Altus at last !
Updated June 11, 2018

Altus at last !

Tyler Largin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with DigitalPersona

Digital Persona Altus is a relatively new product that was just called digital persona pro. It is being used in our company to allow our users to unlock a remote app session via their finger print. This has saved used tons of hours from having to sign in directly. We also have a large number of HR and transportation users who utilize this application to keep track of their website passwords. These departments deal with tons of third party websites that each require a separate password in order log in. Very recently we started using Digital Persona Kiosk as well. We are using it for our software based DVR. This DVR is basically a single computer that any non-technical employee can go up to and either type in their account or use their fingerprint and it will give them a controlled "operator" account to view the camera system. Overall we've seen better security and more usability than we originally expected.
  • Password randomization, to remove password all together from day to day operations.
  • Hardware support, works with every Dell we've ever purchased.
  • Security control, only specific people are allowed to enroll fingerprints for the rest of the users.
  • Kiosk support, a singular controlled account that can be logged into with any user's credentials.
  • Windows 10 support for Windows Hello For Business
  • Better support for password management. You need to be able to store a user's "saved" password somewhere other than their computer. In case the machine dies there is a backup of their passwords somewhere.
  • Better OTP, the current setup requires tons of work and only really works internally.
  • Remote enrollment, allow enrollment of credentials outside of the network and "drop them" into a user's account when they are back on site.
  • Third party password changes, if you change your password through a web server while you are off site (instead of on your computer), the password and the fingerprint scanners are out of sync and the user has to change their password again in order for it to start working again.
Though the user of Biometrics I can utilize a fingerprint to be used as a second factor on my Windows VPN files.
  • Password sharing has decreased around the office, which is good.
  • People have forgotten their passwords, which is bad and requires more password resets.
This is basically the generic version of what is in use by Dell. When compared side by side you can see how the screens are nothing more than branded pages of the same software. The difference is that digital persona can give you a discount on their software and you know that it will work on all of your dells as well as other vendors (Though check the model with Digital Persona just in case). I know it has saved us on the cost of buying the branded version of this product through Dell.
Altus is best suited for a full enterprise environment. It allows us to seamlessly integrate fingerprint scans into day to day interactions. However, it really isn't that great for small environments. If you are only going to use it on 5-10 people there are much simpler products available.

Integrating DigitalPersona

We are protecting our software DVR kiosk from random people messing with our camera system. We are also protecting our remote app server as well as our desktops.