Fieldglass - definitely one of the better VMSs out there!
May 27, 2016

Fieldglass - definitely one of the better VMSs out there!

Elias Cobb | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Fieldglass VMS

Fieldglass is a VMS that we, as a staffing agency, interface with for two different clients. I use it to review job postings, submit candidates, receive feedback on candidates, setup and manage interviews, and interface with the clients. Our back office folks use Fieldglass to manage invoices and billing. At this time, I'm the main user of Fieldglass from a candidate and job management standpoint, although there is certainly the possibility of use expanding to other people within our office, and others have access to the system already.
  • Fieldglass does a good job of displaying the jobs that are open, and allows for vendors to quickly determine the status of the jobs, the location, posting dates, and how many candidates you have submitted for each one.
  • Fieldglass does allow some filtering and search capabilities. When you get to a large number of jobs on which you are working, that is invaluable in keeping organized. Many other VMSs do not do a good job of this.
  • The submittal process, of attaching a candidate to a specific job, is fairly short and straightforward. That's important because it saves time. Many VMSs take forever to get a candidate through, and are not intuitive at all. Fieldglass is better than most in that regard.
  • The simple display and way you navigate the jobs page is not very intuitive. There could be better information displayed than what is there, and it doesn't always make sense in how you move from one page to another.
  • I really don't like the requirement of the last 5 digits of a candidate's social security number for the "Security ID." Some candidates are reluctant to give that out, when paired with their birth day (also required). I'm not sure why this couldn't be a different piece of information - last 5 of the primary phone number, for example.
  • Some of the field are not well-defined. For example. there is a Resume field, then an Attachments field. And the rate section isn't 100% clear, especially when entering overtime rates or discounted rates.
  • I would have to say Fieldglass has made a positive impact, only in that having access to it has opened up some client relationships we didn't have before. I am a vendor to clients using Fieldglass, so I can't really report on the financial successes they may have had by implementing it.
  • The negative side to Fieldglass, or any VMS, really, from an agency perspective is that it cuts out manager contact. That has a negative impact, both to the agency and the hiring manager. No longer can the managers really explain what they need, and no longer can an agency understand the req deeply. We have to work off of a scrubbed job description which is generally pretty vanilla.
As I mentioned, I did not specifically choose Fieldglass, as our clients made the selection. However, I can definitely compare them from a user perspective.

Fieldglass is better than WAND, Covendis, PeopleFluent, and Beeline, pretty much across the board. WAND's rate section is much better and easier to understand, and the attachments are easier to manage. However, WAND also requires one to enter skills and duties that are basically duplicating the resume, which is a lot of extra work. IQNavigator is much easier to use when submitting the initial candidate, but after that it gets more difficult. It forces you to enter a lot of extraneous information which slows the entire process down. IQN is not very intuitive either. PeopleFluent also asks for a lot of extraneous info, and the flow from tab to tab is terrible. Beeline's core submittal process isn't bad, but the overall application is not intuitive, and information is scattered throughout the application and not organized well. Covendis is terrible, front to back. There isn't a single thing about Covendis that would make me choose it.

In summary, Fieldglass, from a vendor perspective, is one of the best VMSs I have used. I would certainly recommend it over WAND, IQN, PeopleFluent, Beeline, or Covendis.
It's well suited for a company who has lots of vendors, lots of requirements, and lots of contractors. I can see how it would help manage the relationship between vendor and client, and I do think it's better than many of the other VMSs that I have utilized. It allows a vendor to see many requirements simultaneously, and the ability to submit previously submitted candidates is pretty good as well. That's also important because a key component to vendor success (and vendor engagement) is speed to submittal. If your VMS cannot support vendors, you run the risk of losing vendor engagement which means a lesser candidate pool. It would be poorly suited for a smaller company with fewer vendors. Essentially it would be overkill for that sort of organization, and would add unnecessary layers into the hiring process.