Don't drop on Dropbox. It's a great product
Updated October 14, 2016

Don't drop on Dropbox. It's a great product

Rahul Agarwal | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Dropbox for Business

Basically, I use Dropbox to save work-related files privately on the cloud. I think it's one of the safest options. Other colleagues in the company also use Dropbox (a few also use Box, me too 100% for work) to save files in the cloud.
As most of the work happens online a tool like Dropbox helps in working in a collaborated manner. It enables me to give and receive feedback on files etc.


  • It works very well for sharing folders
  • Seamless way of writing comments and posting reviews
  • It also has good amount of storage for a middle size company
  • Great way to do do file recovery and to check version history
  • It gives a great overview of the activity per staff member on a timeline


  • Dropbox can apparently increase the limit on the users who can potentially use the platform
  • The fact that online editing needs a Microsoft account is often cumbersome
  • A small point but the free trial needs payment information
  • As we work in consulting, everything is based on presentations, and Excel and Word documents. We work in a large team so being able to save on the cloud, work on documents simultaneously, and provide feedback/comments in real-time helps a lot.
  • Also the fact that files are secured in a well encrypted manner provides a relief.
  • Also decent pricing enables affordability and makes sure the whole team is working on the cloud rather than saving files locally.
The best thing about Dropbox is the fact that it can be integrated with over 100,000 third party apps which makes it easier to integrate the softwares which we internally work with. Dropbox integrated with DocuSign, Vimeo, Adobe, Salesforce and project management tools such as Trello, Asana (the one we use internally), smartsheet etc.
If you are a medium or large size team, dropbox for Business would help you in collaborating within the teams and will also provide different features in order to make the work seamless (for instance features like user management, version history, unlimited deletion and a suite collaboration tools. One thing I really like is If you operate a non-profit organization or own a very large enterprise, Dropbox offers a discounted rate which is always great.

Dropbox Business Feature Ratings

Video files
Audio files
Document collaboration
Access control
File search
Device sync
User and role management
File organization
Device management
Storage Reports

Using Dropbox for Business

10 - Basically they all work in consulting as well as the office administration department. As we are into consulting, we regularly save files on the cloud and we have to rely on software like Dropbox and Box so that our files are secured. Dropbox is surely an integral part of our company.
Basically, someone who would support Dropbox for business should have a strong cloud background and should understand how the program works. Including troubleshooting common issues like version changes, no syncying etc. Also it comes down to security as highly confidential data is involved so secrecy and a high level of skill is needed to manage the software on a larger level.
  • Saving files
  • Providing feedback on presentation
  • Working collaboratively
  • Nothing special. We usually save a lot of different file formats on the cloud and it works very well
  • Would be great to be able to work on the same file online in real-time
First, because it's very price reasonable and second because it fulfills the promise it makes. It is simple to use, the learning curve is not that steep and it's easier for the new hires to understand and start using the tool as soon as they are on-boarded. It doesn't just save time but also effort.

Evaluating Dropbox for Business and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Analyst Reports
Single most important factor for choosing Dropbox for business was the integration of Dropbox with other important tools which makes working internally very easy. We also used Box before but after we used Dropbox it easily connected to the CRM system, project and workflow management tools, time management tools etc. Its ease of use was another important factor before considering the tool.
I would really start from the basics and check what the goals of my organization is. Also the team size, budget and integrations with other tools would play an important role in setting up out mind on which tools to consider. I would then make a list of the tools with a list of all the features and integration and then evaluate based on the above mentioned factors to choose the best one.

Using Dropbox for Business

I have had no issues using the service for a long time. In terms of ease of use, overall integrations with others softwares etc.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Provide comments on the presentation/ other documents
  • Syncing the files locally to make sure one can work on them offline
  • Sometimes it lacks sufficient support features
  • Learning curve for some non technical people can be steep


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