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Ziflow online proofing creates a single source of truth and streamlines the review and approval process for creative content to deliver marketing projects faster for agencies and brands.

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Ziflow online proofing creates a single source of truth and streamlines the review and approval process for creative content to deliver marketing projects faster for agencies and brands.


ProofHub is a SaaS based project management software from ProofHub LLC in Walnut, CA. It is an online project management and collaboration tool that comes with integrated Group chat, quick Discussions on projects, Workflows and boards, Project reports, among other features. Document…

OpenText Hightail

OpenText Hightail is a cloud-based collaboration software for creative content reviews and approvals. With one place for teams to share large, multimedia files, collect precise feedback and approve content, Hightail streamlines the creative process and helps teams keep projects on…

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4 in New York offers a video collaboration platform, supporting the video editing process by providing creative teams with time stamped comments, annotations and hashtags, and an accelerated sharing and approval process, as well as integrations with popularly used editing…


Frontify aims to simplify brand management with a platform that connects everything (and everyone) important to the growth of a brand. Offering plans for all company sizes, the vendor states Frontify is used by 4,000 brands globally. Frontify features: Cloud-based brand guidelines…

CELUM Creative Collaboration

WorkRooms blends agile task management with file organization. Users get a visual overview of projects, reviews and approvals and can share files with anyone. Built with a content-centric approach, WorkRooms focuses on the production, management and approval of content such as photos…


KROCK is designed to help users manage creative projects effectively and painlessly. Krock offers tools for creative teams to manageme the review and approval process:build project pipelinesassigns teammates for different tasks within different projectscreate storyboardsshare different…

Capture One Pro

Photo editing software offering tethered shooting, workflow, image quality with support for over 600 camera and lens profiles, true-to-life color processing, and precise editing and collaborative tools.

Autodesk ShotGrid

ShotGrid is a production management and review toolset for VFX, animation, and games teams. ShotGrid is equipped to handle creative production tracking needs, supporting teams from large to smaller studios.

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Superflow is an annotation tool and collaboration suite for digital design revisions. Users can comment and collaborate directly on a website. Superflow aims to empower software teams and design agencies to get real-time feedback on web content.

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CreativeX is a creative analysis software that uses custom detection to automate creative best practice and test out new hypotheses. CreativeX also helps brands ensure marketing material achieves brand consistency and compliance, and encourage progressive representation in support…

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Cage is a media collaboration and project management tool, from CageApp headquartered in Oklahoma City. Its Standard plan is presented as ideal for freelancers and small teams looking to collaborate with reviewers, that enables users to upload, review, share, and present work for…

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Alboom CRM
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According to the vendor, Alboom CRM is a cost-free platform that assists businesses in enhancing their sales process efficiency and overall productivity through customer relationship management. The intended purpose of this product is to offer users an intuitive visual interface…

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Enwoven is a digital content platform that indexes and tracks vital product assets as it moves from concept to consumer to power collaboration and accelerate GTM.

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Approval Studio

Approval Studio is a client-oriented online proofing software for creative teams and everyone working with designs. It aims to solve the proofing issue by building a clear design review workflow with features that include Annotations, External Reviews, Compare Modes, Task Assignments,…

Learn More About Creative Collaboration Software

What is Creative Collaboration Software?

Creative collaboration software allows users to upload a wide range of different file types and provide feedback on them by marking up the content assets. These file formats may include various image file types, documents, presentations, gifs, audio, video, webpages (via HTML or URL), and more.

This type of software is commonly used by marketing teams, web designers, content or creative teams, film teams, and freelancers working in the creative industry. Creative collaboration software allows these teams to share content assets and marketing collateral, give feedback, and get approval before publication or distribution.

Creative collaboration software also helps users automate and customize approval workflows and ensure brand compliance. Teams can customize different workflows for different projects or types of projects, and set certain steps in the process to trigger actions. Approaches to brand management and compliance include the ability to match a new asset against a library of brand standards, audit trails for all feedback and version changes, and customizable user roles and permissions.

Creative collaboration software also sometimes allows users to not only leave real-time feedback, but participate in video calls, send messages, or stream video for live proofing.

Online proofing software offers the same content markup and feedback features as creative collaboration software, but is more limited in terms of workflow customization, compliance, and range of file types supported.

Online Proofing and Creative Collaboration Software Features

Most creative collaboration software has many of the following features:

  • Support for hundreds or thousands of file types, including multimedia (e.g. video, audio, presentation, website)
  • Markup tools (e.g. highlighting, shapes, pixel measurements, etc.)
  • Commenting and annotations on files
  • Version management and control
  • Side-by-side version comparison
  • Folder system or file taxonomy tagging
  • File sharing
  • Real-time collaborative commenting on files
  • Approval templates
  • Project templates
  • File storage
  • Mobile applications
  • Audit trails for annotations and edits
  • Configurable approval workflows and automations
  • Brand management and compliance features
  • Advanced collaboration features (e.g. live chat or video)
  • Many integration options, often including custom integrations via API

Creative Collaboration Software Comparison

Before deciding to purchase creative collaboration software, consider the following key points:

Type(s) of assets your team creates: While most creative collaboration products can handle many different file types, some specialize in specific types of media. Some are ideal for web designers, while some are better for film teams, and some are great for animation and game designers. Make sure the product you're looking into supports all the types of assets your team creates and the ways you review and approve them.

Collaboration options: Different products support different types of collaboration. All creative collaboration software supports real-time commenting and markup, but some also offer chat, video conferencing, or even livestreaming film assets as they’re being created. Consider the ways your team prefers to collaborate.

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Pricing Information

Pricing for creative collaboration software can vary depending on the amount of storage required, the number of users, and the number of advanced features included. Most vendors offer a free trial of their product, which typically lasts for 14 days. Some offer limited free plans as well. Different plans may charge either per month per user, or simply per month and allow a set number of users. Billing is typically monthly or annual.

Starter plans can range from $4 per user per month up to $90 per month for a set number of users. Mid-tier plans can cost between $20 per user per month up to $200 per month for a set number of users. Most vendors offer enterprise-level plans with custom pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does creative collaboration software do?

Creative collaboration software allows users to upload files to the platform and mark them up with feedback (e.g. comments, annotations, highlighting, etc.). These tools also provide users with the ability to collaborate in real-time with their team, set up automated approval workflows, and integrate with other collaboration software and project management tools. Marketers, advertisers, content creators, designers, freelancers, and various creative professionals often use this type of software.

What are the benefits of using creative collaboration software?

Creative collaboration software offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Simplifying and automating the approval process
  • Helping ensure brand and regulatory compliance
  • Allowing for real-time collaboration and feedback from a dispersed creative team.

What are the best creative collaboration products?

Some popular creative collaboration products include: