Want to Know How Your Process Really Works? Get it in Gliffy and You'll Possibly be Shocked!
February 01, 2019

Want to Know How Your Process Really Works? Get it in Gliffy and You'll Possibly be Shocked!

Chris Widner | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Gliffy

We use Gliffy for a number of reasons. The biggest one was visualizing our Org Chart and using colors, etc., to add emphasis and help us make decisions. We also use it to quickly visualize workflows for various systems and processes. Typically it's used by our operations team and hasn't been used outside of that team, at least not often. That's not a knock of Gliffy but more of a reflection for how we operate.


  • First it's important to point out that Gliffy has priced itself incredibly well for small to medium sized businesses. Most other similar solutions are so expensive that organizations will avoid getting workflow software overall. Gliffy can take pride in knowing they're helping small business operate better.
  • Gliffy is incredibly easy to use for a first time user. I rarely have to train someone on how to use it. It's a lot of fun to see people get excited about systems and processes when using Gliffy. If you need to get up and running quickly I can't think of a better solution for workflow visualization.
  • I also like using Gliffy for mindmapping. I'm sure some mindmapping experts can tell me how I'm doing that incorrectly, but it just works for me. This points to the ease with which Gliffy allows you to get your thoughts down quickly and easily.


  • I would love to see Gliffy have some kind of integration that allows us to automatically update our org chart. I can see why that would be difficult, but if they could do that I'd be having Gliffy tattoos and name my dog Gliffy.
  • Offline usage, of course, isn't really there. Minor for a world always connected, but that would be a nice to have.
  • Honestly there isn't really anything major to knock Gliffy for. It's a great solution overall.
  • For the price you can't beat Gliffy. Our options really came down to OverPricedSolution, Gliffy, or Nothing. Gliffy has every feature we need and is inexpensive so it made the decision easy. There's been no negative impact by using Gliffy.
Visio is much more expensive than Gliffy. If Visio was included in Office365 I'd likely give it a shot, but I don't see that happening soon. Again, if you're an expert maybe you have a reason for using Visio instead of Gliffy. Other than that or a scenario in which someone is telling you that you must use Visio, I don't see why you'd choose it over Gliffy.
Perhaps workflow experts could tell you why Gliffy is failing in some categories, but I'm no expert and it does everything I need. If you need to visualize workflows for people it is simply fantastic. It's so user-friendly that you can get people up and running in no time at all. Super easy to support and just works!

Using Gliffy

I didn't bother answering all of the other questions because all you need to know is that Gliffy is incredibly easy to use. It's perfect for first-timers or really anybody who wants to view a process visually and quickly. It's simply fantastic from a user-friendly standpoint. Keep up the great work!
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