May 11, 2018


Chris Hecox | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with is our video review application of choice. allows us to easily present video links for clients and makes the feedback cycle extremely simple for us and our clients.
  • provides an intuitive interface for clients to leave detailed feedback on videos they've hired us to produce. Users can leave public or private comments and start and stop on whichever video frames they choose. Users can draw on a frame using a non-destructive marker to make specific feedback (e.g. I don't like that this window is overexposed and is distracting me from looking at the interview). This allows for making nuanced critiques that are otherwise difficult to convey without using screengrabs or long email threads.
  • is easy to learn. If a user is new to the application, the software determines this and a short tutorial video pops up and teaches the new user how to interact with the application. It does this without taking the user to a new page and risk confusing a client. The software is simple to use and I never have issues with uninformed or flustered clients because of it.
  • makes sharing simple. Producers can send review links within the application or copy and paste the link into an email, whichever their preference. Users can also create live presentations to walk clients through a video as well. I've not used this feature extensively, so I'm unsure of how well it works, but the option is available.
  • interacts with video editing software (i.e. After Effects, Premiere Pro) using a plug-in. Before applications like, we had to reference emails with timecodes and then decipher what the client is asking to have changed. It was cryptic, and feels archaic in hindsight. Now, the integration between the application and our software is seamless. I can revisit feedback by clicking on a comment in the review window, and it takes me to the exact point of criticism in the timeline. It's so easy to use and saves so much time.
  • Though I love the integration with After Effects, it's a tiny bit buggy from time to time. You'll need to re-sign in once a week (at least, this is what my tests have determined) and there is an issue with timeline jumping. If you click onto a comment, the timeline takes you to the problem area, but if you move the playhead elsewhere and click onto the same comment, it will not return you to the location. You must first click onto a different comment, then back onto the original. It's silly, and to me, a bug that will be resolved eventually.
  • does not provide an archiving feature, so it's a bit of sore spot to delete old videos. When running into storage problems, which you might depending on your plan, you'll need to remove old videos.
  • Video links play natively at 560p. I don't understand this, as 720p or 1080p should be the standard playback resolution. This means some clients might not be as technologically-savvy, and won't think to click onto the resolution button to upgrade the resolution playback. I've had clients ask why the video was "low-quality" when they needed to change the resolution. This feels like boneheaded development to me.
  • has cut review time in half for us. When compared to the olden days of email threads for video review, I'll never want to go back. This is a huge time saver.
  • gives a high sense of professionalism. I've had multiple clients express their delight with the application. It helps our feedback process, but also keeps our clients happy.
I last used Wipster around 4-5 months ago, but I felt downtrodden by both their business practices and interface. Wipster sprung a new pricing model on users. This pricing model made no sense, was extremely pricey for no reason, and felt like a punch in the gut by a new and greedy company. Furthermore, I had constant issues with the software. It was buggy, slow, and presented issues with clients.

My first day with was like being released from prison. All I'd known up to this point was disappointment and gloom. took every single issue our team had with Wipster and resolved it. was nearly perfect. is without question the best video review application I've worked with. It beats out my time with Wipster and Vimeo easily.

If your business produces videos for clients, you will need some kind of review application and you can't beat