Fonality - A shining jewel among a rocky landscape!
July 25, 2014

Fonality - A shining jewel among a rocky landscape!

Kevin Hulett | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Enterprise Edition 12.7

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We have a server with a T1 trunk group at one of our locations. We have 3 locations in total, and all three locations use this one server via VPN's connected with Dell SonicWall's. We currently have approximately 75 users. The main feature we love about this system is the HUD. It's like a buddy list type program, and reminds of me AOL AIM. You can see who's talking to who, chat, email, easily connect and transfer calls, all with the click of a mouse instead of using the phone itself! It's very handy, and nearly every IT professional I've met and introduced the system to has been very impressed with the HUD!
  • HUD is awesome! It provides a way for all our employees to stay in touch without bothersome or delayed emails. It allows us to easily transfer calls, and see who's on the phone. It also has a nice feature where your phone can automatically call a user once they're free and off the phone! A quick glance can show you who's at their desk, who's away from their desk, allows you to chat privately with them, and see who's talking to who!
  • Ease of programming. It takes no expertise in command line driven interfaces or anything in order to program the system to your liking. The auto-answer call menu is quite easy to setup as well.
  • Their customer service is ON POINT. I've never contact them and had my issue left unresolved. I've found my issues get resolved much faster when I contact them via their toll free number, however, when the issue isn't important, their email trouble-ticketing system has proven to be helpful as well. However, it often takes up to half a day for a response via email, so important issues should be handled via their toll free support line!
  • FindMe is AMAZING! It coincides with your HUD status, so you can set your location to another phone location or your cell phone, and it'll ring the correct phone. If you have a mobile phone, you can have it roll over to your mobile if you don't answer your desk phone within the allotted time. It's very handy, and even the end user can program the FindMe, without having to have access to the administrator portion of the server.
  • Email support can be a slow process. With responses usually taking around 12 hours, this can be cumbersome if the issue is time sensitive in nature. However, their ticketing system prompts you to please contact them toll free should your issue be time sensitive in nature. So that's a plus.
  • Limited to only one blast group. The system only has one blast group. If you'd like to setup more, they charge you for their Call Center edition, which is thousands of dollars. We've found a work-around by programming a virtual extension and using the FindMe feature to ring multiple extensions simultaneously. However, this is limited to a maximum of 4 phone lines, so sometimes this is not an adequate solution.
  • It's really helped to ensure our sales staff receive calls they should. With the ability to roll over to the users mobile phone, that ensure people receive their calls, even when they're away from their desk.
  • Our employees are more efficient. They know who's on the phone and when, so they don't interrupt people while they're on a phone call. They save time from having to move their focus from their PC's to their phones, as they can use HUD to transfer calls and see who's calling, etc. You can even answer the call on speaker phone without removing your hand from your mouse!
  • Employees know when someone's out to lunch, or in a meeting, due to their HUD status. A quick glance can show you who's actively working at the computer, and who's away from their computer.
We've already made a deep investment in the system hardware. We wouldn't be interested in another system at this point! And by the look of my colleagues faces when they see the HUD, I don't think we'd want to switch to a system that would limit us or take away any of these features! We may look at putting the server in the cloud, should internet outages prove to be such a common issue that it is preventing our other locations from functioning smoothly.
I was not a part of the company during the deployment of the system, however, I heard that it was quite expensive. So, if your company cannot afford the equipment necessary to host the server yourself, I believe they offer a cloud hosted solution. However, after investing as much as our company has in the stand alone server, we were not ready to make a financial obligation to move the system into the cloud. This means if our internet goes down at our main location, the other locations no longer have phone service. This is an expected result due to the configuration, however, you will have to make the decision as to what is best for your environment and situation.