Reluctantly Using Facebook for Business
January 15, 2019

Reluctantly Using Facebook for Business

Benjamin Hale | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Facebook for Business

We use Facebook for Business to market to audiences for our specialized education products. Facebook for Business allows us to reach people on the Facebook platform, as well as Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp. It allows us a secondary paid channel for leads and helps us reach users who we would not reach using paid search marketing alone.
  • Frankly, Facebook for Business brings us leads. They are not always the best and most qualified leads, but we are able to get them inexpensively.
  • Facebook for Business provides information on our audiences.
  • We are able to create lookalike audiences from our customer lists to help us find like candidates.
  • We are also able to create lookalike audiences from our website traffic, to further allow us to connect to similar candidates.
  • We are able to connect to an API and download results information for analysis.
  • While Facebook for Business provides lots of data and information, we have seen anomalies that make us question the validity of this performance information.
  • We are presented with controls to determine where our ads are placed, but sometimes they are changed without our knowledge. For instance, when Facebook Messenger became a place to advertise, we were advertising there without our knowledge before we were provided the option to turn it off.
  • Facebook has a tendency to make changes and inform it's users after the fact, instead of explaining upcoming feature or layout changes.
  • Sometimes the interface can be confusing when determining if a change has been published or not, resulting in times where changes were thought to have been made, but instead, it just sat in draft status.
  • Very often, we find our ads disproved due to reasons that do not apply to our ads. When we request a further review, they are then approved. But, until we request the review, our ads are not running, and there is no telling when these disapprovals will occur.
  • We are able to get inexpensive leads using Facebook for business, helping our bottom line.
  • We are able to get our message out to a larger number of people with a relatively small spend.
  • Sometimes we end up spending money for digital advertising without a clear picture of where it went and who was able to view it.
Facebook has the people, and therefore it wins the comparison against the other social platforms, but there are some options to have similar advertising on other networks. Google's YouTube platform is a viable option, but still doesn't quite hit the same audiences in the same mindset as you find on the Facebook properties.
Simply, we use Facebook due to the audience size.
The fact is that Facebook is still the largest social network and the place to reach the masses when advertising. This is despite the lackluster ad platform that exists. If there were a similar competitor to Facebook, we would likely use their platform more often than Facebook's, assuming the competitor didn't have the questionable performance numbers, frustrating interface, and buggy algorithms.
If you are marketing on social media, it is a reluctant must, but if you don't need the additional display advertising, then look to Google, Bing, or other marketing partners.