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Score 9 out of 10
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This tool is so helpful that is being installed in the various departments of our organization. My colleagues and my team wanted a tool with two basic features one a tool that would provide excellent security and the second demand was a tool that is easy to use and removes viruses thoroughly and luckily VIPRE is meeting both of our needs.
  • It is quite effective against all kinds of viruses and provides 360-degree protection.
  • Its scanning action is quite fast and less time taking.
  • It has the ability to scan emails too, from viruses.
  • It is reliable, easy-to-use, and provides excellent protection.
  • The price of this tool is discriminatory.
  • It has some bugs, especially in its latest update. we are facing some issues.
  • It sends so many unwanted notifications rather we wanted just on-point notifications and reports.
It is so good against all kinds of malicious viruses and helps protect data. It is good for all sizes of firm and as it is not heavy on the storage any computer system can afford it and this too is its good part that it doesn’t demand high storage and an extraordinary RAM and Processor rather it adjusts with all sort of systems. But its pricing is a bit disappointing.
Michael Metalios | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Vipre is currently used across our entire organization. We have a WAN with 15 sites connected along with 100+ remote sites. Vipre is used both remotely and directly. We have Endpoint Protection which not only assists us in virus detection and removal, but also with software patching. While we use SUS and GPO for major software updates, we use Vipre Endpoint for updates to items such as Flash, Java, and VLC just to name a few.
  • Software Patching - It just works. Rather well, actually. Flash, Java, etc are all kept up to date on my 400+ computers so I don't have to worry about them.
  • Auto-installs. Vipre periodically scans the network for new computers on the Domain and installs itself to help automate protection.
  • Management - It's easy to create deployable packages to give to our field techs. This ensures computers off-WAN are protected and report into the central server.
  • Upgrades - client upgrades don't appear to be automatic. I've recently had to be quite hands-on in upgrading client versions from 9x to 10x.
  • Control interface - the server control interface needs some work. And it has for years. It is definitely better, but it's a bit slow, and sometimes will randomly wipe the list of computers with which I'm working and rebuild it slowly.
  • Automation is key with this software. It makes deployment so simple.
  • Detection and reporting are excellent. We get an email when any threat is detected, and we can check threat history any time.
  • Control - we can remotely perform some basic tasks on workstations via the console. Reboots, messages, etc.
  • Maintenance - the server is fairly simple to maintain. It doesn't require too much hands-on. It just... runs.
Tom Schmidt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We currently use VIPRE on (2) Windows Servers as well as approx 65 Windows 10 Pro workstations. Centrally managed using a console installed on the server as well as any workstation(s) you want to manage it on as well. Used to scan downloads, websites, URL's and attachments within emails as well.
  • Scanning all emails from both Exchange server as well as standard POP and SMTP ports.
  • Scans computer and scheduled times and reports back to server.
  • Sends email notifications of any files or emails that might be contaminated.
  • When sending email notifications it would be nice if it stated the actual file infected not just the virus and host computer.
VIPRE does a great job when used with an Enterprise server but not so well as a standalone solution.
Very quick at responding to emails.
Jonathan Hozeska | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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My company uses VIPRE as the core for desktop anti-virus and malware protection. VIPRE has consistently been a solid performer in protection. Not only is its protection and detection reliable, it has much less overhead than its competitors. There is little if any performance degradation, which was our primary selling point. The central management makes deployment, updating, and ongoing monitoring a breeze.
  • VIPRE consistently provides excellent virus and malware protection.
  • It has much less overhead than its competitors.
  • Provides both server and cloud-based management options.
  • The integration into ConnectWise Automate is really useful.
  • The newer Cloud management platform clouds use the ability to more easily import/export/share exclusions and policies. VIPRE is still in this process.
  • More details reported on incidents contribute to documentation, so additional reporting would be helpful, but isn't a necessity.
My company has been using VIPRE as the core for our desktop anti-virus and malware protection for as long as I can remember. It doesn't clutter your computer with unnecessary bells and whistles. It does exactly what is says it will do, performs well, and is accurate. What more do you need on an anti-virus program?
Score 9 out of 10
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We use VIPRE for our VMWare server environment. We like the small footprint and low resource consumption used by the product, as well as the pinpoint accuracy of the exclusions we add. We also really like the easy management portal where we can effortlessly push out installs of Vipre to any new servers we deploy.
  • Management of Endpoint protection made easy.
  • Low resource consumption.
  • So far it's caught anything that has been thrown at it, both test and actual viruses.
  • Very aggressive on pricing.
  • No cloud portal yet.
Robust protection with a small footprint. Catches all malware and viruses, while respecting the exclusions put in place by our organization. Pricing was very aggressive compared to other products. Great management application, where you can manage the installations and even update third-party apps on those machines from that portal. Great product for a great price.
Paul Li | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We just started to implement Vipre in our Los Angeles & Manila offices. When our Amsterdam office license expires next year on a different antivirus software, we plan to deploy Vipre there as well. Vipre takes care of antivirus protection for all our devices from mobile laptops, to stationary workstations to our physical as well as virtual servers.
  • Vipre Antivirus constantly scans your computer in the background without a need for user intervention.
  • In one program Vipre can successfully protect all your computing devices from both malicious virus attacks as where vicious spyware intrusions.
  • You won't feel any slowness or sluggishness with Vipre installed & running in the background while you continue to use your computing devices.
  • Though Vipre supports various modern Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8 & 10, it does not support Windows XP which are still in use by some XP die-hard users.
  • Vipre currently does not provide a web portal for online chat support.
  • Unfortunately Vipre does not provide an option for parental controls to prevent kids from accidentally or purposely uninstalling the virus/spyware protection.
Vipre is clearly a well suited antivirus program both in the professional world as well as in the home environments. Vipre offering the same price per seat to protect the typical personal workstation as well as the robust office server is a major plus.
May 25, 2018

My Vipre Review

Andrew Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Vipre for our Anti-Virus. We are using the Advanced Active Protection, Email Protection, Email Alerts, Exception Groups, Patch Management. This helps with one layer of security to protect our computers. Protecting against Malware, Spyware, Phishing, etc has to be a multiple levels of protection. Vipre notifies us of problems very aggressively. Most alerts we receive it has quarantined or blocked issues from happening to our users.
  • Virus Protection You have to have Virus protection and that's the base of Vipre
  • Email Protection for the email client - Anti-Phishing. Another layer of protection
  • Web protection - Another layer to help protect you. You can also put in exception lists as well as block websites.
  • We receive a lot of notices from Vipre. This is probably less of a negative but more of a nuisance as we admins get spammed by the amount of Virus that are detected.
  • Occasionally you have to reinstall the clients if they stop updating.
  • Occasionally you have to force agent/definition updates. It's much better when it works automatically.
Small Shops it's a great tool as you don't have to chase virus around as much. It does a great job and informs you. You can use the console to initiate scans on systems remotely so the user doesn't even know you're doing it. Less hassle getting a hold of users.
Bill Holmberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use the Business Premium version of the software, and it has an Enterprise console for managing users computers and servers in it with a wide variety of policies available out of the box. The dashboard gives at-a-glance information and is fully customizable to drop various policy types or machine types into easily managed groups.
  • The home Internet suite for users is very complete and is the best I've ever seen.
  • Vipre consistently wins in AV contests against all the major brands.
  • The console allows me to find machines that are unprotected or behind in updates and push directly to them, with the proper authentication.
  • It can be used with its email plugin to offer further protection right at the email level
  • When using older versions of Outlook I have seen the plugin cause sluggish behavior and hangs, in 2007 and 2010 versions specifically.
  • For some business applications, there are .dll's and libraries and application .exe's that can be misidentified as virus or trojans. While it is fairly easy to whitelist these once discovered, new implementors should be aware that they will need to carefully look through their initial virus scan reports to find and whitelist these items.
I find that Vipre is particularly well suited for the SMB space as it is budget friendly, and they can be persuaded to include multiples of home users licenses to protect those remote workers connecting to your WAN/LAN/VPN.

I have not run Vipre in a setting of over 150 desktops and 50 servers, so I do not know if there are performance issues rolling out to 1000's of desktops.
April 05, 2018

Vipre bites 'em

Phillip Barrios | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use VIPRE Business Premium across our entire organization.

All servers, workstations, and laptops are protected through Vipre (even our remote folks). Currently, we use email protection and antivirus. We will soon be looking at implementing the advanced protection, as well as the patch management feature.

Our environment is 6 physical sites, in 5 states, networked via mesh-VPN between each site.
  • When things go well, the agent installer and auto-policy-assignment are wonderful.
  • Vipre has also been great at catching and removing malicious URLs from our users' emails.
  • The User Interface is clean and organized, which makes managing each site an easy task from the console.
  • I recently ran into an issue where my agents starting hopping from site to site. They were winding up in policies that weren't created or used, as well as reporting to the wrong servers. We never got to the bottom of how it happened, but correcting it took about three weeks of working with Vipre.
  • You cannot remove default policies. I created custom policies on purpose, and wanted to get rid of their default policies (This is where the agents kept going, in the issue I mentioned previously), but no luck.
  • There are lots of good features and commands that can be sent from the console to the agent, but there aren't really any options for resetting or recovering an agent that has gone loopy. To correct the issue mentioned earlier, I had to COMPLETELY remove Vipre from the clients, and then re-add them from the console. Complete removal required uninstall, reboot, delete folders left behind, delete registry keys. This worked on MOST workstations, but for the rest, I had to request the Removal Tool from Vipre.
I think this is a great solution, if you're looking for centrally managed AntiVirus. You can easily and quickly gather info on which computers need attention, which ones have infections, which ones are clean, and which ones are out of date - as well as connectivity, licensing, and other status info you would want from your Antivirus.

Vipre is a fairly robust solution, so if the money's not an issue, I'd say grab it up. If you're on a budget, and this doesn't fit into it, then that's when I would suspect this to not be a good fit, as there are cheaper options out there - though you're going to be doing a little more footwork supporting each PC if/when it needs it.
Rick Kane | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use VIPRE in our own production environment locally, at our office desktops, and installed on our remote deployment laptops. Our entire organization uses VIPRE Cloud Endpoint.
  • Easy to install. Very lightweight software and installs and sets up while your not attending it.
  • Cloud Endpoint is very simple to setup and VIPRE's expert protection settings are out of the box.
  • Very simple to manage. The cloud based software shows a dashboard of all the connected devices and it is easy to add or remove global policies.
  • It would be nice as a VIPRE Reseller to stop having to send out renewal emails to my clients that purchase VIPRe through me when the renewal is 2-3 months away from expiration.
  • It would be nice as a supporter of VIPRE if there is a support section that offers snippets of code to assist in allowing programs and ports in the firewall.
I don't have specific scenarios to recommend, as I have all my clients using VIPRE. It is easy to setup and also very powerful behind the scenes. They don't offer anything for Mac or devices which could be a nice thing if they did. For the desktop or laptop, VIPRE Cloud Endpoint is really a great development.
Franz Josef Bautista | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use vipre across the whole organization. But use the individual version without central management
  • Fast scanning
  • Light on resources
  • Auto uninstall of other AV
  • More intuitive exception system
  • Easier sandbox control
  • Easier quarantine control
Vipre works pretty well in situations wherein resources are an issue for workstations. Also for situations where user is particular to av scans that lock up resources.
Scott Trautwein | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use GFI Vipre for all physical desktops and laptops. It is very useful for its virus protection but even more importantly for its patch management. It automatically patches third party software (Java, Flash, Adobe) on a schedule set by us. It also has a built-in spam module for Outlook which is very helpful.
  • Patch management - customizable and automatic.
  • Discovers all old antivirus software on your network, uninstalls it and then installs itself.
  • Can be set to auto install on every computer in your domain. We don't use that feature but it could be useful in certain settings.
  • Virtual environment - currently you just have to install the client on your virtual machines as well. This is not useful for linked clones. If Vipre came out with an agentless solution for VMs I would purchase it right away.
Essential for physical desktops and laptops. Offers great protection with very little footprint. Patch management is its best feature by far. Not as appropriate for virtual environments, at least virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). We do have Vipre installed on all 20 of our virtual servers and it works great.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use VIPRE Endpoint Security to help secure users and their computers. It is deployed throughout the organization. It gives you the ability to have one centralized server to manage all the clients. You can set up different policies from relaxed to very strict. It can block attachments in emails, processes that are taking potentially malicious actions, and even block malicious web sites. This version also has patch management so you can help keep software up to date.
  • It blocks malicious attachments in emails.
  • It blocks malicious processes from running without you knowing.
  • Daily scans help keep the computers protected and has the ability for a rapid scan to help keep CPU levels down.
  • Doesn't bog down the computer when it is running a scan.
  • The patch management feature could be updated. It doesn't work all of the time.
  • Some updates cause issues with computers. This has happened a couple of times but I was able to get a hold of someone at VIPRE support and work through it.
VIPRE would be well suited for any size company. It can do many things to stop a user from getting a virus unless a user gives out their credentials in an email. I think everyone should be well educated about the dangers and scams going around. No antivirus software is 100% effective if you have someone that is not informed.
VIPRE support is usually pretty quick. Sometimes you have to get a lot of information to send back so they can see the issue. This has not been too bad and I understand why it's needed. VIPRE also has a free rescue tool that is very useful and easy to use. There have been others but VIPRE seems to keep theirs updated. It's my go-to even outside of work.
Billie Jay Javier | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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The GFI Vipre edition we use is Vipre Business. We have Vipre management console installed on a server specifically as centralized antivirus controller to monitor and push out Vipre agents to workstations within our internal domain network. I have had a number of clients in the past who have used Vipre Business and typically these agents are installed across the whole organization.
Statistics taken from experience shows that Vipre is able to block about 95% of medium to high critical threats.
There was a surge of cryptolocker variations ( still ongoing today unfortunately ) that were not detected by Vipre Business or home editions. Typically, cryptolocker or cryptowall, is able to sneak through users emails who act as file attachments and when opened, wreaks havoc on file servers and other critical systems. Ensure you have a backup in place.

  • Blocks web browser hijacks and trojans. Able to remove immediately without any further actions. This is a great feature also available in home editions of Vipre as it protects the end user online from sites that sometimes do not get blocked but the content that it anonymously delivers is blocked.
  • Detects and blocks trojan worms. There was a case of one workstation that had a trojan.vundo, of which it installs adware pop ups on users operating system. Before this workstation had Vipre installed, we were running other antivirus programs that were not able to detect the cause of the adware problems on this machine. We installed Vipre, ran a full scan and detected the trojan and other registry components and the system was clean. No reinstall of the OS was needed
  • Able to scan file attachments from your Outlook or other email client applications. This is a great feature as it is capable of detecting behind .zip files that could maybe contain a malicious executable file. You do get prompts whether you know this file was sent to your from a trusted source. Most of the time, Vipre knows the file is malicious and deletes this from your system.
  • Uses a high percentage of RAM when running a full scan. It affects older systems but not on new systems.
  • Vipre could use a "safe pay" method when paying bills online. SSL certificates are secure from a site that implements this but it would give a peace of mind to consumers that the bills you pay online and all personal information is protected in and outside of the public internet.
  • Needs an offline media or method to boot to a cd to remove threats. If such feature is available, Vipre would be a great tool for site technicians to clean up threats that can't be removed once the workstation is running the operating system.
Vipre is well suited for file servers and terminal servers - along with home laptops & workstations. Vipre is trusted to be used in commercial systems and is widely recommended in state and government systems. Municipalities are also a great example of where Vipre shines as it has effectively detected and removed many threats from the outside world. One great feature it now does have is to be able to scan file attachments and detect crypto viruses. It does not simply, however, remove the virus but prevents the system from being infected once detected. Only the end user can determine if the file attachment came from a trusted source.
Score 8 out of 10
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VIPRE Endpoint Security is our current anti-virus solution being implemented across our entire organization. VIPRE Endpoint Security provides us with a fast, powerful, and easy to manage endpoint protection from malware, ransomware, spyware, and more! End users will never even know that it is working because it barely uses any of their computers' resources.
  • VIPRE is very easy to install and maintain. I have migrated Vipre from Windows Data Center server 2008R2 to a Windows DC Server 2016, and it was a very simple process.
  • Client resource use is very low. Users do not even know it is there until it blocks the bad stuff.
  • Customer support has always been very prompt and helpful whenever I've needed them.
  • Adding anti-virus exclusions are a real pain because you can only import them one at a time. I wish I could import a .txt file.
  • I have had problems with false positives in the past, especially as of recently. It has even quarantined its own threat definition files from all of our PCs!
  • The management console gets stuck and freezes every now and then, especially during agent push.
  • I have tried to deploy VIPRE using MDT, but with no success. It would be nice if I could deploy it with the rest of my image.

My company has been using VIPRE Bus Premium on its clients for several years. It has a fairly easy to use interface once you spend a little time getting familiar with it.

It has a nice management console that lets you not only see what is happening at all clients, but also road warriors that are not on your LAN. That feature has been very helpful for managing our mobile devices.

Score 5 out of 10
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Vipre is being used across the entire organization for all companies we support. This was a good product for baseline issues. We did see some Vipre issues in the beginning with it not catching many viruses that were found by Malwarebytes on the computers during troubleshooting. Vipre did not slow down the computer nearly as much as Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  • Speed
  • Cloud Management
  • Quarantine
  • Definitions
  • Updating the program. Would fail at times. Uninstall and Reinstall would be the only option to fix this.
  • More granular control of policies.
Computer speed is less affected. The big issue here is that it was not catching alot of common viruses and malware.

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What is VIPRE?

VIPRE (formerly known as ThreatTrack Security) is an antivirus solution, now part of J2 Global's portfolio of cloud offerings and applications since the February 2018 acquisition.

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What is VIPRE?

VIPRE (formerly known as ThreatTrack Security) is an antivirus solution, now part of J2 Global's portfolio of cloud offerings and applications since the February 2018 acquisition.

Who uses VIPRE?

The most common users of VIPRE are from Small Businesses and the Information Technology & Services industry.