Looking to protect your commercial business? Read this trusted review!
February 29, 2016

Looking to protect your commercial business? Read this trusted review!

Billie Jay Javier | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GFI Vipre

The GFI Vipre edition we use is Vipre Business. We have Vipre management console installed on a server specifically as centralized antivirus controller to monitor and push out Vipre agents to workstations within our internal domain network. I have had a number of clients in the past who have used Vipre Business and typically these agents are installed across the whole organization.
Statistics taken from experience shows that Vipre is able to block about 95% of medium to high critical threats.
There was a surge of cryptolocker variations ( still ongoing today unfortunately ) that were not detected by Vipre Business or home editions. Typically, cryptolocker or cryptowall, is able to sneak through users emails who act as file attachments and when opened, wreaks havoc on file servers and other critical systems. Ensure you have a backup in place.

  • Blocks web browser hijacks and trojans. Able to remove immediately without any further actions. This is a great feature also available in home editions of Vipre as it protects the end user online from sites that sometimes do not get blocked but the content that it anonymously delivers is blocked.
  • Detects and blocks trojan worms. There was a case of one workstation that had a trojan.vundo, of which it installs adware pop ups on users operating system. Before this workstation had Vipre installed, we were running other antivirus programs that were not able to detect the cause of the adware problems on this machine. We installed Vipre, ran a full scan and detected the trojan and other registry components and the system was clean. No reinstall of the OS was needed
  • Able to scan file attachments from your Outlook or other email client applications. This is a great feature as it is capable of detecting behind .zip files that could maybe contain a malicious executable file. You do get prompts whether you know this file was sent to your from a trusted source. Most of the time, Vipre knows the file is malicious and deletes this from your system.
  • Uses a high percentage of RAM when running a full scan. It affects older systems but not on new systems.
  • Vipre could use a "safe pay" method when paying bills online. SSL certificates are secure from a site that implements this but it would give a peace of mind to consumers that the bills you pay online and all personal information is protected in and outside of the public internet.
  • Needs an offline media or method to boot to a cd to remove threats. If such feature is available, Vipre would be a great tool for site technicians to clean up threats that can't be removed once the workstation is running the operating system.
  • Positive = Able to recommend to other institutions and organizations who make inquiries of what antivirus should their business use for their computers and servers.
  • Positive = Able to deploy Vipre easily across wide networks within 5 minutes. No longer the need to go to each workstation and install the agent. Allows system administrators to be efficient and focus on other objectives when it comes to new and existing client environments.
  • Negative = Daily definition updates are typically between 100-150MB. Some workstations can be 1 to 2 days behind on threat definitions and have to be monitored on a daily basis to ensure reliability of automatic updates.

GFI Vipre protects against viruses and spyware as well as threats from email, instant messaging and removable media.

It is a good full-featured protection that effectively detects and blocks prevalent malware. Proactively monitors your network and if threats are detected, GFI is efficient in reactive protection.

GFI is easy to use in commercial settings. Easy to configure by system administrators and IT managers. Hassle free and definitely has a better, easy to understand interface than most antivirus programs.

Vipre is well suited for file servers and terminal servers - along with home laptops & workstations. Vipre is trusted to be used in commercial systems and is widely recommended in state and government systems. Municipalities are also a great example of where Vipre shines as it has effectively detected and removed many threats from the outside world. One great feature it now does have is to be able to scan file attachments and detect crypto viruses. It does not simply, however, remove the virus but prevents the system from being infected once detected. Only the end user can determine if the file attachment came from a trusted source.