of duplicates in our system allows us to save money when it comes to sending out various print materials to potential students. We do not end up wasting multiple materials to one record or any additional postage it may take. We also use MassImpact to allow us to update large amounts of records in one instance instead of having to do it multiple times.
  • Reduce Duplicate records.
  • Allow mass updates to records.
  • Easy system to use.
  • Perhaps change the layout.
  • Perhaps some automation.
  • Have a saved scenario option.
DemandTools is perfect for any system that constantly adds new records to its database. For example, in higher education, we are constantly purchasing search names from various vendors and DemandTools allows us to make sure we are not doubling up on the same records. It saves us money in the long run as we are not mailing out multiple copies of our brochures to the same person.
Jessica Houbre | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DemandTools to mass update records to add or change information, lead to contact deduping, contact to contact deduping, and finding and reporting IDs to cut back on the dupes created when large imports are being brought into the database. Validity has provided support and resources to help me familiarize myself with the product. I know we are just scraping the surface of what this product can do and am looking forward to continued use.
  • Mass Updates.
  • Mass Deletes.
  • Finding and reporting IDs.
  • Deduping- we need to manually review each to make sure they are in fact the same person and it would be nice to see if there are others in the same position who have found better criteria to pull dupes in by other than the same email. In higher ed, you find a lot of times a parent email is provided and attached to multiple child records.
DemandTools is great for cleaning up your database, along with keeping data clean. We use the dupe lists to pull a report but manually review each duplicate to ensure it is in fact the same person being merged. I'd love to see how others are using the product in terms of deduping.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use DemandTools as a way to manage the data in my Salesforce org. It is a useful tool for the deduplication of records. Duplicates are always a problem in any CRM system. DemandTools makes it easy to manage by allowing for use of advanced logic to locate the duplicates and merge them. I also use DemandTools to find specific records or records that match logical criteria. It is great for returning the record IDs for the matched records.
  • Deduplication
  • Managing data
  • Finding record IDs
  • Overall UI needs an update
  • Out-of-the-box logic is weak
  • Matching criteria (exact, first name, etc.) needs more fine-tuning
DemandTools is a wonderful tool to use to remove duplicate records from your CRM data by merging the records within the CRM itself according to the logic that you specify. It is also a wonderful tool to use if you need to scan your CRM data for specific records by criteria and need the record ID, or any other field from the record returned.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
DemandTools is being used by a single department (sales operations) to handle multiple issues, such as identifying and merging duplicate accounts/contacts, updating ownership, and easily identifying data errors. We use it a few times a month normally, but more heavily when we are onboarding anything new from a merger/acquisition. It is especially good when other organizations have not kept up with their data or you don't trust the source.
  • Fuzzy logic for identifying address duplicates
  • Locks in multiple data points while keeping master rules engaged
  • Allows for saving scenarios so you don't need to remember how you did it last time!
  • It can be quite confusing to navigate the initial setup screens
  • Frustration on same or no data return when you set up scenarios
  • A little fearful of the "you can't go back" idea
We brought in 400,000 records for a department that needed to have their information in Salesforce. The records had never been touched, cleaned, deduped, or cared about. We brought them in, used DemandTools to dedupe and merge, and then only found out the requestors were never going to use them. DemandTools to the rescue when we used them to jettison the whole lot back at them!
Kayla Laws | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DemandTools frequently in our Sales Team to make mass changes, mass conversions, or de-duplicate our system. This tool is also very helpful in relating marketing lists with little information to current people in our system using the Find Report IDs feature.

This tool takes makes Salesforce Admin time a breeze. Things that would take hours to address manually are completed quickly with pre-loaded scenarios in DemandTools that work best for our organization.
  • Straightforward UI that does what it needs to do.
  • Makes after-the-fact de-duplication a breeze.
  • Easy mass updates to data sets - making cleaning data a breeze.
  • UI is outdated and could use a bit of a facelift.
  • Some competitors in this space are more all-in-one tools where DemandTools.
  • Lack of automation for regular data cleansing - everything we use DemandTools for is manual.
Great for general data management. Today alone, I've used DemandTools products to push a new list of leads into Salesforce, take a mass list of customer contacts and update a field required for a new process, and to check the current state of our duplicates in the CRM.

My main hurdle with DemandTools is that it lacks the ability to build automated data cleansing processes into the system that will tie into the CRM like some of the competitors in the industry.
June 01, 2021

A useful tool

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is generally used by the admissions department and used to fix errors and remove duplicates.
  • Deduplication
  • Data fixes
  • Mass effect documents to make large data changes
  • Some user interface improvements
  • Better ability to do table backups
  • Seems to lock up if too large of data sets are used
Well suited for times in which changes need to be made to several users at once. Not well suited for single or few users. It takes too much time to create a CSV in order to change a single user.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
DemandTools is used by several departments across campus. I use it to load and manage data for the admissions office at WPI. We receive data from a wide range of sources. For example, we purchase names from third-party vendors, have registration for campus events, high school visits, college fairs, etc. I load those lists using Finding Ids, Mass Effect and use the Single Table dedupe tool to merge duplicates not caught by our scheduled jobs. DemandTools saves us hours of time as we do not have to manually add all those contacts to the database using inquiry forms. We aren't recreating contacts already in the database and we can easily adjust and update contact information for recruits already in the database who may have moved, or changed email addresses. We save resources by using the schedule jobs feature to dedupe records after hours. Also, DemandTools has been a life-safer to mass correct data.
  • Webinars are helpful resources.
  • Very useful for managing large amounts of data.
  • I wish I could make changes to my existing scenarios using save rather than having to create a whole new scenario. Maybe you can, I just haven't been able to.
  • Some features aren't user intuitive and it takes a while to learn.
Demand Tools is well-suited for uploading data files of hundreds of thousands of records into the database. It is useful for finding, updating and correcting data already in the database. A useful tool for merging duplicate records. Power Grid is useful for updating records that fall into a certain set of circumstances without having to reload the files. I don't have any comments that are negative.
Brian Treml | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DemandTools across our entire organization. We have used it to migrate and merge Salesforce orgs into one org, cleaning data, merging accounts and contacts that are duplicated. We also use it for quick analysis of objects and fields to determine usage and review data hygiene efforts. For those with an engineering or data science background, this tool is a perfect mix of extraction, analysis and ability to write back to records.
  • Ability to save scenarios that I can then train others to use to help maintain our data.
  • Error and change logs that let you review errors and issues.
  • Ability to connect across lookup fields to better analyze and tie together data.
  • Scrolling in the field menus could be improved to utilize the mouse wheel.
  • Some built in help for using formulas in Mass Impact.
  • No ability to work across objects in mass Impact, changes can only be written to fields of the chosen object.
Data deduplication is a great place to use DemandTools. It has logic to select the master record/field and gives a great user interface to manage the deduplication. There is no plotting or visualization of the data, it is a tool for looking at data in tabular formats with grouping.
Bilal Comertpay | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used as a solution to our phone system, Bolt, for Salesforce. By formatting the data in Salesforce, we were able to achieve meaningful comparisons between the inbound number and our customer base, allowing us to intelligently route calls to specific groups, salespeople or automated responses, transforming the experience from the customer's perspective.
  • Mass Updates of data to achieve a set goal
  • Formats existing data in mass to restructure the data for use with a particular system or software package
  • Formats changes as they come into salesforce on the fly so data integrity can be maintained
  • From my perspective, all seemed relatively straight forward.
  • Its the sort of tool you set and forget, after the initial setup, we rarely play with the pre-established rules, as other systems draw from this formatted data.
If you have unformatted data and wish to reshape it into clean and formatted data sets for other applications like mass mailouts, address comparisons for logistics or other similar applications, I can highly recommend this as a solution. Validity (the company we purchased this through) also should be noted here, our positive experience with the software is also a testament to the professionalism and experience offered by the team at validity, we were very satisfied with the results. So satisfied... I have taken the time to write this review as we were in a real difficult position before we found this offering.
Mike Malone | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it as a replacement and enhancement to the native Salesforce tools. DT is more powerful and easier to use. It is used by several departments. We definitely depend on it and have many, many JobBuilder batches using a whole variety of DTs.
  • Allows you to preview your changes before actually making them.
  • Help and training are really good and informative.
  • Would be nice to have Search ability in more areas. Sometimes you have to scroll thru hundreds of fields on multiple objects to find what you are looking for.
  • Sometimes when you want to change a condition, clicking on the condition brings up the condition and value, other times you have to scroll thru and find the field again which is frustrating.
I am fairly new to DT having only used it for about 9 months, but so far am impressed with the features and ability to update Salesforce.
December 04, 2020

DemandTools is a winner!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
DemandTools is incredibly valuable to our organization. The Find/report IDs makes cross referencing our extensive database a breeze. Using Job builder we have been able to automate a ton of tasks that allow our business to function. I find single table dedupe to a very powerful tool for removing duplicates from our database. DemandTools greatly increases the speed with which we are able to get data properly into our system, and therefore how quickly we are able to act on it.
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful software
  • Built with user in mind
  • Searching for fields is inconsistent across the program- sometimes you have a search box, sometimes you can type the whole word to jump around and sometimes only the first letter, inconsistent between modules.
  • Although very easy to use once you have it down, there is a slight learning curve
DemandTools is well suited for almost any data task that would be preformed regularly. A very powerful combination is to pair these demand tools scenarios with job builder and automate away some tasks that may be manual today. DemandTools is great for making quick work of data uploads and edits.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our two main use cases are deduplication and find/report IDs. Until we have more a robust, automated deduplication processes with our external systems, we use the Dedupe tool to merge Salesforce accounts and contacts daily. As a company, we also acquire smaller financial firms with their own book of customers. Before we import a new list of contacts, we use the find/report IDs function to make sure none of the new contacts already exist in Salesforce.
  • Deduplication - easily run multiple match criteria in one pass.
  • Find/Report IDs - easily find existing records in Salesforce.
  • DupeBlocker - great compliment to Salesforce's (limited) duplication rules.
  • Interface/UI update needed.
  • More export functionality/options.
  • Reduce DupeBlocker key building times.
DemandTools is well suited for deduplication and find/report IDs. Until we have more a robust, automated deduplication processes with our external systems, we use the dedupe tool to merge Salesforce accounts and contacts daily. The more duplicates we have, the more potential bad data we have. As a company, we also acquire smaller financial firms with their own book of customers. Before we import a new list of contacts, we use the find/report IDs function to make sure none of the new contacts already exist in Salesforce. This is (1) easier than searching the database for each individual user, and (2) loading in a bunch of potential duplicates.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The admins at our company currently use DemandTools to make updates to database and run de-duping scripts amongst other things. Also, the scheduled batch functionality that it provides helps us run batches at pre-determined time intervals and helps with data quality rectification.
  • De-duping scripts that allow you to filter data based on various criteria.
  • Make updates to data.
  • Scheduled batches for data updates.
  • Invoicing and renewals have been very painful. With the constant sales team iteration it becomes very difficult to get in touch with someone.
  • Help documentation is not very easily accessible.
  • Sometimes the filters that can be used for filtering data (especially date/time filters) are not very user friendly and flexible.
It is a very good ETL tool and provides a lot of configuration possibilities without the need to learn coding. Scheduled batches allow you to perform jobs that would usually require coding experience. The system does feel a bit archaic though and the steps to perform some of the batch updates do not offer the best user interface experience
December 02, 2020

Amazing DemandTool

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used by my department only. Actually, I am the only one using it daily. It is a great tool for data management and data maintenance. I use the modules Mass Impact, MassEffect, PowerGrid, Find/Report ID's, Single Table Dedupe, [and] Lead Conversion to manage the org data. It is easier to use without any coding and it much easier to view and make the updates simultaneously. The BulkBackup [was] just one click and majority got done. And scenarios help me work so efficiently.
  • PowerGrid can review and make the updates simultaneously.
  • Single Table Dedupe makes merg[ing] the records easy and can make updates at the same time.
  • BulkBackup [is] just one click, majority data got updated.
  • Scenarios save a lot of time for similar working load.
  • There are certain objects BulkBackup can not backup.
  • The backup file too large to open, it [would] be great if it [could] be split into a couple files that can be accessed without any special tool.
  • When query on child object, it [would] be great if we [could] update the data on parent object.

PowerGrid is the module I use daily. It can query data easily without coding and can be sorted or filtered which makes viewing data, making updates, or deleting data on the Canvas very user friendly. And it works for almost all the objects.

The scenarios save me a lot of time for the repeated work and is very user friendly too.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
DemandTools is currently used in our Technology Department; however I am currently training our Admissions Department on how to leverage the tool.
Due to the nature and volume of contacts within our organization (millions), we mainly use demand tools as a de-duping tool. Our main focus is on contact, accounts, and opportunities but we also use it on the case object.
  • Easy to use.
  • Refined/detailed search capabilities.
  • Record capability.
  • Slow.
  • Finicky - tends to error out if computer is moved in slightest, or if you change windows.
  • Would like additional search filters - cross field comparison for example: comparing home phone number to cell phone number in order to find duplicates.
DemandTools is well suited for general de-duping. However, when items need to be filtered on a more granular level it tends to need additional resources. One of its limitations is cross comparison on fields.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DemandTools heavily in our department. It is a vital tool for removing duplicates, checking for incomplete records and just mass moving data. I use PowerGrid weekly, the flexibility to be able to drill down and pull in exactly the fields and filtered data I need is very powerful. In PowerGrid, I can easily visually scan the pared down data and change only those exact fields on individual records that I want, in a mass batch. I also recently started building out jobs in "Job Builder". I build out scenarios in Mass effect (For example: Opportunities missing an Amount) then I can "batch" those individual jobs into "scenarios" that I run on a daily basis to scrub and clean my data. It's a game changer for data integrity.

I had used "Data Loader" for many years to complete mass updates. It is a good tool, but Demand Tools does SO MUCH MORE. There was a small learning curve, but the library of short videos got me up and running within an hour. The online and scheduled classes are short, to the point, and very helpful in walking through each part of the application. I liked the short videos, because I tend to search for specific information when I need it. I don't want to watch an hour long video and try to retain all of that knowledge. I like the targeted modules - that allowed me to locate the specific piece of the application I was working with, and gave me the particulars for that.

  • Job Builder batches that allow you to run batches of updates for data integrity.
  • De-duplicating data for loading and to ensure we do not load redundant records.
  • Using PowerGrid like excel to drill and filter to particular record sets.
  • Support - The team is very helpful and will provide you with as many resources as you need to succeed.
  • The interface is a little basic.
  • More in tool help would be great (This has been steadily improving).
  • Quarterly or Annual updates on improvements and "What's New".
  1. We use this tool for cleaning and loading lists of Prospect data provided by vendors.
  2. I use this tool for "house-cleaning" and data integrity for key objects like Accounts and Opportunities, ensuring any missing data is reported so we can update those individual records (Like Territory, Region, Industry).
  3. I use PowerGrid for edits and mass moves of data (Change of Territory, change of record ownership).
  4. We use the tool to "Backfill" data when we make a change to a picklist or organizational data, like add or remove an industry.
  5. I use the job builder for batches of data cleaning that I used to run on a weekly basis. I have batched them in Job Builder and now they run daily.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am a Salesforce admin. Our sales department use it to update, insert and find mass database in Salesforce.
  • Mass Effect
  • Find Report/ID
  • Its super fast
  • I do not have any complaints from DemandTools. It's the best out there.
It is well suited for a situation where you have massive database and you want to plugin it in a software. You can get this done in in just couple of minute.
Raheel Alam | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use DemandTools nearly every day as the Salesforce Administrator. I use Mass Effect and Mass Impact the most to help insert new records in bulk to mass edit records. We have done extensive rebuilding of our org over the past year and without the ability to update tens of thousands of records in bulk, it would have been nearly impossible.
  • More functional than DataLoader.
  • Easily make changes to thousands of records at a time.
  • Identify dupe accounts quickly and mass merge.
  • The UX is atrocious- like windows 95 bad. It needs help.
  • Needs a Mac version. I need to use a PC emulator to run the software.
  • Cloud based would be even better but I do understand the value of desktop based.
It's an incredibly powerful suite of tools that every Salesforce administrator needs to perform their job. If you need to clean 100s of thousands of records like we did, dedupe and mass merge, mass reassign after staff turnover or just backfill data to every record, DemandTools is more than well suited to meet your needs.
November 25, 2020

DemandTools for Education

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DemandTools to load and clean our Salesforce Data
  • Duplication management
  • Data loading
  • Mass data editing
  • Ease of use
  • Overall look and feel
If you are looking for a pretty, dynamic, easy to use platform - this isn't it.

Use DemandTools if you want a workhorse of data cleaning
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am currently using the Find / Report IDs module in preparation for a data migration into Salesforce. I'm a consultant for a large printing manufacturer and I'm currently working with the Channel Program team. We are sunsetting two legacy systems for them and migrating both Accounts and Contacts for both. The Find / Report IDs module enables me to locate existing records in our system using a series of complex matching scenarios. The reason this is extremely helpful for us is that it eliminates manually work of searching each Contact and Account to determine if there is an existing record in Salesforce to avoid creating duplicate records. We have hundreds of records so this is saving us days of work! I'm an avid user of DemandTools and recommend it to many companies I consult for!
  • Preparation for a data migration
  • De-duplication
  • Mass upserting records
  • The UI has not changed in the 9 years I've been using the system. Could make this more user friendly for beginners.
DemandTools is a great resource for everything from mass upserting records, matching a spreadsheet of records to existing records, and de-duplication of records (including any custom object). I tend to use the Data Loader when I'm executing simple mass inserts or exports instead of DemandTools.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is mainly used by the Database Management Team to load and clean information.
The IT team also uses it with JobBuilder to synchronize data between Salesforce objects, export data regularly and also integrate data exported from other applications.
  • Scenarios can be saved and reused.
  • Possibility to configure the number of records treated by a batch or use bulk Api.
  • Compliant with Salesforce security.
  • Group several scenarios with JobBuilder to execute multi-steps processes.
  • User friendly.
  • Cannot schedule a JobBuilder scenario. I have to execute them manually every morning.
  • Include PeopleImport in JobBuilder.
  • Use joker in criteria.
Very useful to get the 18 recordID from any object.
Create contact with the direct account in one shot if they do not exist.
Mass update of selected records to clean the database.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Managing data cleanliness in salesforce.
  • Merging duplicates
  • Inserting/updating records seamlessly in mass
  • Reassigning record ownership in mass to handle sales territory changes
  • Compatible with mac OS
  • UX is a little dated
  • Process records faster
Keeping data clean and organized in Salesforce
Sarah Oden Fite | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Its being used by [our] department. We use it cleanse data in Informatica CC360 and Salesforce in support of Salesforce Operations
  • Updates records from CSV files
  • Deletes records with an ID (key)
  • Identifies Duplicates
  • Updates fields based on field matches
  • Joins objects based on field matches
  • I wish the Find ID reports didn't list the results in columns, but in rows below the match, or if it was at least an option. Like if it listed Match1 and Match1a, Match1b, Match1c. Sort of how the dedupe file has Masters and NonMasters.
I love DemandTools. It is the bread and butter of my everyday work. Things that used to take me all day, take me minutes now. Its a great tool!
November 24, 2020

Scenarios are great

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use [DemandTools] to match contacts from external lists to our current database and organization in Salesforce. It helps highlight existing contacts or acknowledging ones that need to be created and managed differently. it is helpful in that regard. I think other departments use it differently for deduping records, creating leads, other means, etc. but I use it mostly for matching external lists from spreadsheets sent from other departments looking to have reports made and then using those reports to send major email communications to. It is pretty easy to use, especially once you load in scenarios that you can reference later. It helps manage data, that's probably it's greatest business solution being offered.
  • Ease of use
  • Saving Scenarios
  • Quick Access
  • Simple
  • Old interface
  • Clunky design
It works really well and quickly once you have everything set up and ready to go. It helps a lot when we're matching alumni/donor information with our current database to make sure that everything lines up correctly. It doesn't really help (our office at least) with identifying existing members any better.
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