There are no other options, DemandTools is a Requirement
Annette Abell (Bailey) | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 17, 2020

There are no other options, DemandTools is a Requirement

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Modules Used

  • DupeBlocker
  • PeopleImport
  • MassEffect
  • MassImpact
  • ReassignOwnership
  • MassBackup
  • Single Table Deduplicator
  • MassLeadConvert
  • Lead2ContactDedupe
  • Lead2AccountDedupe
  • Find / Report ID's

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

As a Partner for 10+ years and having done 80+ implementations, the dirty little secret no one talks about (be to relative to day-to-day operations, implementations, app adoption, re-implementation, any mass email or marketing platform adoptions) is data. Data is ugly. Data is hard. Data has no clean or easy answers. Data is constantly evolving. Data takes strategy, configuration controls, and commitment. No other tool (none!) allows the company using to assess and address their data issues, which we all have, better. DemandTools features (Mass Impact, Mass Effect, Find ID, etc.) are unparalleled. DataLoader and native data tools do NOT do what really needs to be done to clean what you have and bring in new data from your webinar or mass email or trade shows, etc. in a clean and strategic manner. Salesforce will tell you to import it all as leads. Ha! Like users are going to do all the work to clean those records one at a time to convert properly. There are at least 10 issues with Lead Conversion that virtually guarantee you duplicate and lost data. Not bad data, LOST data. PeopleImport--while hard to initially set up--is critical to anyone in Marketing. While DemandTools is ridiculously expensive now you have to ask yourself if you will willingly and knowingly throw out your Salesforce licensing costs and marketing dollars because you did not budget for DemandTools (and a qualified person to use it). Find ID alone is worth it. Single table dedupe alone is worth it. I could assess anyone's data (and config for that matter) and blow 20 holes into why it's wrong and how DemandTools could fix it AND help maintain healthy data with JobBuilder, etc.
  • Ability to handle insanely complex scenarios.
  • Features no other tool has.
  • Repeatable, programmable scenarios.
  • Insanely expensive.
  • Very difficult to learn and use.
  • Reduces duplicates.
  • Organize and structure data.
  • Ingest marketing-generated data from external sources in accordance with our Account and Contact data strategy.
We are a certified DemandTools partner that serves over 40 clients at any one time. The list is so long. It can handle anything. If anything our clients are overwhelmed with the level of decisions they need to make for us to use certain tools, e.g. what constitutes a duplicate Account? In the absence of a DUNS number how do i know if these two Accounts are duplicates? The client must decide and while we provide them guidance based on best practices ultimately DT nor Able Cloud can answer it. The decisions must be made strategically and with in depth knowledge and understanding of your own data--how you sell, how you bill, how you target, etc. That is why Salesforce should not be implemented and new marketing platforms should not be implemented if you don't have a data strategy, a configuration to house and control it, and a clean up/management tool like DemandTools. Most of us, however, bring the data in and stick our head in the sand.
DemandTools has gone through some wild changes in terms of ownership and the level of guidance once provided is virtually gone now. I have no idea how new users get trained. Those of us who started way back when owned by CRM Fusion and who went through their certification program are very fortunate. The online help articles are all the same but without intimate knowledge of Salesforce behavior and DemandTools power (both with incredible depth and breadth), I would not trust it to any average System Admin. Sorry, but it's just too powerful. Real damage could be done and how one gets trained nowadays (2020) is beyond me. The new owners, Validity, seem more intent on making money than supporting new users like before.
  • Powerful
  • Handles everything I need.
There is no comparison. Other tools provide elementary import and update abilities and maybe find ID features if you're lucky. That is like comparing a tricycle to a 737 airplane. Even XL Connector, which I use to the best of its ability for clients who cannot afford DemandTools, does not handle the daily challenges data presents to any organization that truly cares about data. DemandTools dominates the market, period.
First, there are no less appropriate scenarios when DT should be used because it was built to handle it all. It's incredibly powerful and mindful of all the caveats data brings with it. If you use Salesforce and have a Sales and Marketing team (that actually use the CRM) then you need good data. Will DemandTools tell you if the data you have is accurate (not really, although it has address verification) it will do everything else. Everything!